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Costs and Benefits of InStaff

Overview of our staff wages, our service fees as well as all benefits we offer you

Services for staff bookings

Modern Online-Platform

Our intuitively usable online-platform enables you to plan your personnel requirements directly online. Until you bindingly hire a person, enquiries are non-binding and free of charge.

Over 40,000 Staff in pool

We forward your enquiry to our data-bank with over 40,000 personnel-profiles. Every profile is equipped with pictures, detailed experience, education, languages and past ratings.

Prices that suit you

You are offered differently priced personnel. These differ based on forerun, deployment location and time, desired qualifications and respective experience. You will find a price calculator further down.

Personal employee selection

Based on the responses to your insertion, you will be able to select the desired personnel within max. seven days. Should you have any questions, you can contact your staff directly online.

Employment & Billing

The persons you selected receive employment contracts from InStaff. We take care of all formalities like social security, taxes and other incidental expenses.

Temporary Employment Agency License

Legal security

InStaff is certified by the German employment Agency and thus the personal is properly leased to you, so you can treat them like your own employees.

Reachable on 7 days of the week

Events take place at all hours and so do personnel-emergencies. Consequently, our emergency-service is there for you every day from 8 am to 10 pm.

Fail safety

Automated controls and our regulations reduce cancellations to a minimum. Should an employee still have to cancel, their spot will be replaced without any further costs for you – within max. 24 hours.

Transparent prices for promoters, hostesses, etc.

Your booking inquiry at InStaff is free and non-binding. And if you book staff, you only pay the gross salary of the employee plus the InStaff service fee of 43 %  - there are no additional costs.

Most of our customers book staff with initial experience, whose hourly prices (incl. our service fee) are between 15.73 € to 18.59 € per hour. To get a good estimate for your event, please use the following price calculator.

Price calculator for estimating costs

For short shifts, the personnel often expects higher wages to make journeys reasonable.
Due to different wage levels, costs depend on your events location.
Hourly wage
(Gross salary for personnel)
Hourly rate
(incl. 43 % service fee)
Daily rate
(8h incl. 30 min break)
...without experience
First job at InStaff
9,- EUR / Hour 12.87 EUR / Hour
96.53 EUR / day
...with initial experience
Multiple jobs with positive ratings
11,- EUR / Hour 15.73 EUR / Hour
117.98 EUR / day
...with specific experience
Specific experience, e.g. telephonist/chef-hostess
13,- EUR / Hour 18.59 EUR / Hour
139.43 EUR / day model or walking act
Extraordinary requirements or work in costume
15,- EUR / Hour 21.45 EUR / Hour
160.88 EUR / day
...with commercial training
Professional with at least 3 years trainig (e.g. Cook)
20,- EUR / Hour 28.60 EUR / Hour
214.50 EUR / day

Please note the following:

1) These prices include all arising costs and there are no additional charges for accommodation or travel expenses. If you are a consumer these prices also include taxes / VAT.

2) For a shift of over 6 hours, a 30-minute break is prescribed by the German Working Hours Act.

3) InStaff bears the complete wage & incidental costs. This includes the gross salary incl. taxes, health, nursing care, pension and unemployment insurance, release of entitlement to take leave, as well as a possible continuation of the wage payment in case of sick leave.

4) These are only average values, as the personnel selection also depends on your job offer. You will normally select out of 8 to 15 profiles with different (work-)experience and correspondingly diverse expectations of compensation.

Reviews about our price-performance ratio

Here you can see some customer ratings about our price. Some of these comments have been translated from German to English for you to read.

for private Feier

Very fast and uncomplicated method. Several candidates for choice with different experiences and different prices. Very good ratio of price and performance. (5 stars on )

for Coparts

Reliable business partner, uncomplicated handling, competent service and fair prices. We will book over InStaff anytime again if in need. (5 stars on )

for Agritechnica

Very competent, helpful and friendly support. Rapid handling. Very good information flow. Fair prices. Will book over InStaff anytime again if in need. (5 stars on )

for Hostess im 20-er Jahre-Stil

quick, uncomplicated, transparent prices and transaction of the invoice. Competent and friendly staff (5 stars on )

for Carsch-Haus-Flaschen-Promo

Fast handling, great promoter/staff, superb price-performance ratio Unfortunately the employees call too often. (5 stars on )

for Hessentag

I booked staff via InStaff for the first time. The selection was huge and one profile precisely matched my expectations. The accessibility via phone couldn't be better. The employees are very friendly and the prices very fair. I can only recommend InStaff. *** (5 stars on )

for Gesundheitsmesse Bayreuth

Fast and uncomplicated handling! Great staff proposals - fair price, friendly and helpful Staff. (5 stars on )

for Internationale Grüne Woche

A job can be organized on last minute. Great support, clients are able to get a very quick update on the situation via telephone or e-mail. InStaff always finds the best way for us to implement our campaign successfully and always finds perfect solutions for us. Professional hostesses, who work with dedication. Full service with great support and a fair price! (5 stars on )

for AMC Jahresauftaktgespräch

Simple, quick and affordable. Simple: Even when I first used InStaff I didn’t have any difficulties and not only because I was cared for as a newcomer. An easy platform and a service-orientated company - a good combination. Quick: Not just creating the profiles (master data and search profile) was very quick, but also the inquiries to our offer were presenter quicker than I have expected. Affordable: Good hourly rates and time saving with the personnel selection - two factors that resulted in a reasonable priced offer. Gladly again! (5 stars on )

for Kochkurs Streetfood

- quick, clear, transparent communication - the entire process is uncomplicated - fair prices (5 stars on )

for Weihnachtsfeier

-Very good service personnel. The chosen staff completed the task excellently. -A big selection of people is possible. -Very good counseling and assistance -good price/performance ratio (5 stars on )


A very reliable agency with fair prices, which provided us with a very friendly and hard working hostess and even supplied a substitution BEFORE the event, in case of cancellation. We were all round satisfied, are going to book with InStaff again and can only recommend them. (5 stars on )

Simple & fair terms of payment

1) Invoice after service for all EU customers
For national customers: No upfront payment, instead we send you an invoice after your event that is due within 7 days.
For international customers: You pay upfront because an international dunning process would incur too much cost for us.

2) Further payment methods upon request
Upon request you can also pay with debit or credit card. We do not charge fees for this.

3) Exemption of VAT when possible
Foreign clients can be exempted from VAT if they declare their VAT-ID.

4) Fair cancellation conditions
At your booking, our employees receive a labor contract, which guarantees respective wages for a certain work period. Should you have to cancel your request, we will strive to place the personnel with another client (e.g. on the same fair).

Cancellation fees are as follows:
80 % of the agreed upon price, if the hired personnel cannot be placed with another client.
30 % of the agreed upon price, if the hired personnel can be placed with another client.

Contact us if you have further questions

Marco Reinhardt
Contact person for businesses

+49 30 959 982 640

Anika Behrens
Contact person for staff

+49 30 959 982 660