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Fairs, Exhibitions & Congresses 2017

Exhibition Calendar 2017 with all trade fairs, congresses and exhibitions in Germany

Exhibition Calendar 2017

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Upcoming Exhibitions 2017

Past Exhibition Dates in 2017

Schöne Bescherung 2017 in Stuttgart

Christmas market
09.12. till 10.12.2017 in Stuttgart

Pferd & Jagd

Europes biggest fair for riding, hunting and fishing
07.12. till 10.12.2017 in Hannover


Trade fair for tunnel construction
06.12. till 07.12.2017 in Stuttgart


Essen Motor Show

Europe's leading fair for high-performance cars
01.12. till 10.12.2017 in Essen

Mineralien Hamburg

Fair for minerals, fossils, gemstones, jewellery
01.12. till 03.12.2017 in Hamburg

Deutscher Wirbelsäulenkongress (DWG) 2017 Stuttgart

The annual meeting of the german spinal society
30.11. till 02.12.2017 in Stuttgart

Heim+Handwerk 2017 in München

29.11. till 03.12.2017 in München

Careers in Chemie I Pharma I Biotech I Medizin 2017 in München

The career fair for the sectors industry, Research and start-up
29.11.2017 in München

SPS IPC Drives

The professional trade fair for electric automation systems and components
28.11. till 30.11.2017 in Nürnberg

PMRExpo 2017 in Köln

Leading exhibition for mobile radio and control rooms
28.11. till 30.11.2017 in Köln

gat/wat 2017 in Köln

Trade fair about gas and water
28.11. till 30.11.2017 in Köln

GAT 2017 in Köln

The leading exhibiton for gas and water
28.11. till 30.11.2017 in Köln

Profi Service Tage 2017 in Frankfurt

25.11. till 26.11.2017 in Frankfurt

veggie & frei von 2017 in Stuttgart

Leading exhibition for consumption and health
24.11. till 26.11.2017 in Stuttgart

Babywelt Stuttgart

The fair around your child
24.11. till 26.11.2017 in Stuttgart


Fair for training and development
24.11. till 25.11.2017 in München

Stuttgarter MesseHerbst

Key to markets
23.11. till 26.11.2017 in Stuttgart

Modell Süd

The exhibition for model making and model railways
23.11. till 26.11.2017 in Stuttgart

Hobby & Elektronik

The Trade Fair for Technology
23.11. till 26.11.2017 in Stuttgart

Boot & Fun

The whole world of water and outdoor sports
23.11. till 26.11.2017 in Berlin

Absolventenkongress 2017 in Köln

The congress fair for graduates
23.11. till 24.11.2017 in Köln

Online-Karrieretag Berlin

The job fair of the online branch
23.11.2017 in Berlin

meet@tum - School of Management 2017 in München

Career Fair
23.11.2017 in München

Touristik & Caravaning International Leipzig

The biggest holiday fair for Central Germany
22.11. till 26.11.2017 in Leipzig

LMU Karriereforum 2017 in München

The LMU CareerForum in Munich is an important career-event for every student.
22.11.2017 in München

DevOpsCon 2017 in München

The conference for continuous delivery, microservices, docker, clouds and lean business
20.11. till 23.11.2017 in München

Die Besten Jahre

The fair for activ living
20.11. till 21.11.2017 in Stuttgart

Familie & Heim

The shopping and experience exhibition
18.11. till 26.11.2017 in Stuttgart

JA ICH WILL 2017 in Friedrichshafen

Wedding Fair
18.11. till 19.11.2017 in Friedrichshafen


The pet fair
18.11. till 19.11.2017 in Stuttgart

Mineralien Fossilien und Schmuck

Exhibition for minerals, fossils, gemstones and jewellery
17.11. till 19.11.2017 in Stuttgart

World of Trading 2017 in Frankfurt

Trading fair
17.11. till 18.11.2017 in Frankfurt

Professional MotorSport World Expo 2017

Exhibition for motorsports
15.11. till 17.11.2017 in Köln


Fair for educational buildings
15.11. till 16.11.2017 in Köln

Merchandising Messe 2017/18 in Hamburg

15.11. till 16.11.2017 in Hamburg


World's Leading Trade Fair for Electronics Development and Production
14.11. till 17.11.2017 in München

Formnext 2017 in Frankfurt

International exhibition and conference on additive technologies and tool making
14.11. till 17.11.2017 in Frankfurt


World forum for medicine
13.11. till 16.11.2017 in Düsseldorf

COMPAMED 2017 in Düsseldorf

International fair for medical manufacturing
13.11. till 16.11.2017 in Düsseldorf


The world’s leading exhibition for agricultural machinery and equipment
12.11. till 18.11.2017 in Hannover

GastRO 2017 in Rostock

Exhibition for hotel industry, gastronomy and catering
12.11. till 15.11.2017 in Rostock

Mode Heim Handwerk

The consumer fair for habitation and living
11.11. till 19.11.2017 in Essen

Stahlgruber Messe 2017 in Nürnberg

Competitive exhibition
11.11. till 12.11.2017 in Nürnberg

Jobmesse Bremen

Fair for profession, education, trainee and internships
11.11. till 12.11.2017 in Bremen

Forum Vini 2017 in München

International wine fair
10.11. till 12.11.2017 in München

Munich Indoors 2017 in München

09.11. till 12.11.2017 in München

DVG Vet-Congress 2017 in Berlin

09.11. till 12.11.2017 in Berlin

Bazaar Berlin

Global Market with ethnic and natural products
08.11. till 12.11.2017 in Berlin


Congress and Fair of the social economy
08.11. till 09.11.2017 in Nürnberg


International Trade Fair for Amenity Areas, Sports and Pool Facilities
07.11. till 10.11.2017 in Köln


International trade fair for sheet metal working
07.11. till 10.11.2017 in Stuttgart


The conference for Java, architecture and innovation
07.11. till 09.11.2017 in München

Licensing Market 2017 in München

Germany's marketplace for licensing
07.11.2017 in München

ISS GUT! 2017 in Leipzig

The trading fair for the hospitality and food crafts industry
05.11. till 07.11.2017 in Leipzig

Start Messe 2017

International fair
04.11. till 05.11.2017 in Nürnberg



04.11. till 05.11.2017 in Berlin


Travel Fair
03.11. till 05.11.2017 in Bremen

Caravan Bremen

Fair for caravans, camper and camping
03.11. till 05.11.2017 in Bremen

Babywelt Berlin

The fair around your child
03.11. till 05.11.2017 in Berlin


The vegan world
03.11. till 04.11.2017 in Köln

B2B Nord Messe 2017 in Hamburg

economy fair
02.11.2017 in Hamburg

BAC 2017 in Berlin

Affiliate conference
01.11. till 04.11.2017 in Berlin

EiG 2017 in Berlin

Gaming industry event
30.10. till 01.11.2017 in Berlin

offerta Karlsruhe

Consumer Fair for the whole family
28.10. till 05.11.2017 in Karlsruhe


international boat show
28.10. till 05.11.2017 in Hamburg


Southern Germany's largest trade fair for lifestyle, construction and living
28.10. till 05.11.2017 in Nürnberg

BEAUTY FORUM Herbst 2017

Trade fair for cosmetics
28.10. till 29.10.2017 in München

Marathonmall 2017 in Frankfurt

Sport fair to the frankfurt marathon
27.10. till 29.10.2017 in Frankfurt

eat&STYLE 2017 in München

27.10. till 29.10.2017 in München


Trading fair for car glass, smart repair and vehicle preparation
27.10. till 28.10.2017 in Düsseldorf

Spielmesse Essen 2017 in Essen

International game days
26.10. till 29.10.2017 in Essen

Härterei Kongress 2017 in Köln

The leading trade fair for heat treatment
25.10. till 27.10.2017 in Köln


The fair for mark research
25.10. till 26.10.2017 in München


Leading international trade fair for industrial parts and surface cleaning
24.10. till 26.10.2017 in Stuttgart

Medientage München 2017 in München

Congress and exhibition about the media sector
24.10. till 26.10.2017 in München

Euromold 2017

World fair for mold- and patternmaking, tooling, design, additive manufacturing and product development
24.10. till 26.10.2017 in München


Exhibition for finance and insurance industry
24.10. till 26.10.2017 in Dortmund


Pharma fair
24.10. till 26.10.2017 in Frankfurt

Airtec München 2017 in München

The technology event for the aerospace supply chain
24.10. till 26.10.2017 in München


Leading Exhibition and Conference for industrial maintenance
24.10. till 25.10.2017 in München

WebTech Conference 2017 in München

Conference for web development technologies
23.10. till 27.10.2017 in München

IPC WebTech Conference 2017 in München

The international JavaScript conference
23.10. till 27.10.2017 in München

Haare 2017 in Nürnberg

The trade fair for hairdressers, beauticians and nail designers with bavarian hairdressing championship
22.10. till 23.10.2017 in Nürnberg

Piepenbrock Dresden Marathon 2017 in Dresden

Sport event
22.10.2017 in Dresden

Hera – Die Hochzeitsmesse 2017 in Bremen

Wedding fair
22.10.2017 in Bremen

Movie Meet Media 2017 München

21.10. till 30.10.2017 in München


The Trade Fair for the Meat Industry
21.10. till 23.10.2017 in Stuttgart

TrauDich! 2017 in Hannover

21.10. till 22.10.2017 in Hannover

Shisha Messe

Trading fair for Hookah and supplies
21.10. till 22.10.2017 in Berlin

WM Werkstattmesse 2017 in München

Workshop Fair
20.10. till 22.10.2017 in München

Trost-Schau 2017 in München

Exhibition for workshop equipment, diagnosis technology, tools, car and utility vehicle components
20.10. till 22.10.2017 in München

Lekkerland Messe

House fair for Lekkerland customers.
20.10. till 21.10.2017 in Hannover

Fachdental Südwest

The most important regional Dental Exhibition
20.10. till 21.10.2017 in Stuttgart

ARTMUC Winter 2017 in München

Bavaria´s biggest producers fair for contemporary
19.10. till 22.10.2017 in München

bpt-Kongress 2017 in München

Congress of veterinary surgeon
19.10. till 21.10.2017 in München

AWE Europe 2017 in München

AWE- Superpowers to the people
19.10. till 20.10.2017 in München

Online-Karrieretag Hamburg

The job fair of the online branch
19.10.2017 in Hamburg

viscom 2017

The international fair trade for visual communication
18.10. till 20.10.2017 in Düsseldorf

Fakuma 2017

International trade fair for plastics processing
17.10. till 21.10.2017 in Friedrichshafen


Trade fair for safety, security and health at work
17.10. till 20.10.2017 in Düsseldorf

It & Business

Trade fair for digital processes and solutions
17.10. till 19.10.2017 in Stuttgart


International trade fair for mobility 4.0
17.10. till 19.10.2017 in München


Shopping Exhibition
14.10. till 22.10.2017 in Hannover

Strick! 2017 in Hannover

Knitwear fair with knitwear fashion and products
14.10. till 16.10.2017 in Hannover

PV LIVE! 2017 in Hannover

Exhibition for vehicle parts, factory equipment and factory systems
14.10. till 15.10.2017 in Hannover

Hamburg Motor Classic

Trade fair for oldtime, youngtimer and classical motor bikes
13.10. till 15.10.2017 in Hamburg

eat&STYLE 2017 in Düsseldorf

13.10. till 15.10.2017 in Düsseldorf

Babywelt München

The fair around your child
13.10. till 15.10.2017 in München


Erotic Fair
12.10. till 15.10.2017 in Berlin


career fair for women
12.10. till 13.10.2017 in München

Frankfurter Buchmesse

International Book Fair
11.10. till 15.10.2017 in Frankfurt



11.10. till 13.10.2017 in Hannover

Neocom 2017 in Düsseldorf

Connceting Commerce
11.10. till 12.10.2017 in Düsseldorf


International trade fair for Airport-Equipment, Technology, Design and Services
10.10. till 13.10.2017 in München


The IT Security Expo and Congress
10.10. till 12.10.2017 in Nürnberg

BCB Bar Convent Berlin 2017 in Berlin

International bar and beverage trade show
10.10. till 11.10.2017 in Berlin



International trade fair for automation in production and assembly
09.10. till 12.10.2017 in Stuttgart

Hera – Die Hochzeitsmesse 2017 in Köln

Wedding fair
08.10.2017 in Köln

VeggieWorld München

Audience and Trade fair for products and services concerning vegan lifestyle
08.10. till 28.04.2017 in München


The world´s leading food fair for the retail trade and the food service and catering market
07.10. till 11.10.2017 in Köln

Häuserwelten – Wohneigentum – Energie

The largest real estate exhibition in Berlin and Brandenburg
07.10. till 08.10.2017 in Berlin

RoBau 2017

Building Fair Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
06.10. till 08.10.2017 in Rostock

MM Sportmesse 2017 in München

Sport Fair
06.10. till 07.10.2017 in München


Motorworld Classic

05.10. till 08.10.2017 in Berlin


The trade fair for paper, office supplies and stationery
05.10. till 08.10.2017 in Nürnberg



05.10. till 07.10.2017 in Dresden

Expo Real

International Trade Fair for Property and Investment
04.10. till 06.10.2017 in München


Exhibition for life in old age, body and health
30.09. till 04.10.2017 in Dortmund


Exhibition for model building, model railways, creative arts and play
29.09. till 01.10.2017 in Leipzig

DIE INITIALE 2017 in Dortmund

Founder and selfe-employment fair
29.09.2017 in Dortmund

DOG Kongress 2017 in Berlin

Congress of the german ophthalmologist association
28.09. till 01.10.2017 in Berlin

DGG - 33. Jahrestagung der Dt. Ges. für Gefäßchirurgie 2017 in Frankfurt

Annual conference of the german society of vascular surgery
27.09. till 30.09.2017 in Frankfurt


Fair for architects, interior decorator, engineer offices and planner
27.09. till 28.09.2017 in München


Leading fair for mechanical process engineering, analytics and handling of powder and bulk material
26.09. till 28.09.2017 in Nürnberg


Global Hub of the Geospatial Community
26.09. till 28.09.2017 in Berlin

Euro Attractions Show

Fair and conference for amusement parks, attractions and the leisure-time industry
26.09. till 28.09.2017 in Berlin

DSAG Jahreskongress 2017 in Bremen

Congress for german speaking SAP user group
26.09. till 28.09.2017 in Bremen


The world trading fair for joining, separating and coating
25.09. till 29.09.2017 in Düsseldorf


The world trading fair for joining, separating and coating
25.09. till 29.09.2017 in Düsseldorf


oils + fats

24.09. till 26.09.2017 in München

Bits & Pretzels

The founders festivial
24.09. till 26.09.2017 in München


The international water sports exhibition
23.09. till 01.10.2017 in Friedrichshafen


Trade fair for the bakery and confectionery trades
23.09. till 26.09.2017 in Stuttgart


The Fair for study and high school education
23.09. till 24.09.2017 in Hamburg


International trade fair for tobacco products and smoking accessories
22.09. till 24.09.2017 in Dortmund


Trade fair for dental surgeries and dental laboratories
22.09. till 23.09.2017 in Leipzig



21.09. till 24.09.2017 in Friedrichshafen

GPR Jahrestagung

53rd Annual Meeting of the Association of the Pediatric Radiology
21.09. till 23.09.2017 in Köln

BERLIN VITAL Herbst 2017 in Berlin

The trade fair for sport and health
21.09. till 23.09.2017 in Berlin

Reeperbahnfestival 2017 in Hamburg

Music festival
20.09. till 23.09.2017 in Hamburg

DGKJ-Kongress 2017 in Köln

Conference of the association for pediatrics
20.09. till 23.09.2017 in Köln


The International Fair for Promotional Products and Import Products
20.09. till 22.09.2017 in Köln


15th Trade Fair for Building Systems, Electrical Engineering, Light Air Conditioning and Automation
20.09. till 22.09.2017 in Leipzig


DGU Kongress

20.09. till 22.09.2017 in Dresden

Jobmesse Nürnberg

Exhibition about job hunting, career, education and business start-up
20.09.2017 in Nürnberg

CMS- Cleaning.Management.Services

International fair for cleaning system, facility management and services
19.09. till 22.09.2017 in Berlin

Zukunft Personal

Europe's largest HR exhibiton
19.09. till 21.09.2017 in Köln

COMPOSITES EUROPE 2017 in Stuttgart

European trade fair and forum for composites, technology and applications
19.09. till 21.09.2017 in Stuttgart


Fair for educational buildings
19.09. till 20.09.2017 in Köln

EMO 2017

The leading metalworking world fair
18.09. till 23.09.2017 in Hannover

Jobmesse Leipzig

Exhibition about job hunting, career, education and business start-up
16.09.2017 in Leipzig


Trade fair for crafting and handicrafts
15.09. till 17.09.2017 in Bremen

Hessischer Mobilitätskongress 2017

Congress about the topic mobility
15.09.2017 in Frankfurt


World leading mobility fair
14.09. till 24.09.2017 in Frankfurt

New Mobility World

The world´s most important mobility fair
14.09. till 17.09.2017 in Frankfurt

Kind + Jugend

The international leading fair for baby and child equipment
14.09. till 17.09.2017 in Köln


PRO Fachhandel

14.09. till 15.09.2017 in München


International trade fair for pharmacy
13.09. till 16.09.2017 in Düsseldorf


Trade Fair for digital marketing
13.09. till 14.09.2017 in Köln

Hauptstadtmesse 2017 in Berlin

The trade fair for insurance and finance
12.09.2017 in Berlin


The world trading fair für beverages and liquid food technology
11.09. till 15.09.2017 in München

MTC Fashion Prompt 2017 in München

Fashion information und order platform
10.09. till 11.09.2017 in München

CHEFS CULINAR 2017 in Düsseldorf

Fair for gastronomy, hotel business and communal feeding
10.09. till 11.09.2017 in Düsseldorf


The shopping and experience exhibition
09.09. till 17.09.2017 in Bremen

Veggie World 2017 in Düsseldorf

09.09. till 10.09.2017 in Düsseldorf

Streetlife Festival 2017 in München

Streetlife Festival
09.09. till 10.09.2017 in München

Hausbau – Wohneigentum – Energie

The exhibition for house and energy
09.09. till 10.09.2017 in Berlin


08.09. till 10.09.2017 in Stuttgart


Exhibition for workshop equipment, diagnosis technology, tools, car and utility vehicle components
08.09. till 10.09.2017 in Stuttgart

Hamburg Cruise Days

Europes biggest public event of the cruise industry
08.09. till 10.09.2017 in Hamburg


45th congress for the german society for rheumatology
06.09. till 09.09.2017 in Stuttgart

Seatrade Europe

Cruise and Rivercruise Convention
06.09. till 08.09.2017 in Hamburg

Jobmesse Rostock

Exhibition about job hunting, career, education and business start-up
06.09.2017 in Rostock

Jobmesse Dresden

Exhibition about job hunting, career, education and business start-up
06.09.2017 in Dresden

Munich Fabric Start 2017 in München

International fabric trade fair
05.09. till 07.09.2017 in München

spoga horse

International trade fair for equestrian sport
03.09. till 05.09.2017 in Köln


The garden trade fair
03.09. till 05.09.2017 in Köln

CHEFS CULINAR 2017 in Leipzig

Trade fair for gastronomy, hotel industry and communal feeding
03.09. till 04.09.2017 in Leipzig

MIDORA Leipzig

Fair for jewellery and watches
02.09. till 04.09.2017 in Leipzig

Tag des Gartens

Garden Fair
02.09. till 03.09.2017 in Köln

HORIZON Mitteldeutschland

The Fair for study and high school education
02.09. till 03.09.2017 in Leipzig



Trade fair for care and decorative cosmetics
02.09. till 03.09.2017 in Hannover


Leading Exhibition for Consumer Electronics und Home Appliances
01.09. till 06.09.2017 in Berlin

WM Werkstattmesse 2017 in Dortmund

Workshop fair
01.09. till 03.09.2017 in Dortmund


World biggest hiking fair
01.09. till 03.09.2017 in Düsseldorf

Bread and Butter 2017 in Berlin

International trading fair for urban clothing
01.09. till 03.09.2017 in Berlin

WHISKYHERBST 2017 in Berlin

Whisky trade fair
01.09. till 02.09.2017 in Berlin



The leading global Trade Show for the bike business
30.08. till 02.09.2017 in Friedrichshafen

Gallery Shoes 2017

The new order platform for shoes, bags and accessoires
27.08. till 29.08.2017 in Düsseldorf

Caravan Salon

Exhibition for caravans
25.08. till 03.09.2017 in Düsseldorf

Veganes Sommerfest Berlin 2017 in Berlin

Vegan summer festival
25.08. till 27.08.2017 in Berlin

Maker Faire

Festival for creative minds
25.08. till 27.08.2017 in Hannover

Gourmet Festival 2017 in Düsseldorf

Festival of consumption
25.08. till 27.08.2017 in Düsseldorf


25.08.2017 in Düsseldorf


World's largest event for computer and video games
23.08. till 26.08.2017 in Köln

Festival der Religionen

1st Berlin Interfaith Music Festival
15.07. till 16.07.2017 in Berlin


The leading trade fair for youth culture
07.07. till 09.07.2017 in Berlin

nordjob Rostock

Education Fair
05.07. till 06.07.2017 in Rostock

Berlin Fashion Week

Fashion Fair
04.07. till 07.07.2017 in Berlin


The marketplace for fashion and lifestyle
04.07. till 06.07.2017 in Berlin


Show & Ordner

04.07. till 05.07.2017 in Berlin

GfK-Tagung 2017

conference about marketing and market research
29.06.2017 in Nürnberg

CEB - Clean Energy Building

Fair for clean energy
28.06. till 29.06.2017 in Karlsruhe

Power Gen Europe

Exhibition and conference for electricity generation
27.06. till 29.06.2017 in Köln

Matlab Expo 2017 Deutschland

The fair for applications, solutions and networking for MATLAB and Simulink
27.06.2017 in München

LASER World of Photonics

The leading world fair and congress for components, systems and applications of optical technologies
26.06. till 29.06.2017 in München


The International Consumer Goods Trade Fair
24.06. till 26.06.2017 in Frankfurt

Cosmetica Frankfurt

Cosmetic Trade Fair
24.06. till 25.06.2017 in Frankfurt

JuBi Stuttgart

Youth Education Fair For Stay Abroad
24.06.2017 in Stuttgart

Hamburg Harley Days

23.06. till 25.06.2017 in Hamburg

NOUV Jahrestagung der Norddeutschen Orthopäden- und Unfallchirurgenvereinigung e. V.

Annual meeeting of the northern germany orthopedist and trauma surgery association
22.06. till 24.06.2017 in Dortmund

NOAH Conference

Plattform for digital challengers and industry leaders
22.06. till 23.06.2017 in Berlin

Online-Karrieretag München

The job fair of the online branch
22.06.2017 in München


Fair for cross-media marketing
21.06. till 22.06.2017 in Nürnberg


International Trade Fair for Coil Winding, Insulation and Electrical Manufacturing
20.06. till 22.06.2017 in Berlin

Automotive Testing Expo Europe

The Event for Quality, Safety and Reliability of Automotives
20.06. till 22.06.2017 in Stuttgart


The european outdoor trading fair
18.06. till 21.06.2017 in Friedrichshafen

Classic Days Berlin

17.06. till 18.06.2017 in Berlin

Jahrestagung der DEGRO

23rd Annual Meeting of the German Association of Radiooncology
15.06. till 18.06.2017 in Berlin

Vocatium Berlin

Trade Fair for Training and Studies
14.06. till 15.06.2017 in Berlin


Affiliate Conference
14.06. till 15.06.2017 in Berlin

19th International Conference on Bacilli & Gram-Positive Bacteria

Conference on Bacilli and Gram-Positive Bacteria
11.06. till 15.06.2017 in Berlin


Germany biggest youth-event for science and technology
10.06. till 18.10.2017 in Hannover

The Spirit of Lifeplus 2017

Event about dietary supplements
10.06.2017 in Stuttgart


Trading fair for vehicle and motor bike workshop
09.06. till 11.06.2017 in Hamburg

Formula E

Racing series for racing karts with electric motor
09.06. till 11.06.2017 in Berlin


Fair for graden, living, lifestyle & consumption
09.06. till 11.06.2017 in Rostock


International Rehab, Travel and Mobility Fair for Everybody
08.06. till 10.06.2017 in Hamburg

Internationales Deutsches Turnfest

Big event for gymnastics
02.06. till 10.06.2017 in Berlin

Intersolar Europe 2017

World leading exhibition for the solar industry and its partners
31.05. till 02.06.2017 in München

vocatium Frankfurt

Trade Fair for Training and Studies
31.05. till 01.06.2017 in Frankfurt

moulding-expo 2017

International Trade Fair for Tool, Pattern and Mould Making
30.05. till 02.06.2017 in Stuttgart

International Transport Forum

Green and Inclusive Transport
30.05. till 02.06.2017 in Leipzig


The Measurement Fair
30.05. till 01.06.2017 in Nürnberg

Anga Com

Exhibition and Congress for Broadband, Cable & Satellite
30.05. till 01.06.2017 in Köln

Deutsche Immobilienmesse

Leading fair of the middle-class real estate economy
30.05. till 31.05.2017 in Dortmund


Exhibition for the digital sector
29.05. till 02.06.2017 in Berlin


International Fashion Fair Düsseldorf
27.05. till 30.05.2017 in Düsseldorf

RPC Germany

Role Play Convention
27.05. till 28.05.2017 in Köln

Comic Con Germany 2017

The first Comic Con in Germany
27.05. till 28.05.2017 in München


Bavaria´s biggest producers fair for contemporary
26.05. till 28.05.2017 in München


The fair for funeral needs and cemetries technology
25.05. till 27.05.2017 in Dresden

Deutscher Evangelischer Kirchentag

German-evangelich church congress
24.05. till 28.05.2017 in Berlin

Diabetes Kongress 2017

52. Diabetes Congress of the German Diabetes Association
24.05. till 27.05.2017 in Hamburg

Deutscher Röntgenkongress

98th german radiological congress
24.05. till 27.05.2017 in Leipzig


Career fair of the TUM München
24.05.2017 in München

akademika Nürnberg

The biggest national job fair
23.05. till 24.05.2017 in Nürnberg

LIGNA 2017

The world's leading trade fair for machinery, plant and tools for the woodworking and timber processing industry
22.05. till 26.05.2017 in Hannover


Die 66

21.05.2017 in München


Residential property trade fair for buyers and sellers
20.05. till 21.05.2017 in Frankfurt

Cosmetica Stuttgart

Cosmetic Trade Fair
20.05. till 21.05.2017 in Stuttgart

Klassikwelt Bodensee

Fair for old- and young-timer
19.05. till 21.05.2017 in Friedrichshafen

Babywelt Frankfurt

The fair around your child
19.05. till 21.05.2017 in Frankfurt


Trade fair for entertainment electronics
18.05. till 21.05.2017 in München

vocatium Bremen

Trade Fair for Education and Studies Bremen
18.05. till 19.05.2017 in Bremen

Online-Karrieretag Köln

The job fair of the online branch
18.05.2017 in Köln


The international fair for suppliers of the furniture industry and of the interior design industry
16.05. till 19.05.2017 in Köln

SMT Hybrid Packaging

Fair trade for system integration in micro electronics
16.05. till 18.05.2017 in Nürnberg

PCIM Europe

Internation exhibition for Power Electronics, Intelligent Motion, Renewable Energy and Energy Managemen
16.05. till 18.05.2017 in Nürnberg


Industry fair for laboratory equipment
16.05. till 18.05.2017 in Hannover

IMEX 2017

The international Trade Fair for meetings, incentives, conferences and events
16.05. till 18.05.2017 in Frankfurt


The international fair for biotechnology and Life Sciences
16.05. till 18.05.2017 in Hannover


The internship and graduate fair of the financial service industry
15.05.2017 in Leipzig


Germany´s frst beauty convention
13.05.2017 in Düsseldorf

e-Commerce Day

Trade fair for the online trade
12.05.2017 in Köln


International Congress of German Ophthalmic Surgery
11.05. till 13.05.2017 in Nürnberg

Schüttgut 2017

The fair for granulate-, powder- and bulk material technology
10.05. till 11.05.2017 in Dortmund

transport logistic

International trade fair for logistic, mobility, it and supply chain management
09.05. till 12.05.2017 in München


The international fair for the clothing and textil manufacturing industry
09.05. till 12.05.2017 in Frankfurt


The Leading International Trade Fair for Technical Textiles and Nonwovens
09.05. till 12.05.2017 in Frankfurt


The Leading International Trade Fair for Technical Textiles and Nonwovens
09.05. till 12.05.2017 in Frankfurt


International trade fair for quality assurance
09.05. till 12.05.2017 in Stuttgart

vocatium Dresden

Trade Fair for Training and Studies
09.05. till 10.05.2017 in Dresden

Personal Süd

Trade fair for human resource management
09.05. till 10.05.2017 in Stuttgart


Congress for financial information
09.05.2017 in München



08.05. till 13.05.2017 in Hamburg

European Sign Expo

Screen, Digital and Textil Exhibition
08.05. till 12.05.2017 in Hamburg

OTWorld Leipzig

International trade fair for orthopaedics
08.05. till 11.05.2017 in Leipzig


Conference on Internet and Society
08.05. till 10.05.2017 in Berlin

Hafengeburtstag Hamburg

The world´s biggest harbour festival
05.05. till 07.05.2017 in Hamburg


Processes and Packaging Leading Trade Fair
04.05. till 10.05.2017 in Düsseldorf

components 2017

Platform for components and automation solutions
04.05. till 10.05.2017 in Düsseldorf


Agriculture Exhibition in Central Germany
04.05. till 07.05.2017 in Leipzig

Deutscher Anästhesie Kongress

German Society for Anesthesia and Intensive Medicine
03.05. till 05.05.2017 in Nürnberg


The World's Leading Fair for Metal Packaging
02.05. till 06.05.2017 in Essen


Boat Fair
29.04. till 30.04.2017 in Hamburg


International exhibition for car tuning, lifestyle and club-scene
28.04. till 01.05.2017 in Friedrichshafen


Shisha Messe

28.04. till 30.04.2017 in Frankfurt

Eu'Vend & coffeena

International trading fair for the vending economy
27.04. till 29.04.2017 in Köln

Deutscher Bautechniktag

Exhibition about building technology
27.04. till 28.04.2017 in Stuttgart