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Staff booking process via InStaff

Book hostesses, promoters and other temporary staff in Germany - starting at 15.02 EUR per hour

1. Plan

You just specify date, location as well as job description and we send your job to all hostesses and promoters in our database.

Your booking request is risk-free and without any costs. If we have any questions, we will get back to you within 30 minutes.

2. Select

Within a few hours we send you a selection of available staff profiles who explicitly stated interest in your job description.

Compare staff profiles by experience, education, languages, pictures and costs. You can book suitable profiles directly online.

3. Work

The staff enter into an employment relationship with InStaff – in case of illness we will replace the staff without any additional costs.

If you have any questions you can contact us 7 days a week. We will make sure that the booked staff works to your complete satisfaction.

4. Complete

After the service, you will receive a bill including the gross wage plus a 43% surcharge. No other costs arise.

We also love to receive a feedback / rating from you regarding the quality of the staff as well as our service, to help us improve.

2-minute video that shows how you can book your staff

High customer satisfaction with our staff booking process

InStaff guarantees very high customer satisfaction. After every event our customers can review our service via the feedback provider eKomi. Some of the reviews are translated from German to English for your convenience.

Here you can see 10 customer reviews from our English customers for our staff and our booking process with an average of 5 out of 5 stars.

We achieve this high customer satisfaction via an easy to use booking process, by maintaining our own database of experienced helping hands and because of our great customer service.

Rating with 5 out of 5 possible stars AOK - Die Gesundheitskasse Heilbronn-Franken for Promoter Firmenmaskottchen Outdooraktion

We are completely satisfied, both with the service and with the staff. We will gladly continue to book through InStaff. (5 stars on 01.03.2024)

Rating with 5 out of 5 possible stars OVERADE for EUROBIKE 2023

The website works efficiently to book qualified staff. We can also have direct contacts with people if needed so nothing else to declare, except that I recommend this company. (5 stars on 10.07.2023)

Rating with 5 out of 5 possible stars SATELLITE OFFICE GmbH for Empfangsmitarbeiter / -in

Friendly service, and the booking platform is easy to use and self-explanatory. If the booked staff don't turn up, replacement staff are quickly found and arranged. We are very satisfied with InStaff! :) (5 stars on 09.03.2022)

Rating with 5 out of 5 possible stars BIO COMPANY for Promotionhostess für Kundenumfrage

We really like working with InStaff and the uncomplicated way of booking staff! The booking portal is very clear, and you always have a contact person if there are any problems. We can definitely recommend them! (5 stars on 08.02.2022)

Rating with 5 out of 5 possible stars Hampton by Hilton Berlin City West for Servicemitarbeiter im Frühstück

As an employer, it is very advantageous to book staff at short notice. Especially in these uncertain times in the hotel and catering industry, we can react better to spontaneous changes. (5 stars on 08.12.2021)

Rating with 5 out of 5 possible stars BIO COMPANY for Promoter*In für Flyerverteilung

We had a very good experience with InStaff and were quickly provided with very professional staff for our promotion. The good thing is that we had direct contact with the agency and also with the promoters, so that we had a smooth process on the day of the event. We will gladly continue to book staff for our promotions via InStaff. (5 stars on 03.11.2021)

Rating with 5 out of 5 possible stars RTL Audio Center Berlin GmbH for Sortierhilfe Lager

Very quick and simple processing. The suggestions we received were exactly what we wanted and the invoicing is clear. A simple, modern and flexible way to book staff. (5 stars on 09.11.2020)

Rating with 5 out of 5 possible stars visuals united AG for Best of Events 2019

We used InStaff several times to book hostesses. It's actually running quite well and uncomplicated on the portal. Important is the backup staff, in case someone cancels, because unfortunately it is a quite common case with hostesses. (5 stars on 15.02.2019)

Rating with 5 out of 5 possible stars Fechter Drive Motorsport GmbH for INTERMOT 2018 in Köln

We were completely satisfied with the service of InStaff - simple and understandable processes, transparent cost structure and friendly account manager. We would always book event staff again via this platform. (5 stars on 09.11.2018)

Rating with 5 out of 5 possible stars EventBar Pirschheide for Konzert The Clogs

Easy and understandable booking of staff! Very good and friendly service (5 stars on 08.11.2018)

Great service for big as well as small staffing needs

Exhibitions & events

Manage concerts, exhibitions or events with several hundreds of hostesses and stagehands. Define different job roles (lead hostess, shift leader, etc.) and communicate with your staff via the online project chat.

Catering jobs

Book waiters, waitresses and barkeepers via InStaff - for a couple of hours or up to several weeks. The staff profiles list all relevant experiences, language proficiencies and qualifications such as a drivers license.

Promotion marketing

Manage promotion and performance marketing events in different cities. After each job you can review the performance (number of flyers, interviews or bookings) of the staff and analyze the data directly online.


You can see up-to-date body measures and a wide variety of images for each model. We also make sure that you get the copyright for the pictures that you take of the model during the job.

Retail & sales assistants

Our temporary staff is well suited for retail and sales jobs, e.g. for stock-taking on the weekends or to help out at your outlet during the week. And if you like to use the staff again, you can rebook a profile with a few clicks.

Office / call-center

For call-center as well as customer support jobs, we have a training program for our staff that includes claim & complaint management, handling customer requests and many more.

Compliance with all Germany working law requirements

InStaff has been certified by the German employment agency (Bundesagentur für Arbeit in Kiel) and therefore has the allowance to employ temporary staff and lease this staff to national as well as international customers. InStaff takes care of payroll accounting, social insurance and all German employment regularities so that you can be focused 100% on your event.

Temporary Employment Agency License

Modern staff management via our online platform

Detailed staff profiles

We send you between 8 to 15 different profiles for each of your jobs and every profile has detailed information about relevant working experience, educational level, language proficiencies and several images. If you have further questions you can message the person directly and even ask for a phone interview.

Manage different jobs and roles

You can define different tasks within your event (e.g. service, catering, reception) and different roles (stagehand, teamleader, chefhostess, etc.). The job overview shows you which profiles are available for which tasks, so you can assign your jobs to all available profiles directly online.

Online project chat

You can log into the online project chat for your event, where you communicate with your booked staff and document all arrangements such as dress code and meeting location. If one of your staff profiles gets ill, the replacement staff gets access to this online project chat, so that he or she is immediately onboarded.

Approve working time and give reviews

After each job your staff enters the working hours and uploads the time sheet, so you can validate and approve the working time easily online. In addition you can review the work performance of each staff and optionally add a small comment for future jobs.

Easy rebookings

You see an overview of all staff profiles who worked with you before. If you like to rebook a hostess, you can invite him or her to a new job with a simple click.

Do you have any questions?

You find the most common questions and our answers here. Please feel free to contact us anytime via phone or email between 8am and 10pm if you have additional questions.

Genearl questions
about InStaff

About us: Information about our company InStaff & Jobs GmbH

InStaff & Jobs GmbH was founded in February 2014 and offers temporary staff all over Germany. InStaff is managed and owned by its founders and currently employs 15 full-time employees in its headquarters in Berlin. “InStaff” is short for “Instant Staffing", because InStaff provides its clients a quick and easy booking process.

InStaff received the legal license for commercial temporary employment in 2014 from the German Employment Agency in Kiel. Therefore InStaff can guarantee its cliens 100% legal security when booking temporary staff. At the same time InStaff is praised for its  very high customer satisfaction by the independent service provider eKomi.

More than 2.000 temporary workers are employed monthly via InStaff for all kinds of temporary jobs. Big and small business as well as consumers use InStaff to book staff for service, catering, cooking, customer support, sales assistance and many more.

You can find ore information about our company here:
Short profile about the InStaff & Jobs GmbH

Services: What services does InStaff offer?

InStaff is specialized in providing temporary workers for temporary jobs lasting a couple of hours up InStaff provides entire service for booking staff (“Full Service”), that includes the recruiting of potential jobbers, quality management and accounting:

- You will receive a staff selection for all jobs with detailed jobber profiles (including experience, pictures, language skills etc.).
- InStaff interviewed all jobbers via phone to ensure quality and to validate the profile information.
- Additionaly the profiles contain customer reviews from previous jobs via InStaff.
- You can compare all profiles in your selection and book the appropriate staff for your jobs.
- You can use our online shiftplanning tool if you need to manage big events with hundreds or thousands of jobbers.

Quality management:
- All jobbers receive a detailed briefing from InStaff for their particular job type.
- InStaff sends automatic reminders to all staff to ensure on-time arrival.
- In case of illness or emergencies, InStaff will immediatly provide replacement staff.
- You only need to inform the staff about your specific job details, such as job description, meeting point and required outfit.
- For this you can use the Online Project Chat from InStaff to communicate with your staff.

- All jobbers are employed via InStaff for the entire duration of the job.
- InStaff takes care of payroll accounting, taxes, social security and all employer related risks.
- After the job is done, you just confirm the working hours and receive an invoice from InStaff.
- You only pay the actual working time of the jobbers (rounded to the quarter of an hour).

If any questions or problems arise, you can contact our customer support seven days a week from 8 am until 10 pm. Your contact person also consults you free of charge about your jobs and staffing needs.

USPs: What are InStaff's Unique Selling Propositions?

Great staff database:
More than 50.000 staff profiles all over Germany are registered in InStaff’s database. InStaff schedules more than 50 phone interviews per day with new potential jobbers to maintain its constant growth. InStaff is also available 7 days a week via email and phone, if jobbers have any questions about their upcoming jobs. Various hostess, event and catering agencies rely on InStaff's big and broad staff selection and book temporary jobbers for their clients' events.

Low and transparent pricing:
All jobbers state their desired hourly wage, when they apply for a particular job. This way, InStaff can offer competitive pricing that is based on supply and demand. As a client, you can compare the profiles in your staff selection in terms of hourly prices (hourly wage plus InStaff’s service fee of 43%), relevant experience, customer reviews, pictures, educational level, language skills, etc.

Easy booking process (with full-service):
InStaff offers an easy booking process for all its customers via its self-developed online platform. At the same time InStaff guarantees absolute service when it comes to booking and employing staff as well as accounting and providing replacement staff in case of emergencies. If any questions arise, InStaff’s customer service is available 7 days a week from 8 am until 10 pm.

Extremely high customer satisfaction:
InStaff uses the external service provider “eKomi” to constantly measure its customer satisfaction. Customers rate InStaff's service on average with 4.9 out of 5 stars and over 98% would recommend InStaff to others:  Customer reviews via eKomi

Prices: What are the costs / hourly rates of our staff?

InStaff’s hourly rates are calculated by the hourly gross wage of the staff plus the InStaff service fee of 43 %. You only pay for the actual workings hours and there are no additional costs such as travel or accommodation expenses.

InStaff will send a selection of 8 to 15 staff profiles with different qualifications and wage expectations. You can compare these profiles and decide yourself which staff you like to book. You can expect the following prices:

approx. EUR 18.59 / hour for easy promotion jobs
approx. EUR 18.59 / hour for office jobs / customer support
approx. EUR 18.59 / hour for exhibitions hostesses / service jobs
approx. EUR 21.45 / hour for model hostesses / walking acts

We will send you a staff selection with specific prices within 24 hours, after you entered your job details (including job description and working hours). You can also find more information about our prices as well as a price calculator here:
Costs and Benefits of InStaff

Staff database
of InStaff

Staff types: What kind of staff does InStaff offer?

All jobbers registered in InStaff’s database are either experienced or trained on a particular task and all have a main occupation. Hence, their prior occupation may be a full or part time job, a job on a freelance basis, school, studies, an apprenticeship or a training. All these people take advantage of InStaff’s temporary jobs next to their main occupation.

Therefore, InStaff is the ideal partner for your company or for a private individual to meet your need of temporary staff for either a couple of hours or several weeks. This includes the following jobs:

- Exhibition hostesses for exhibition stands
- Event staff for business events
- Service staff for weddings & birthday parties
- Waiters / catering staff for restaurants
- Kitchen hands for gastronomy / hospitality industry
- Promoters for flyering & promotion campaigns
- Sales assistants for temporary jobs (pop-up stores)
- Customer service for a service hotline
- Sales assistants for acquisition by telephone

As the jobbers in our database already have a main occupation, they are available for temporary jobs for a maximum of several weeks at a time. If you need staff for a longer period of time (e.g. for several months), InStaff can split your job and offer it to a variety of people. In this case you would train 2 to 4 persons for the job and employ them alternately for the entire period.

Cities: Where can I book staff via InStaff?

You can book staff via InStaff everywhere throughout Germany - even in very small cities or remote towns. As the density of jobbers in remote towns is lower than in bigger cities, you have to take into account higher wage rates or a longer publishing period. Depending on the location, the following categories can be distinguished:

Big cities with an exhibition centre
E.g. Frankfurt, Munich, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Hanover, Berlin, Hamburg, Nurenberg

In big cities InStaff can generally offer local staff for any kind of event (1 to 300 people). Even requests at short notice with a publishing period of only 4 to 8 hours or with special requirements can be met.

Metropolitan areas or cities of more than 100.000 inhabitants
E.g. the Ruhr Area, Rhein-Neckar, Bremen or Dresden

Appropriate staff can be provided for small to medium sized events in metropolitan areas or medium sized cities (1 to 50 people). Requests at short notice require a publishing period of 8 to 12 hours. For even more spontaneous requests or special staff requirements you have to take into account slightly increased costs as the staff is likely to arrive from cities nearby.

Small and remote cities

When staff is needed in smaller or remote cities, the staff generally has to arrive from a city nearby. Therefore the selection of staff may be smaller and the hourly wage expected may be increased by 3 EUR to 6 EUR. Staff requests at short notice require a publishing period of 12 to 24 hours.

Last-minute: Can I book staff at a short notice??

You can book staff at very short notice with InStaff. The necessary publishing period especially depends on the location:

- In big cities and cities with an exhibition centre: publishing period of 4 to 8 hours
- Medium sized cities and metropolitan areas: publishing period of 4 to 12 hours
- Small or remote cities: publishing period of 12 to 24 hours

No additional costs will be charged for staff requests at short notice. Hence, you will only pay for the gross wage of the staff as well as for the service fee charged by InStaff (surcharge of 43% on the gross wage). However, in case of requests at short notice, the jobber may expect an increased hourly wage (of approx. 3 EUR to 6 EUR). The hourly rate for a skilled waiter / waitress may be at around 20.02 EUR to 24.38 EUR.

Quality: How does InStaff assure the staff’s quality?

When signing up at InStaff, every person has to follow several steps within the registration process. A telephone interview is part of the process aiming at checking the relevant experience and validating the person’s English and other language skills. In addition to that the current professional situation and a working permit are checked. Finally, the broad quality of the profile is evaluated after every interview in terms of relevant experience, pictures and personal impression.

Currently about 25% of all registered jobber profiles are activated as the remaining 75% do not meet the quality expectations of InStaff. This means that as a client you can be convinced that the suitability of all jobbers in your selection have been tested and that all their personal information has been validated.

The working quality of the staff is also rated by the client after every job. Outstanding client evaluations assure that the jobber will be booked again by other clients in the future. As a client you have access to all evaluations before making a decision on which staff to book.

Our customer reviews are a proof for our high customer satisfaction and the excellent performance of our staff.

Interviews: Can I get to know the staff before booking?

Yes, you can get to know the jobbers in your selection before booking staff. Therefore you can easily send a message to the desired person in your staff selection in order to invite her to a short telephone interview. During this interview you can answer potential questions or test the foreign language skills yourself.

If you have any special requirements you can arrange a “casting” to get to know the staff in person on your local premises. This as well as the casting date should be explicitly stated in the job description. The duration of the casting must be refunded as working hours.

Booking process
in detail

Request: Is my request non-binding and free of charge?

Yes, your staff request is non-binding and completely free of charge. The booking is non-binding until you choose one person or several people from your staff selection.

You only have to state the location, working hours and description of the job in order to make a non-binding booking request. A contact person at InStaff will check your request and contacts you within 30 minutes if further questions arise. As soon as all questions were answered we will publish your job and will send you a staff selection within a couple of hours.

Selection: What will my staff selection look like?

For each job you will receive a staff selection containing approximately 8 to 15 jobber profiles. In the different staff profiles you can have a look at the age, experience, qualifications, foreign language skills, pictures as well as former jobs and customer evaluations. You can also compare the individual hourly wage of the jobbers and the hourly rate you would pay in case of booking.

You can be certain that all people in your selection will meet the “hard criteria” of your job description. For example, if you are looking for a driver, only people with a driver's licence will be in your staff selection and if you have required foreign languages, then you will only be shown profiles with knowledge in these languages. For jobs that require a costume or if you need a model hostess, you can also check the exact body measurements.

In addition to that you can send messages to the jobbers if further questions arise. Via this tool you can also arrange for a telephone interview to get to know the person better. Furthermore you can call your contact person at InStaff who will be pleased to personally assist you with selecting the appropriate staff.

Booking: What happens after the booking?

When booking one or more people of your staff selection, the jobbers booked and you as the client will receive a booking confirmation via email. At the same time InStaff exchanges the contact details between you and the staff.

In addition to that the staff and you as the client will obtain access to the online briefing session where further details, such as the exact meeting point or final outfit requirements, can be stated. The staff also receives a briefing for the job as a PDF document, which specifically prepares the staff for the job. Three days before the beginning of the job every member of your booked staff receives a reminder from InStaff to state through confirming online that they are healthy and will arrive at the job on time.

Should any problems arise throughout this process there is a contact person from InStaff available 7 days a week who can answer all your questions. When booking staff via InStaff, it is guaranteed that jobbers are replaced in case of emergency or absenteeism of staff.

Payment: Which payment methods does InStaff accept?

After the job you will receive an invoice from InStaff, which can be settled within a period of 7 days. You can use the following methods of payment:

- bank transfer
- credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express)
- direct debit

There are no additional fees charged by InStaff that could be related to the method of payment. Hence, there are no additional fees for paying by credit card.

However, international customers have to pay the entire amount of the invoice in advance, as an international dunning process would incur too high costs.

Contract: What is exact contractual relationship with InStaff?

Determined by a notice of the Federal Agency of Employment in Kiel, the InStaff & Jobs GmbH received the official authorization for the commercial temporary employment on 8 August 2014. This is how InStaff guarantees absolute legal security for the booking of staff. InStaff is the employer of the staff for the entire period of the job and is, hence, responsible for the whole payroll accounting process, for paying social insurance contributions and for other employer risks.

To be more precise, you have a agreement for commercial temporary employment with InStaff. At the same time InStaff has a working contract with the booked staff. This triangle relationship allows you to be in full authority over the staff, although you do not have a direct employment relationship. After the job you settle an invoice from InStaff containing the actual working hours of the staff.

Your jobs
(during & after)

Guarantee: How does InStaff solve staff emergencies?

When booking staff via InStaff and one or more persons become sick or cancel the job, InStaff immediately tries to find equal replacement staff. InStaff has an emergency service for these cases, which is available seven days a week from 8 am until 10 pm. The contact person of this emergency service proceeds as follows:

Emergency more than 24 hours before the job: The job is published again via InStaff so that you will receive a new staff selection within several hours. You can then independently book another jobber as a replacement.

Emergency more than 2 hours before the job: Your job is published again via InStaff. Due to this immediate need at short notice you can ask InStaff to choose a jobber as a substitute and to brief the chosen person.

Emergency less than 2 hours before the job: In one of these very rare cases the job is published again immediately and the contact person of the emergency service will inform you immediately. You can then decide whether you need a normal replacement from InStaff within a few hours or whether you have any special requirements (e.g. foreign language skills, model sizes, etc.) and are prepared to wait another 24 hours for the substitute.

In order to provide a suitable jobber as replacement as soon as possible, InStaff offers an increased hourly wage. If you booked a person for an hourly wage of 11 EUR and the replacement was at 22 EUR, InStaff will bear the entire additional costs.

Cancelations: Can I cancel the staff after the booking?

Yes, you can cancel staff after the booking. However, InStaff is the actual employer of the staff, which is why only InStaff is entitled to cancel the employment relationship. Therefore, please inform your contact person at InStaff about the cancellation and take into account the following aspects:

Cancellation due to extremely inappropriate behaviour:
When a jobber’s inappropriate behaviour at a job justifies an instant dismissal, InStaff will cancel the employment relationship immediately and will provide substitutional staff within a few hours.

Cancellation due to a slight shortcoming of work:
If a jobber is not working entirely to your satisfaction, please contact us within 3 hours after the beginning of the job. As a rule InStaff can come to a mutual agreement with the jobber in order to cancel the employment relationship. The staff will then be refunded for the worked time and will then be released from the job. We will publish your job again and will provide staff as replacement within a few hours.

Cancellation without inappropriate behaviour of the staff:
You can also cancel staff when you realize that you have a smaller need of staff than initially expected. However, InStaff has a working contract with the jobber, guaranteeing that the staff will receive 80% of the planned working time as wage. Hence, the cancellation fees come up to 80% of the booking amount.

Accounting: How are the working hours calculated?

Every person brings a timesheet that has to be signed at the job by the client or the contact person. This timesheet is used as a basis for the payment. After the job every person has to insert the actual working hours online and has to upload the timesheet as proof.

After the job you can check the working hours of all jobbers in your account. If everything is correct, you can accept the working hours and release them for the jobbers. You will then receive an invoice of the working hours. When accepting the working hours, you also have the possibility to evaluate the staff’s performance on the job.

The staff is aware of the fact that the correct statement of the working hours is crucial for a positive evaluation. Therefore not many mistakes occur here. In case of differences concerning the working hours, you can reject the working hours or contact your contact person at InStaff for help.

Hiring staff: Can I hire the staff afterwards?

Yes, after your first event you can employ a jobber in your own company or easily book the jobber again via InStaff.

Book staff again via InStaff:
In order to book a person for further jobs, please just ask the jobber whether he or she is available so that you can then send a direct job offer. After the confirmation InStaff will take over the entire payment process as before as well as the job guarantee. In your account you can make some internal notes for persons you booked before in order to create your own team.

Hiring staff into your own company:
Should you wish to pay the person yourself in the future, you can employ the jobber as temporary help, working student oder full-time employee. InStaff will then assist you with the smooth takeover of the jobber through providing legally secure working contracts. Please contact us for specific prices.

Contact person for your questions

Do you have any questions or additional requirements? Please feel free to contact us anytime:

Manuel Marschel: Contact person for businesses

Manuel Marschel
Contact person for businesses

If you have any questions regarding the booking process, feel free to contact or call me.

+49 30 959 982 640

Christin Monski: Contact person for staff

Christin Monski
Contact person for staff

If you have any questions regarding your registration or the booking process, feel free to contact or call me.

+49 30 959 982 660