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Hostess pictures: Good images for your sedcard

For hostess, promotion and model jobs, you use your sedcard/profile to present yourself to companies. Besides your previous experience and qualifications (e.g. language skills, education, etc. ), good photos are the most important decision criterion for the client.

Please mind the following instructions, so you maximize your chances of getting booked by clients. Aim for photos which show you in different poses and (work-)surroundings, to prevent the client from having an one-sided impression of you.

Profile picture

A profile picture should only depict the head and shoulder tips, omitting the décolleté. The face (incl. hairline) fills approximately half to two thirds of the photo’s height. A smile or friendly expression is absolutely recommended. Here, you can see an exemplary profile picture, as well as some good examples at a 2:3 ratio.

Template Profile Image
Example Profile Image 1.
Example Profile Image 2.
Example Profile Image 3.

Medium shot

Depicting the eyes’ natural focus point, a medium shot shows the person from waist to head. The head should fill up 20 to 25% of the photo’s height. Here is a paragon and some good examples of medium shots at a 4:5 ratio.

Template American Portrait
Example American Portrait 1
Example American Portrait 2
Example American Portrait 3

Full length portrait

A full body shot shows, obviously enough, the full body (from head to toe). The person should display a natural, yet solid stance. You will remember your mother’s instructions on this. Here is an exemplary full body shot, as well as good examples of full length shots at a 2:3 ratio.

Template Fullbody Image
Example Fullbody Image 1
Example Fullbody Image 2
Example Fullbody Image 3

Additional photos and sedcard pictures

In addition to the above mentioned, standardized formats, we recommend you to upload more pictures. It is best to use natural, good snapshots in work or free time environments and, if possible, one or more pictures from professional shootings. Here you see a few exemplary pictures which help in the individualization of your profile.

Example Extra Image 1
Example Extra Image 2
Example Extra Image 3
Example Extra Image 4

Checklist for good pictures

If possible, the profile picture should be taken by a professional photographer. For the remaining ones, professional shootings are not necessary – actually natural photos are even better. Please note the following guidelines:

  • Natural photos: If, then only slightly edited pictures, so the client gets a natural impression
  • Copyright: You need written permission by the photograph to use the pictures.
  • Tight clothes: The full body picture should show you wearing rather tight clothes.
  • Aktualität: If you radically change your haircut, haircolor, or body size, you will need new pictures.
  • Show your glasses: If you wear glasses or face piercings, they should be noticable.
  • No extra accessories: Please do not wear sun glasses, as they usually disguise the face.
  • No selfies: Selfies or pictures that show your arm or you in the mirror evoke an unprofessional impression.
  • Only 1 person: No party or group pictures, you alone should be depicted.
  • At work: Pictures that show you in work clothes or at work are especially good.
  • Lighting & background: Neutral background and good light are the basis of a photo on which you are well recognizable.
  • High resolution: Photos must be at least 300x450 px, 1.000 px would be even better.
  • Beware of showing too much: Limit yourself to max. 1 picture in Bikini or underwear.

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