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Alina-625454 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Alina   (26 years)

I worked as a promoter for different companies, e.g. Deutsche Bahn, Initialwerk GmbH and, where I was a group leader as well. I was part of the catering crew at the "schlossgrabenfest" fes...

Victoria-571316 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Victoria   (24 years)

-worked for several Hostess- and promoter agencies at tradefairs like Prowein Düsseldorf , Intertabac Dortmund, Interbride Düsseldorf, Boot Düsseldorf, Fibo Cologne, Gamescom Cologne, Valve World Düs...

Pia-958892 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Pia   (23 years)

Student, located in Dortmund, with more than 5-years job experience from catering, helping-hand at any kind of events, waitress and costumer service in general. I'd describe few of my strongest chara...

Rebecca-267152 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Rebecca   (24 years)

more than 100 jobs via InStaff, more than 60 jobs via self employement years of experience as a promoter for example for Visa, MasterCard, Adidas, and many more hostess at chillventa, BAU, electronic...

Samira-384514 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Samira   (23 years)

With 16 years , I already worked at trade fair Frankfurt for a catering service (preparing food, buffet, serving guests in the VIP area). I spent half a year in a small restaurant as a waitress and I...

Daniela-984876 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Daniela   (21 years)

*More than 85 successful Jobs done trough Instaff* Twice a week I worked as a bar waitress or as a normal waitress in a traditional bavarian restaurant. In addition to multiple jobs as a babysitter I...

Annika-624572 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Annika   (25 years)

Diverse promotion jobs (for example Coca-Cola Swiss, O2 and Costa). Also 10 years experience in catering and service (Weddings, Birthdays, company celebrations and fairs). Working as fair hostess for...

Julika-1101650 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Julika   (20 years)

I lived in the US (1year) and travelled a lot, I also worked as a hostess and promoter as example for Sony, Erdinger and the federal ministry of transport and digital infrastructure. Besides that I’v...

Valeriia-903242 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Valeriia   (24 years)

* Over 80 jobs at InStaff. In 6th semester of my Management & History bachelor degree program at FU Berlin *10 Months experience of personal assistant work * experience at Berlin Fashion Week (Maybel...

Viktor-675854 Assistant Cook Sedcard

Viktor   (21 years)

● 3 years experience as a waiter at events and in a restaurant ● skills as a bartender ● 6 month experience as a pizza baker for Dominos Pizza ● Commitment as a event supporter for events like Tough...

Janina-1527502 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Janina   (21 years)

I worked as a hostess for the Velvet agency. Since 7 years I work as a waitress and barkeeper. I have a lot of fun by working with people.

Bernice-580640 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Bernice   (25 years)

1 year Primark (Sales) 1 year Claire's ( cash register, customer service) I have experience in sales and Service and i am really good at handling customers. As temporary help at Primark and Claire's ...

Dirk-1127284 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Dirk   (35 years)

As I've finished my studies at the University of Wuerzburg, I decided to start my PhD there. Currently living in Regensburg. I have had several side jobs during the past few years. Cosmopolitan, depe...

Christin-1153800 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Christin   (24 years)

- currently in 7th semester of my history of arts & English and American studies - worked 2 seasons in an ice cream palour - worked one year as a deliverer and promoter for foodora - one year working...

Carolin-716132 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Carolin   (27 years)

Law student at FU Berlin, currently preparing for the German Bar exam - 6 months experience as a retail assistant - experience as a hostess at trade fairs (in Germany "ITB" "INTERGEO" "Veggie World"...

Sarah-722572 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Sarah   (31 years)

- 66 successfully performed jobs with Instaff. Also often performed as the Service- or Eventmanager (Coordination, planning, briefing, supervising the coworkers) - worked at several faires around Ger...

Shpresim-1566478 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Shpresim   (24 years)

Student at TU Dortmund: Sales engeneering and product management Experience in retail at H&M & Baltz Experience as a salesman at Edeka Professional internships in commercial and technical fields

Vera-681594 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Vera   (26 years)

- Bachelor in geography and social science - Starting my Masters in urban and cultural studies - Experienced a lot of different Jobs (waitress, barkeeper, promoter): - 2010-2012 Waitress Tschirmer Ca...

Chris-674636 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Chris   (21 years)

Voluntary year of social service in care for the elderly, multiple promotion- and cateringjobs, periods of practical training in old people's home and elementary school, tremendous grasp of think, hi...

Michaela-476074 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Michaela   (24 years)

Experience at fairs in sales, nine years working in service, the kitchen and behind the bar ( at various big events, weddings, festivals and different locations such as restaurants, leisure places, h...

Svenja-508148 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Svenja   (23 years)

My strengths are teamwork, organizational skills and communication skills. Besides job in the catering as a waitress. Experience in sales. Three years customer service experience in the gym. At the...

Viet-1778396 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Viet   (26 years)

- Completed Business Administration Bachelor Degree - currently studying Digital Management Master Degree (3rd semester) - experiences in: Gastronomy (waiter activities, wash ups) Trade construction ...

Stefanie-1514258 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Stefanie   (43 years)

I have been with Instaff since May 2018 and have worked as a service force at events and events, private parties and fairs, for star and circle. Other activities as event helpers, inventory helpers, ...

Michael-544940 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Michael   (26 years)

another native language: Spanish - worked for several trade fairs: Bauma, Analytica, Ifat and 4xTrendset, OPTI, Transport in Munich; Nordstil in Hamburg in Catering & Service and retail - 1 1/2 years...

Nosayaba-322368 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Nosayaba   (23 years)

Worked in a fastfoodrestaurant for 2 years - gave extra classes in English and German - worked for UNHCR in Frankfurt - worked as a promoter and also as a teamleader for - many promotion j...

Jana-1202912 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Jana   (39 years)

- since Okt 2017 with Instaff - 2015-2017 I worked part time for a catering company doing all kinds of service jobs, cloakroom - 2009-2014 I've worked fulltime for 2 service agency's PLUSS and GVO i...

Georgina-1422712 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Georgina   (25 years)

- Part-time job as a service employee - Receptionist - incoming inspection - Cashier - Bar assistant

Corinna-856090 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Corinna   (28 years)

- temporary help in a big eventlocation (40000 square metres for up to 2000 guests) near Frankfurt (e.g. cloakroom, service, guest care, waiter, decoration, sport stations) - temporary help in a fash...

Paulette-1913524 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Paulette   (26 years)

Dear Sirs and Madames, As a student of Business Informatics at HTW-Berlin, I have been working for InStaff for several clients for more than a year. During this time I was busy in different areas. Am...

Natalija-889256 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Natalija   (36 years)

The trade-fair experience as hostess, stand services (IAA Frankfurt,Boot Messe Düsseldorf,ProWein,GDS,FiBo, Caravan Salon Düsseldorf,E-world energy & water etc.) Promotion for Brother. Catering and...

Larissa-35984 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Larissa   (23 years)

- October ´14 to December ´16 waitress in a Munich restaurant - Hostess: Electronica, Beautyforum, Trendset - Promotion: HUK Coburg, Foodora - VIP Hostess: BMW International Open 2015

Franca-828944 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Franca   (22 years)

As a student assistant I am working at HHL Leipzig at the research institute CLIC. I was active at several trade fairs, in retail at the cash desk and in sales, for several passenger counts. In an ic...

Alexander-610194 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Alexander   (25 years)

Student of socialscience/ urban development. I have experience as Assistent in a resturant(Hotel-Resturant-Münnich). I worked as a filmer& videoeditor at the German Polesport-Championchip- engagement...

Yanick-1417994 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Yanick   (21 years)

I have been working for glaskar: a company responsible for the cleaning of entire Buildings.I have also worked in a call center (Krämer market research). In addition, I have also worked more than onc...

Vanessa-1103372 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Vanessa   (27 years)

Hello, my name is Vanessa Schlenz and I'm studying Economics at the TU-Berlin. I've been working in gastronomy for 2 years like restaurants, bars or on conventions. Furthermore I've already gained so...

Orhan-1371906 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Orhan   (28 years)

-Student of Biotechnology in the higher Semester -Experiences as waiter and swamper in Restaurants/Cafe -Worked several times at the Buffet of the VIP-Lounge in the Commerzbank-Arena (Aramark) -Worke...

Faruk-1192048 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Faruk   (24 years)

*More than 60! successful completed Jobs via instaff* and even more with other agencies. -Experienced, confident, hardworking, efficient and always friendly. - This is how previous customers describe...

Anika-644060 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Anika   (34 years)

Education in retailbusiness.Temporary jobs in gastronomy. Temporary jobs for data input. Bachelor degree in Economics. Foreign experience during Erasmus semester in Riga. Two semesters for studys in ...

Kimia-499020 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Kimia   (24 years)

Native German and Farsi-speaking law student with business fluent knowledge of English and French. Long-time experience in the service sector, especially in high-end gastronomy as I have been part of...

Johanna-1121012 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Johanna   (22 years)

Several promotion and exhibition hostess jobs (for instance Kind und Jugend, Anuga FoodTec, EuroCIS, Dach + Holz, AAD Kongress, Gamescom) - 3 years service/catering experience - full time shop assist...

Bianca-527104 Assistant Cook Sedcard

Bianca   (30 years)

I've worked as a hostess for All Stars Fitness Products GmbH at the FIBO in Cologne. I was responsible for the clothing stand at the fair for three years in a row (from 2013 to 2015). My tasks were t...

Chiara-282370 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Chiara   (23 years)

My experiences are based on acting (since 2012 until today with Constantin Entertainment Film & Filmpool), modeling as well (EinzigBikes, Le Grand, Shushi etc.) and of course to work as a Hostess at ...

Viacheslav-1882780 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Viacheslav   (23 years)

• I already worked at various major fairs, such as IFA, Innotrans, Panorama and gained experience. • Manager in the election campaign for the city election of deputies in Chelyabinsk, Russia. Formula...

Denise-1078074 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Denise   (34 years)

*since 2005 several Hostess and Service Jobs at fairs like "DKM", "Spiel" or "Gamescom" as well as New Year's Eve events, concerts, weddings and fashionshows *Agencies I worked for are: "Kellner for ...

Javin-652600 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Javin   (25 years)

studying law, worked as a waitress fort many years, also helped out on social events as a waitress

Annadora-582138 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Annadora   (21 years)

My Name is Anna and i am studying Management and Controlling in Hamburg. Exerienced hostess with more than 45 jobs with Instaff already. -Skilled in service due to working in the backery "Junge Die B...

Caroline-2035590 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Caroline   (24 years)

I have experience in various hostess jobs e.g. for Berlin Promotion Agency at BTS Konzert, W&R Media KG at real estate conference, as event hostess for Inpolis UCE at conferences, bplusd Events GmbH ...

Puntsagdulam-985870 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Puntsagdulam   (21 years)

Nickname: Miranda - I am engaged, diligent, i learn quickly, open, creative, always happy work experiences: - I’m studying engineering with main focus on renewable energy - worked 1 year for Allianz ...

Sophia-951010 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Sophia   (26 years)

several exhibition jobs, f.e. Expo REAL & Suedback, Catering for luxury hotel 'Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski', one year waiter service, graduated economics bachelor degree, open-minded, confident, poli...

Ines-843504 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Ines   (25 years)

- Currently in the 3rd semester of my mechanical engineering studies in plastics engineering, - Experience as a Waitress for private parties or fairs, - Experience as a hostess in fairs, - experience...

Tillmann-649660 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Tillmann   (24 years)

currently study of the cultural geography with business administration in minor, Several promotions (eg guerrilla actions, POS promotions, flyers, mailbox throwouts, etc.) - my current employers incl...

Berta-28480 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Berta   (25 years)

Work Experience: Hostess on e.g Interlift, Bauma, Intersana, GrindTech; Guide at the BASF Visitor Center and production site in Ludwigshafen since 2016 (Tours in german, english, spanish, portuguese ...

Emilie-527986 Assistant Cook Sedcard

Emilie   (22 years)

April to october, 2017: kitchen help and service force at the vegan cafe "Katzentempel" in Nuremberg • hostess on the Fensterbau Messe in Nuremberg and on the Food Messe in Amberg • catering/waitress...

Hannah-1093950 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Hannah   (22 years)

Already completed more than 30 jobs successfully via InStaff including service, hostess, promotion and Barkeeper. Experience as barista at Balzac Coffee, waitress and kitchen hand in several restaura...

Tamina-1417322 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Tamina   (20 years)

worked for several hostess agencies at fairs e.g. Light & Building / Achema / IFA / Automechanika... - supported companies like Engelbert Strauss and Media Markt in selling and servicing their produc...

Alina-55738 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Alina   (29 years)

-openminded, talkative, looking for tasks myself, aware of the importance of a flawless appearance at the show - experienced in running a shop on my own - studying applied linguistics - studied and l...

Nathalie-1386452 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Nathalie   (24 years)

Over 59 Jobs with Instaff! Currently studying Life Coaching (Bachelor of Science) at the German University for Health and Sports. In my free time I like to go to the gym and do Yoga and running on a ...

Leonie-616284 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Leonie   (22 years)

I am studying business psychology and have a lot of experience dealing with new situations and people because of many stays abroad in different countries and language courses and stays in Boston and ...

Nathalie-1998028 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Nathalie   (23 years)

- Hostess at various trade fairs in Munich, e.g. at TrendSet, BAU, BAUMA, Opti - construction assistant at various trade fairs - experience in the catering industry (table setting, champagne receptio...

Kim-87896 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Kim   (27 years)

- experience in sales & service/catering - several promotion & hostess jobs - bachelor's degree in luxembourg, eight months of school in australia

Carl-1214448 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Carl   (22 years)

- currently in my First Semester of Business Administration - worked several years as a waitor - worked in a hospital in a catering company - experience as a barkeeper - worked for the Arbei...

Julieth-1055590 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Julieth   (35 years)

over 50 Jobs with InStaff - Experiences as Hostess, Promotion, Catering; academic studies in Tourismmanagement - experiences as VIP Hostess in SAP Arena Mannheim - experiences at the customer informa...

Paula-728452 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Paula   (22 years)

I study sport-, event-, and media management. I have experience working as a VIP Hostess (ex. Hertha BSC, Movie Premiers). I worked at the reception area of a gym where I made phone calls with client...

Miriam-667650 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Miriam   (24 years)

done 2months Promotion for Morgengold- 2 Years experience in working in admission control and wardrobe at the Messe Freiburg FWTM- and furthermore selling tickets and worked three months as a waitres...

Felicia-360224 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Felicia   (24 years)

I worked for several years in the textile industry (Vero Moda and Benetton) as a sales and service force. Subsequently I worked for one year in the gastronomy.

Sandra-1837224 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Sandra   (32 years)

- Fashion student at 6st semester- since 2004 event helper/ hostess for sporting events, company & family events, Berlin fashionweek (greenshowroom; Berliner Salon) - high experience in promotion e.g...

Jessica-217522 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Jessica   (25 years)

! 60 successful Instaff jobs done ! Many times I've been a team leader/supervisor for promotion (planning, briefing, and supervision of the team members), e.g. for Further promotion for R...

Hatica-1578028 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Hatica   (21 years)

Catering for Stiftl at the Deutsches Theater and at several events and expositions for 2 years (wardrobe, bar and typical tasks of a waitress) // Worked as a waitress and barkeeper at the Burger Hous...

Kaixin-1131582 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Kaixin   (20 years)

During the more than 50 successful jobs I have had through Instaff, I was able to support companies as a hostess at several trade fairs, for example at BAUMA Munich, Interlift Augsburg, CphI Frankfur...

Leonie-1088630 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Leonie   (24 years)

By now I successfully completed over 50 jobs as a hostess and as a promoter (e.g. KaDeWe, Ritz Carlton, Westin Grand, Borchardt, IFA, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week). I also worked a lot behind the bar a...

Bujana-1018756 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Bujana   (21 years)

-since September'16 I'm helping out on Events via the company Wilms Personal GmbH -the company I'm working at offers different jobs at various events -I already collected experience in supervision of...

Annika-916024 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Annika   (26 years)

-worked (5 years) for several restaurants -catering service at BMW Kohl, Aachen -made a practical Training in arts in a fashion store "Luft for Life", Aachen -occupation as dental technician -in 3th...

Mustafa-782114 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Mustafa   (31 years)

Several times worked as an event helper (construction, dismantling, for manual tasks). I own the necessary safety shoes and work clothes. In addition, I gained experience as a service force. Moreover...

Lena-503542 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Lena   (22 years)

Until now I have already worked as a Organisator at the Intersolar in Munich, as well as a Promoter. Now I'm studying Hotel and Tourism Management in Munich. Because of that I'm also making a apprent...

Elise-303860 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Elise   (23 years)

workef in a organic grocery store for one year - worked at a diner as a temporary personnel for one year - experienced at the wardrobe - sold food and drinks at festivals - work at multiple events as...

MayBritt-1150818 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

May   (26 years)

Fluent in German and English, experience via InStaff as hostess/ promoter (2017: Hypermotion; 2018: Heimtextil, ambiente, light&building, Prolight&Sound, IMEX, ACHEMA, automechanika, Franchise Expo; ...

Sabrina-1070304 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Sabrina   (22 years)

I already worked as a Hostess a few times ago e.g. in the Olympiastadion as a seating lady or for the inlet, or at an event where I looked after kids. Furthermore I worked as a sales woman at Swarovs...

Juliane-399606 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Juliane   (23 years)

During school time I worked on a local farmers market every weekend for 3 years, also I worked as a waitress in a bakery from time to time; started studying in Heidelberg to become a teacher; au pair...

Marlene-230668 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Marlene   (24 years)

*over 50 successful instaff jobs* Two years work experience in the gastronomy in full time; promotion experience in sales experience as a model - fotoshootings, catwalk experience, modelhostess; lots...

Judith-949386 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Judith   (21 years)

several years of experience as a waitress in different restaurants and hotels (Westin Frankfurt, Flusshaus Mintarder Wasserbahnhof, Brückencafe Essen Kettwig), therefore I do have the knowledge you n...

Bilel-2235510 Assistant Cook Sedcard

Bilel   (26 years)

Experience in the field of automotive engineering and engine care - 7 months for a restaurant, tinned, delivered and cooked (burger, sushi, ice cream, creps etc) - in the third semester of my second ...

Luana-1616514 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Luana   (22 years)

Studying social anthropology in Munich - worked several times as a hostesse for the company intercris (Opti 2018, general meeting of the MTU AeroEngines, Best Brand Collegue 2018 and more) - temporar...

Kseniia-1549538 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Kseniia   (20 years)

In my homeland I was working as a waiter every summer for different restaurants and cafes and as flyer distributer. During my study in Germany I worked 2 months in Catering&Service in Halle and then ...

Selina-1203416 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Selina   (22 years)

I worked in several restaurants as a waitress and coordinator-started early at the age of 16. Now I have completed my make up artist diploma and I am working at Douglas in Munich as a MUA as well as ...

Reni-1083044 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Reni   (23 years)

- Hostess experience: worked at international fairs, taking place at Berlin Messe; - Work experience as sales assistant; - Certificate of Proficiency in English from Cambridge University; - Organized...

Mahmoud-936422 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Mahmoud   (25 years)

I worked for several catering as waitperson in Frankfurt, Heidelberg, Mannheim and Berlin . I supported the fair during assembly and dismantling.I was very satisfied with the teamwork and ...

Rose-857266 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Rose   (22 years)

For the past year I've been working in two different restaurants as a waitress; I lived in England for 7 month, so my english is quite good; during my schoolyears I worked at several private events a...

Maya-594500 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Maya   (29 years)

- I worked as a student assistant for several Ph.D students at the University of Koblenz-Landau. I have experience in environmental analysis and field work experiments. - I am a Bachelor student (ear...

Lisa-594332 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Lisa   (24 years)

Promotion, Hostess and Catering experiences: Business Metropole Ruhr Innovation Day 2018 ▪ Boot 2017 ▪ Gamescom 2017 ▪ dmexco 2017 ▪ Huawei Rebels Event ▪ boehler welding ▪ Store Promotion Engelbert ...

Katja-496822 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Katja   (22 years)

Currently I am studying biophysics at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. I finished my A-level at the German-Russian European School in Berlin with a Grade Point Average of 0.5. I had 13 years of bili...

HongTrang-17014 Assistant Cook Sedcard

Hong   (28 years)

- working full-time for the public service with a lot of customer contact - lots of catering experience, because I worked 5 years a waitress - a little bit of model experience for the last 2 years - ...

Natalie-1658668 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Natalie   (23 years)

I am working at a Cinema since 4 years now where I sell snacks and tickets to our customers. Moreover, I have collected already a lot of experience in Catering, Hostess work and Promotions. Through I...

Josephine-224942 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Josephine   (24 years)

Fair: Hostess at the IAA, Formnext, IT Trans and Automechanica Chef-Hostess for and VIP-Hostess at the Commerzbank Arena for Zächel Model experience at Mint Model Agency in Karlsruhe Work ...

Viviana-2000478 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Viviana   (22 years)

worked for several hostess and promotion agencies at tradefairs like Innotrans, CMT and LogiMat. As a hostess for a great number of operations like Versace, Championsgala ..etc. also worked as VIP Ho...

Ajedran-1623570 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Ajedran   (23 years)

Currently student of economics at the University of Giessen. - Successfully completed jobs with Instaff as inventory assistant, logistics assistant, event assistant, interviewer, salesman and promote...

Helena-1448276 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Helena   (22 years)

I worked for several fairs in Frankfurt (Ambiente, light+Building, Book fair, prolight and Sound, automechanica) and have experience in gastronomy and service. At the moment I am studying dentistry i...

Lotta-712170 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Lotta   (20 years)

More than 55 jobs via InStaff! - waitress for various catering companies - promotionjobs - hostess at the Automatica, Electronica, Intersolar and transportlogistic fair and several bigger events - go...

Nestan-389554 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Nestan   (22 years)

6 months at ARTIS Veranstaltunspersonal - greet guest, hand out/sale program books, gardrobe Expierienced waitress - at agency "Löwe & Personal Service" worked many times as a barkeeper

Paula-423140 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Paula   (23 years)

worked for severl hostess, service and promoter agencies as well as at a christmasmarket (providing food and drinks) - worked as a fundraiser for "WWF"- assistance in fashion shops

Cyrille-2082504 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Cyrille   (23 years)

-Several vacation jobs (assistant) for Mercedez-Benz in production and assembly in Düsseldorf and Bremen. -Assistant at Amazon logistics GmbH (quality control and monitoring of delivery from 10/2017 ...

Valentina-1002418 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Valentina   (22 years)

Worked in several fairs as Hostess and Service. ( Interpack 2017, Anuga 2017, ISC High Performance 2017, Formnext 2017/2018, Achema 2017/2018, Zellcheming 2018, Intergeo 2018) More then 30 servicejob...

Simone-670926 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Simone   (20 years)

Experience as Hostess at expositions like CMT, Automotive Testing Expo Europe, Uniti Expo Europe, Logimat, R+T, Invest, Akzente and much more in Stuttgart and Frankfurt. I worked also at disposition ...

Zoe-171336 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Zoe   (22 years)

experience in catering and service, regulary working in a restaurant, experience in barmar and management of the service, different efforts on masses, privat birthdays or weddings, 3 weeks promotion ...

Magdalena-263414 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Magdalena   (23 years)

Hi! Mi name is Magdalena and I'm 23 years old. Since October 2016 I have studied nutritional sciences B.Sc. at University of Hohenheim. Through various jobs alongside my studies, I have also gained e...

Klara-421096 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Klara   (27 years)

professional catering expert.

Samir-1274732 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Samir   (25 years)

I have already collected experience as a hostess, promoter and in the service through activities beside my studies. Mostly, I have worked for 24Agency. I was regularly represented at fairs and congr...

David-775072 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

David   (25 years)

- chemistry student (master of science) - experienced service force - CCW 2018 as Promoter for Airbus Defense - IFA 2018 as Promoter/Host for TCL - BerlCat event- and catering-agency (since february ...

Sophie-69794 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Sophie   (24 years)

-56 Jobs successfully attained- Currently I am an interior design student at Stuttgart University. After my Abitur I worked for 7 months in retail and traveled for 6 months to Spain afterwards to wor...

Lisa-239278 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Lisa   (24 years)

Hello, my name is Lisa-Katharina and I have been working for Instaff for over 3 years now. I was already able to successfully carry out 50 jobs and received a 100% satisfaction rate from customers. T...

Anne-1507160 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Anne   (23 years)

- Since 2015 I regularly gained first Model- and Expositionhostess job experiece during the following Exposition, Events and GALA's: FIBO Cologne 2015/2016/2017/2018, BOOT Düsseldorf, DMEXCO Cologne,...

Thomas-1323396 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Thomas   (20 years)

Bartender (since 2 years) for private festivals and partys - waiter - event builder (many times)- Kung Fu and Yoga Coach - I am studying in the main time (Civil Engineering)

Robertina-1183116 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Robertina   (25 years)

- worked a part-time job for one year as a cashier at a gas station Aral - 2 years part-time job at Burger King as a cashier and a kitchen help - experience in Sales at Phase Eight - experience as a ...

Nadine-1091906 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Nadine   (21 years)

Since 2 years different jobs, like hostess jobs. Good gastronomy experience, like carrying 3 plates. I also have nursing experience and worked 2 years as a cashier. Among others I had some catering j...

Alexander-376128 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Alexander   (24 years)

in the 3rd semester of industrial engineering - 4 months of experience as service and catering staff at Bismarck Service in Berlin (hotels I worked for: Berlin Marriott, Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin,...

Sarah-284526 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Sarah   (26 years)

More than 3 years experience in catering & service & costumerservice & retail sale Workexperience as hostess & model German native spaker, fluent in english

Silvana-728620 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Silvana   (22 years)

Worked as a barista, cook, at the register and advised clients at a cafe and boutique called "Das Voglhaus". I have worked as a Hostess at various Exhibitions including Interboot, IAPM and ITB. I was...

Lea-2087656 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Lea   (23 years)

I have been working since i was 15 years old. I started my studies of Business at Technische Hochschule Nürnberg Georg Simon Ohm. I have worked for diffrent bakeries near Nürnberg for the past seven ...

Valerie-1342058 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Valerie   (22 years)

-I have worked two years for as a private tutor for children, teenagers and adults - I have worked six month in a super market as a cashier - Already working one year for InStaff so I had a lot of cu...

Chantal-1203738 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Chantal   (25 years)

Currently: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration while working full time as a management assistent; Before: traineeship - office administration clerk, further education - foreign language co...

Felix-783248 Exhibition hostess Sedcard

Felix   (22 years)

- Studying Medicine in Munich, 1st Semester - did catering at Perlease in Cologne - Stayed abroad for 8 month, 2012, in a Hostfamily in Vancouver - Helped as a waiter at private parties - Auxiliary a...

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