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Germany-wide Promotion Agency for promoters & marketing

Book interviewers, walking acts & sales promoter starting at 19.30 EUR per hour all over Germany

InStaff & Jobs GmbH offers you Promoters, Sales assistants and Walking Acts for temporary jobs all over Germany. You can book our Promoters & sales staff for a few hours to hand out marketing flyers, for several days as a dressed up exhibition mascot or for multiple weeks as a sales promoter to approach customers passing your shop. InStaff acts as a Germany-wide promotion agency and takes care of employment, briefing as well as guaranteeing on time arrival.

Our modern online platform enables an excellent price-performance ratio, so that we can offer you our promotion staff starting at 19.30 EUR per hour. At the same time you receive our full-service package that includes replacement staff in case of emergencies and if you have any questions you can contact our customer service 7 days week.

Flyer distributor

ab 19.30 EUR / h with initial experience approaching customers

Flyer distributor

Food tasting staff

ab 20.02 EUR / h depending on location, product & expertise

Food tasting staff


ab 20.74 EUR / h with experience in promotion and sales


Walking Acts

ab 22.17 EUR / h when working as mascot or in a costume

Walking Acts

Customer references for our Sales staff, Promoters and Walking Acts

Small and large businesses book sales promotion staff via InStaff to help promote their products on one-time events, sell the products through a store-in-store concept or let passers-by try something.

ElringKlinger AG - Brand marketing and promotion through a Walking Act

About the company
ElringKlinger is a global, independent development partner and original equipment manufacturer for the automotive industry. From cylinder head gaskets to fuel cells, ElringKlinger offers all components for modern gears.

Customer review
Rating with 5 out of 5 possible stars
Every year, ElringKlinger participates in many trade fair events throughout Germany in order to present its innovative products to medium-sized repair shops. The main task of the mascot "Gnirle" is to increase the awareness of the brand in the relevant audience by distributing give-aways. Since April 2015, InStaff's promotion staff has been involved in more than 15 cities throughout Germany at fairs for ElringKlinger as promotional mascot Gnirle
Michaela Pinkenburg, Corporate Communications ElringKlinger AG

Wunderbar Communications GmbH - Teams of promoters for Germany-wide campaigns

About the company
Wunderbar Communications GmbH is a promotion agency that conceptualises and executes its clients' marketing strategies at the highest level. Wunderbar is on the road throughout Germany for clients at numerous events and promotion campaigns. To support the core team, individual promoters and entire promotion teams are regularly booked via InStaff.

Customer review
Rating with 5 out of 5 possible stars
InStaff offers us the possibility to cover our short-term and Germany-wide personnel requirements quickly and safely. Whether it is a service employee for a trade fair stand or 30 promoters for a promotion campaign, up to now we have almost always been able to book all our personnel requirements through Instaff. The processing via the portal is fast and efficient and significantly reduces the time we previously had to invest in personnel booking. [...]
Sandra, Mijatovic, Project Management Fair & Event

KIND Hörgeräte GmbH & Co. KG - Promotion staff for special offers & new openings

About the company
KIND is a leading family business in hearing acoustics and ophthalmic optics and is one of the world's most successful and fastest growing companies in its industry. KIND regularly uses promoters from InStaff to support shop promotions with special offers and new shop openings.

Customer review
Rating with 5 out of 5 possible stars
Fast and uncomplicated processing. Clearly structured portal and great service. Clear recommendation!
Amrei Riesch, KIND

Perola GmbH - Spirits taster in retail and wholesale trade

About the company
Perola GmbH imports and distributes international premium spirits. Perola specialises in outstanding products of individual categories (rum, gin, whiskey, etc.) and offers the connoisseur a high-quality alternative to the mainstream brands. In order to make the excellent range palatable to a wider audience, Perola regularly uses promoters from InStaff for tastings in wholesale and retail.

Customer review
Rating with 5 out of 5 possible stars
The website is structured very clearly. You always get a lot of staff to choose from and we have always been very satisfied with the staff we have booked so far.
Cindy Nemedi-Varga, Event Manager

Customer reviews about our Promotion Staffing Agency

We measure our customer satisfaction via the feedback provider ekomi. Our customers rated the Promoters of InStaff with 4.9 out of 5 stars on average (based on 272 reviews).

Rating with 5 out of 5 possible stars for Promoter Firmenmaskottchen Outdooraktion

We are completely satisfied, both with the service and with the staff. We will gladly continue to book through InStaff. ( 5 stars on )

Rating with 5 out of 5 possible stars for Mitarbeiterfest Industriepark Höchst

Communication and the application, selection and briefing process are very simple, self-explanatory and transparent. ( 5 stars on )

Rating with 5 out of 5 possible stars for Promoter*In für Flyerverteilung

We had a very good experience with InStaff and were quickly provided with very professional staff for our promotion. The good thing is that we had direct contact with the agency and also with the promoters, so that we had a smooth process on the day of the event. We will gladly continue to book staff for our promotions via InStaff. ( 5 stars on )

Rating with 5 out of 5 possible stars for Hostessen für Flyerverteilung gesucht

The user interface is easy to use, settings can be customised very flexibly and the staff are always very reliable! Communication with the team always runs smoothly, and you feel well looked after. ( 5 stars on )

Rating with 5 out of 5 possible stars for Flyer Promotion/zum Probetraining einladen

The service is great! Everything is very straightforward and reliable. Even if the staff fall ill, I get a replacement within a few hours. Top! ( 5 stars on )

Rating with 5 out of 5 possible stars for MUSTANG Hot Denim Aktion

We can recommend InStaff as a tool to recruit staff 100%. Very efficient. We are amazed! ( 5 stars on )

Rent Sales assistance & promoters all over Germany

Through our pool of over 50.000 staff profiles, we can offer you sales promotion staff, Walking Acts and other promotion staff starting at 19.30 EUR per hour without charging further travel or accommodation costs.
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  • Huge staff selection:
    More than 50.000 promoters / sales assistants all over Germany
  • Low prices:
    Starting at 19.30 EUR per hour (no travel or other extra fees)
  • Easy Payment:
    Pay via VISA, Mastercard or wire transfer without payment fees
  • 100 % measurable:
    Performance analysis by Promoter, Location and Shift
  • Full Service:
    If required inkl. car renting, picking up merchandise, etc.
  • Commissions (optional):
    Pay provisions for extra motivation e.g. per sale / interview
  • Show-up guarantee:
    In case of illness, equivalent replacement staff is provided
  • Customer service:
    We are available 7 days a week from 8 am to 10 pm
  • Quick booking:
    Staff booking possible in less than 2 hours
  • Legal certainty:
    Secure employment through our licence as temp staffing agency

Get promotion jobs

You have gained relevant experience as a Sales Promoter and would like to work for our promotion agency?

Book Walking Acts, Sales Promoters and other promotion staff via InStaff

Our higly automatized online platform offers you a simple booking process as well as a great price-performance ratio.
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  • You specify the date, location and a jobdescription and we send your joboffer to our promotion staff in all of Germany.
  • Within a few hours you receive a staff selection with approximately 10 applicants per job and you can select the right flyer distributors / promotion help yourself.
  • The booked flyer distributors enter into an employment relationship with InStaff and in case of illness we will provice replacement staff free of charge.
  • After your event, we will send you an invoice that includes the gross wage plus our 43 % service fee - there are no additional costs.

You still have some open questions? Then please see here additional information about our booking process.

Manuel Marschel: Contact person for businesses

Manuel Marschel
Contact person for businesses

If you have any questions regarding the booking process, feel free to contact or call me.

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