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Promotion Agency Kaiserslautern for promoters & marketing

Book interviewers, walking acts & sales promoter Kaiserslautern starting at 15.02 EUR per hour

InStaff & Jobs GmbH offers Promoters, Sales assistants and Walking Acts for temporary Jobs in Kaiserslautern and surrounding. You fill in a booking request and within a few hours we get back to you with a list of available promoters and sales assistants that are interested in your job. InStaff acts as a full service promotion agency Kaiserslautern and takes care of employment, briefing as well as staff replacement in case of illness.

  • Low Prices: Starting at 15.02 EUR per hour in Kaiserslautern (no additional costs)
  • Huge Selection: More than 50.000 Walking Acts & Sales assistants available in Germany
  • 100 % measurable: Success analysis by promoter, location and work shift
  • Full service: If required including car rental, collection of goods, etc.
  • Staffing guaranteed: We provide replacement staff at no additional cost in case of illness
  • Customer Service: We are available 7 days a week from 8am to 10pm via phone & email

Profiles of our Promoters Kaiserslautern

Jessica-1914574 Exhibition hostess Kaiserslautern

Jessica   (29 years)

Hello everyone, I have already done several promotional assignments of any kind, I also have 4 years of experience as a waitress and bartender. I worked 2 more years in customer support of an online ...

Eva-1234076 Exhibition hostess Kaiserslautern

Eva   (26 years)

- Bachelor's degree in Law and Economics - currently studying Law in the fifth semester - five years of experience in the food service industry (restaurant, bar) - several hostess jobs - several prom...

Dana-278982 Exhibition hostess Kaiserslautern

Dana   (25 years)

3 months experience of project- and eventmanagement (internship - popular magazine COSMOPOLITAN), 3 months journalism experience (internship - famous magazines JOY and SHAPE), a lot of promotion/flye...

Marion-3171270 Exhibition hostess Kaiserslautern

Marion   (21 years)

- worked as hostesse and did promotion on several events (surveys, Fotobox)- barkeeper in the 4-Stars Victor’s Residence Hotel - Promotion for several companies on events and in malls (eg. Mannheimer...

Chanin-3156836 Exhibition hostess Kaiserslautern

Chanin   (25 years)

I do have experience working as a model. Most of the time I did shootings for different occasions but I also did some video shoots. I did a CatWalk once for American crew and I whore some pieces of t...

Isabelle-2945940 Exhibition hostess Kaiserslautern

Isabelle   (24 years)

Bachelor of Science - business studies - 1 year internship in marketing - 2 years experience in clothing store - experiences as a waitress - first job for in cologne - reliable, self confi...

Sonja-1259514 Exhibition hostess Kaiserslautern

Sonja   (23 years)

I worked for 2 months as a waiter in a restaurant // I was for 2 months in Greece at a international sea turtle project, I informed tourists about our work (in english) at on of the biggest hotels in...

Boris-2156130 Exhibition hostess Kaiserslautern

Boris   (28 years)

I worked as Translater in a Koferenz and for my Friend's Homeworks. In Englisch i read Books, i watch Movie and ear News. I was in Country where mann can speak in Englisch. I'm still learning Englisch.

Alan-2714744 Exhibition hostess Kaiserslautern

Alan   (21 years)

I worked several times as a Host. For example I was at the Summit-Event 2018 in Ludwigsburg. Therefore I am experienced in driving workers and promotion due to a job which I was doing in an other Age...

Maya-3786262 Exhibition hostess Kaiserslautern

Maya   (23 years)

If you click on this link you can see me modeling in a video shoot:

Alina-2028212 Exhibition hostess Kaiserslautern

Alina   (24 years)

Promotion (e.g. local dance school, telecommunications o2 and the celebration of the 5th anniversary at "Forum Hanau", a shopping centre) | helping out at events (Krombachers New Years Eve Run 2019 i...

Maren-3447378 Exhibition hostess Kaiserslautern

Maren   (21 years)

• volunteering in a natural reserve organisation • working in sales and distribution of a international NGO exchange organisation (coached a stand at the Auf-in-die-Welt fair in Frankfurt, organized ...

Book Sales Promoters / Walking Acts Kaiserslautern via InStaff

Our higly automatized online platform offers you a simple booking process as well as a great price-performance ratio.

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  • You specify the date, location and a jobdescription and we send your joboffer to our promotion staff in Kaiserslautern & surrounding.
  • Within a few hours you receive a staff selection with approximately 10 applicants per job and you can select the right flyer distributors / promotion help yourself.
  • The booked flyer distributors enter into an employment relationship with InStaff and in case of illness we will provice replacement staff free of charge.
  • After your event, we will send you an invoice that includes the gross wage plus our 43% service fee - there are no additional costs.

You still have some open questions? Then please see here additional information about our booking process.

High customer satisfaction with our Promotion Staff Kaiserslautern

InStaff guarantees very high customer satisfaction. After every event our customers can review our service via the feedback provider eKomi. Some of the reviews are translated from German to English for your convenience.

Here you can see 1 customer reviews from our English customers for our sales promoters Kaiserslautern with an average of 5 out of 5 stars.

We achieve this high customer satisfaction via an easy to use booking process, by maintaining our own database of motivated sales promoters and experienced interviewers and because of our great customer service.

Rating with 5 out of 5 possible stars for UBOOT Promotion

From booking to the end everything went superbly. The girls were motivated and did good work. Thank you. ( 5 stars on )

Contact person for your questions

Manuel Marschel: Contact person for businesses

Manuel Marschel
Contact person for businesses

If you have any questions regarding the booking process, feel free to contact or call me.

+49 30 959 982 640

Christin Monski: Contact person for staff

Christin Monski
Contact person for staff

If you have any questions regarding your registration or the booking process, feel free to contact or call me.

+49 30 959 982 660

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Businesses from all over the world can use InStaff to book temporary event staff in Germany for their exhibition, marketing promotion or other temporary staffing needs.

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