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Your benefits as one of our hostesses

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Greater income

Through our more efficient job placement we have achieved a cheaper cost structure than regular hostess agencies. We pass this on directly to you in the form of fair wages.

Hostess Job

More serious jobs

We review all job offers that companies put up on our platform. This way we ensure that you only receive serious job offers from respectable companies.

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No more job search

Once registered, binding job offers come directly to you. All you have to do is to create a strong and informative profile and keep your availability up to date.

Become a hostess in 3 simple steps

Messehostess Jobs

Registering on the platform

First, you have to register on our platform, enter some personal details, and upload an expressive profile picture.

Hostess Jobs

Update your availability

As soon as you have registered, you can directly enter your availability – thereby you will receive only job offers for times that you are truly available.

Hostess werden

Accept a job

When you receive a job offer, you can confirm the offer and thus become firmly booked. However, you should hurry up so that no one else takes the job first.

Still have questions?

Then you will find a list of the most frequently asked questions and our answers here.

InStaff is an online platform where businesses can book temporary staff in Germany.

InStaff connects organizers and hostesses for jobs on trade fairs and many other different events. If you wish to work as a hostess you need to set up a profile. After a check through InStaff you can be find by the organizers. You will easily receive job offers directly via e-mail, no need to write an application letter for every position!

InStaff has job offers all over Germany.

However we are specialized in offering jobs on trade fairs in big cities and metropolitan areas such as Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Stuttgart, Nürnberg, Hannover and Leipzig.

We are having a wide range of jobs on trade fairs, congresses and other temporary jobs like customer care service, promotion and jobs as helping hands. On trade fairs and congresses you are in charge of guest care, which means welcoming guests, serving drinks, providing information and helping out in case of questions.

On promotion jobs you will hand out promotional material such as flyers, or product samples.

In addition to these kind of jobs, we have clients who are seeking:

model hostesses - a typical task would be to pose in a costumes with guests for photographers
temporary employees in customer care or in pop-up stores
carrying out market research interviews

In general we only provide temporary jobs for several days or short periods. It is not required to have a finished apprenticeship or university graduation. In order to prepare you for the mission, each jobs offer comes with a detailed job description.

For the majority of the InStaff jobs you can enter your own hourly rate. The hourly rate should be depending on your travel expenses and your professional experiences. Our client can choose who to book out of 10 to 20 hostesses with different experiences and hourly rates. Hourly rates on fashion fairs are relatively low (10 - 11 €) because there are a lot of hostesses who want to work on these kind of events. Whereas engineering fairs are less popular, however the work is the same. For working on such an event you can gain between 13 to 15 € per hour.

As an orientation how high your rate should be you can use these indications:
- unexperienced hostess: ca. 10 to 12 € / hour
- experienced hostess: 12 - 14 € / hour
- supervising hostess / special requests: between 14 and 16 € per hour
- Model hostess: depending on assignment up to 25 € per hour

We have set up a minimum wage of 9 Euros per hour. We also reject promotion jobs where you are paid on commission basis.

It is up to you, if your profile (including profile photos, etc.) is shown publicly on our website. You can also decide that your sedcard should only be visible to companies which are already registered on InStaff.

If you decide to set parts of your profile publicly, it can increase your bookings, as some of the companies are finding their hostess by browsing on our website.

No. We employ hostesses with a regular employment contract for short term work. This means, that you will get a contract for short term employment after you get the booking confirmation. This is a special contract for students and everyone who wants to gain some money besides the regular jobs, you are allowed to work 70 days a year with this kind of contract.

As we employ you with a short term contract, you won’t pay any social contribution but you have to pay the regular income tax. At the end of the year, you can get back some or even all the income taxes, when you send a tax return to your tax office.

Please talk to a German Tax advisor if have further questions.

We mainly expect four things from you: accuracy of your profile, truthful information about yourself, binding commitments, and professional work.

Accuracy of your profile

When you register and periodically after that, we will ask for your availability. It is essential that you keep your profile up to date because this is the only way we can guarantee professionalism to our organizers. Through a high level of professionalism, we attract the best organizers with the most interesting jobs and the highest wages - and this is what we want to offer you.

Truthful information

You can provide details about your foreign language skills and your previous experience. By the way, it is often not a problem if you have not gained practical experience or can not have a conversation in a foreign language such as French.

However, the organizers must have certainty in your information. If you indicate that you speak a language fluently, then your language skills should not differ greatly from those of a native speaker, apart from an accent. And if you indicate that you have experience as a hostess, then you should truly have worked at trade fairs and not, for example, at parties.

All of this benefits you: With the certainty of being able to rely on your information, InStaff receives more offers - this way, even inexperienced hostesses have a chance to get a job. And if special skills are demanded, hostesses with the relevant experience can expect a good wage with InStaff.

Binding commitments

If your availability, skills, and work experience match the requirements of an organizer, he can gather a personal impression from your profile. If there are further inquiries or need for clarification, he will contact you through our secure area without receiving any of your personal information.

If an organizer likes your profile, he can make you a concrete job offer. This includes location, time, hourly wage, and additional framework conditions. You then have up to three days to respond to this offer. We ask you to make a binding commitment or to reject the offer with a short explanation. If you do not react to the offer, we assume that you are currently on vacation or are not available for another reason and we will for the time being deactivate your profile. This is the only way to guarantee that you do not take away jobs from others who actually have time.

Professional work

Professional work means punctuality, a friendly manner, strong work motivation, and proper behaviour even in difficult situations. For problems with the organizer or with other hostesses during your work, you may come to us at any time. It is very important to us to have a good reputation among professional hostesses in Germany. Therefore, you can be certain that we will attend to your concern personally and conscientiously.

In principle, you just need to register here and complete your profile. Then companies can find you as a hostess for jobs. The most important aspects to get a good hostess job are the following:


As a hostess, you represent the interests of the company at trade fairs. Of course, a company wants to be perceived positively. So, a neat hairdo, well-kept finger nails, subtle make-up, and professional clothing are very important for being booked.


To be able to appear competent in the environment of a trade fair, you should be able to express yourself professionally and, if possible, accent-free. To find out what this means exactly, we have put together an article about becoming a trade fair hostess .


English language skills are presumed for hostesses due to the high proportion of international audiences. In order to improve your English, there are many possibilities. For example, through Duolingo.

Of course you do not. There will certainly be some jobs that you do not want to accept because they do not appeal to you. If that is the case, then you do not need to accept these.

There are also times when you need to work less (for example, during exam periods). If you have indicated that you are not available during this time, you will not receive any job offers. As soon as you have more time, you can indicate that you are available and organizers can once again find you.

You can not deactivate your profile for a certain period. But you can deactivate the job newsletter. To do that, just log in in your profile and click on “Settings”. Here you will find the option to not receive any information. You can change the settings any time.

No, it is currently not possible to set any other filters than the filter concerning the cities you are available in. You will receive all job offers which are assigned to your cities.

You don't have to do this either. You only indicate which cities that you would like to work in. Currently, we primarily offer trade fair hostess jobs in Frankfurt, Munich, and Stuttgart. Every once in a while, we may be able to offer smaller jobs in other cities, but out partners are mainly in Stuttgart, Frankfurt, and Munich.

Yes, we do look also for male event staff. Hosts are working like hostesses on trade fairs, events and in promotion. Many of our clients are looking for one or more hosts, so that there are not only hostesses working in service on a trade fair.

Kristina Schulenberg: Contact person for staff

Kristina Schulenberg
Contact person for staff

If you have any questions regarding your registration or the booking process, feel free to contact or call me.

+49 30 959 982 660

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