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Corinna-856090 200 +

Corinna   (31 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
- temporary help in a big eventlocation (40000 square metres for up to 2000 guests) near FRANKFURT (e.g. cloakroom, service, guest care, waiter, decoration, sport stations) - temporary help

Ajedran-1623570 160 +

Ajedran   (26 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Currently student of economics at the University of Giessen. - Successfully completed jobs with Instaff as inventory assistant, logistics assistant, event assistant, interviewer, salesman an

Jennifer-2561584 150 +

Jennifer   (37 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
In my 4 years at the Ronnefeldt tea shop in Aachen, I worked in sales, where I had consultations with customers, placed and sorted goods and also worked at the cash register. I always enjoye

Alina-625454 130 +

Alina   (29 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I worked as a promoter for different companies, e.g. Deutsche Bahn, Initialwerk GmbH and, where I was a group leader as well. I was part of the catering crew at the "schlossgraben

Kelly-2134780 130 +

Kelly   (28 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I have got two years of working experience in Themepark the Efteling. I also gained working experience at several events throughout Germany and the Netherlands. Here I have been working in t

Christine-3388242 130 +

Christine   (49 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
-worked for serval Hotels and Restaurants Dorint Hotel Mannheim & Wiesbaden -Flightattendant Lufthansa AG , FRANKFURT Leonardo Hotel , Karlsruhe Café Kuntz , Landau Vinothek Vögeli , Landau

Anette-2765438 110 +

Anette   (30 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I completed my education as a dental assistant and work for five years at a dental office - at the moment i am studying health managament -simultaneously i am working as a promoter and hoste

Laurelle-1502316 100 +

Laurelle   (29 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
-i have work in Heilbronn i make Baby sister i have work to restaurant

Karl-2753132 100 +

Karl   (27 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Intercultural experience and fluent in English, German and French - lived 10 years in France and Switzerland - work experience in event management (Amazon series premieres), hosting (Berlina

Taha-2718132 100 +

Taha   (28 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
- Dealing well with clients -- Experience as an interviewer, where I conducted 150 interviews a day -- Several months experience as a security employee at events and supermarkets -- At least

Sarah-722572 100 +

Sarah   (34 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
- 90 successfully performed jobs with Instaff. Also often performed as the Service- or Eventmanager (Coordination, planning, briefing, supervising the coworkers) - worked at several faires a

Veronika-1687298 90 +

Veronika   (28 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
-more than 5 years Experience with Martinis Catering - as a barkeeper as well as a Waitress I have also experience with several Trades where I have worked as waitress / barkeeper and also Ho

Jana-3620852 90 +

Jana   (31 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
- Successful professional training as a bank specialist - Several years of experience in the sale of financial products - Several years of experience in the area of ​​hostess at the Bank - S

Mark-2341126 90 +

Mark   (26 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
diverse assignments in the catering trade; furthermore I have acting experience (theatre); for two years I have been both baby-sitting and tutoring. I am currently studying political science

Desiree-661056 90 +

Desiree   (26 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I'm in the sixth semester of my English and German Philology Studies. I gained a lot of experience in working as a hostess (USV Messe in FRANKFURT, TrauDich Hochzeitsmesse in Hannover, Berli

Leandry-1663246 90 +

Leandry   (30 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
During my language course in Ilmenau, I worked alongside Schiller Event and Löwen in the trade fair / event area and in a concert (Elton John and Grönemeyer) in Erfurt, collected glasses and

Laura-1966402 90 +

Laura   (23 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
During high school I worked as a cashier at the local supermarket. Besides that, my tasks compromised taking care of the assortment and customer service. My hometown is Würzburg, this region

Jia-2570544 90 +

Jia   (28 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
- since 2010: worked for several restaurants and 2 months experience of leading a small restaurant in FRANKFURT - worked on an Infopoint of ´Messe FRANKFURT´ for the Intergeo fair - Universi

Mhd-2387774 90 +

Mhd   (26 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I worked for about 2 years in the catering sector, also for a long time as a cashier in restaurant. Since I am a computer science student, I have a lot of experience in IT, programming langu

Nabil-2010544 90 +

Nabil   (31 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
-Qualification as a management assistant in sports and fitness -Receptionist / Promoter by fitness first -Working student in the it department -Working student in the management department -

Mahmoud-936422 90 +

Mahmoud   (28 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I worked for several catering as waitperson in FRANKFURT, Heidelberg, Mannheim and Berlin . I supported the fair during assembly and dismantling.I was very satisfied with the team

Ialda-704218 90 +

Ialda   (25 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
- medical student -Since my parents have a catering service and a backery, i work there for 3 years -worked almost 1 year as a waiter in a restaurant -

Svenja-508148 80 +

Svenja   (26 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
My strengths are teamwork, organizational skills and communication skills. Besides job in the catering as a waitress. Experience in sales. Three years customer service experience in the gym.

Francesca-736264 80 +

Francesca   (28 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Studying international economics and marketing; working as temporary substitute at events of the LsbH; worked as waitress at a bar and cafe bar ;singer at Family events, weddings and birthda

Tamara-2861226 80 +

Tamara   (28 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I’ve been working in the catering industry since 2012, where I primarily work as a service staff. I have already worked in the restaurant, cafe and bar. This way, I know how to satisfy guest

Caroline-2141780 80 +

Caroline   (28 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
- Half a year experience as a bakery sales assistant at Moos bakery in Gießen - Knowledge in making stocktake for the companies H&M, P&C and the construction market Globus - Assistant for lo

Josia-2349274 80 +

Josia   (28 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Different Job experiences as Steward and promoter job for EPMS and promoter at a fair for BookMyHostess. Completed apprenticeship in retail. Worked as a retailer for 6 months in a German sup

Orhan-1371906 80 +

Orhan   (31 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
-Student of Biotechnology in the higher Semester -Experiences as waiter and swamper in Restaurants/Cafe -Worked several times at the Buffet of the VIP-Lounge in the Commerzbank-Arena (Aramar

Nancy-3782552 80 +

Nancy   (46 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Apprenticeship as a commercial clerk in Hotel tourism and worked for 10 years in various 4 and 5 star hotels at the Front Office as Front Office Agent and Shiftleader F/O, 2009 receptionist

Wilfried-2105198 80 +

Wilfried   (24 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
i got basic knowledge in mechanic ,during the practical training i did in continental. Brakes coupling in cars, disassembling of machines and Cupboards,usage of mechanical tools, soldering,

TillPhilippe-948154 80 +

Till   (34 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I worked: -2 years for Rockabella-Events (Expositions&Events in Germany, Luxemburg and Switzerland) - 7 months for Grunder-Gourmet eventcatering (preparation and organisation) - as a waiter

Baraa-3694954 80 +

Baraa   (28 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
BWL student in third semester in Darmstadt. i worked in the reception in the FRANKFURT School for Finance and Management in FRANKFURT am Main for a year. I worked also as a waiter in a Reasa

Loreen-1306946 80 +

Loreen   (24 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I am a cheerful, polite and open-minded person and like to get in touch with people. That's why I really like to work in the catering industry, as a promoter and hostess on different events.

Lina-25386 80 +

Lina   (28 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Promotion and distribution at Kieler Woche and Oktoberfest- - Worked as a (model) hostess at 30 different fairs (promotion, product presentation, catering, moderation, lottery) for companies

Yash-2967598 80 +

Yash   (22 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I would like to share professional challenges here. So, i am representing my experience here. Last year, I was at Insellhal, Lindau. As a service employee, I am responsible for all processes

Michaela-476074 80 +

Michaela   (28 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Experience at fairs in sales, nine years working in service, the kitchen and behind the bar ( at various big events, weddings, festivals and different locations such as restaurants, leisure

Jennifer-435866 70 +

Jennifer   (25 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
- receptionist in a hostel in Spain for six weeks - part of the housekeeping team of a four-star-rated hotel in Wiesbaden - waitress in an italian restaurant in Sydney (part of my work and t

Zied-2636918 70 +

Zied   (28 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Already had over 75 jobs through instaff. Everything from Service, promotion to events. Also have a master of Science in Engineering. Fluent in German and English. Looking forward to helping

Julian-1947852 70 +

Julian   (30 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I Worked several Times at Pop Up Stores, Served drinks and handled cash plus I worked as a waiter. I have done a lot of Promotion Jobs as well. I‘m gonna be a Teacher with Biology & Sports a

Lynn-1497416 70 +

Lynn   (27 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
- Multiple experiences in fair jobs since a lot of years for example for companies like Toyota at IAA in FRANKFURT, ... - Lots of experience as a waitress (in restaurants, on fairs, hotelbar

Natalija-889256 70 +

Natalija   (39 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
The trade-fair experience as hostess, stand services (IAA FRANKFURT,Boot Messe Düsseldorf,ProWein,GDS,FiBo, Caravan Salon Düsseldorf,E-world energy & water etc.) Promotion for Brother. Cater

Simone-670926 70 +

Simone   (24 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Experience as Hostess at expositions like CMT, Automotive Testing Expo Europe, Uniti Expo Europe, Logimat, R+T, Invest, Akzente and much more in Stuttgart and FRANKFURT. I worked also at dis

Alina-2063436 70 +

Alina   (26 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Fest Ladies an Gentlemens, hear you can find my progress report. I have a completed education in insurance and financial. At present I visite the university of applied sciences in Aachen. I'

Felicia-360224 70 +

Felicia   (28 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I worked for several years in the textile industry (Vero Moda and Benetton) as a sales and service force. Subsequently I worked for one year in the gastronomy.

Kristina-3136592 70 +

Kristina   (27 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I already have experience as a saleswoman at Mexx, Douglas and Peek & Cloppenburg. As a service staff and hostess, I have been active at many different trade fairs (including IAA, Book Fair,

AnnKathrin-587864 70 +

Ann   (25 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I have experience as a sales assistant, as a service force in the kitchen, in hospital catering, and i worked in urban childcare. At the moment I am studying nutritional sciences in Gießen (

Denise-1990636 70 +

Denise   (24 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
- worked for the NH hotel in tenerife as a front desk girl for 4 weeks - served in a ice-cream parlor - I look after children - I give private tuitution in the subjects English and Spanish -

PhuongLinh-966102 70 +

Phuong   (26 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I am currently studying International Business Administration with a focus on Marketing and HR in the last semester. During my studies, I was able to gain a lot of experience at trade fairs

Nastasja-552010 70 +

Nastasja   (27 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Like the average teenager I started my first small Jobs at the age of 14, where I mostly did jobs like Babysitting or handing out flyers. At the age of 17 I started working at an Italian res

Melisa-2847996 70 +

Melisa   (25 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Already worked for several restaurants and bars as a waitress during my studies, it was mainly about serving food and drinks, but also mixing the drinks and diverse cocktails. Doing my bache

Olga-2438076 70 +

Olga   (23 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
- September 2017 to August 2019 employee in Breuninger Freiburg as sales assistant - now in the third semester, study French and history to become a teacher at the Albert-Ludwigs University

Melchiade-1229358 70 +

Melchiade   (29 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I have worked for several hostess agencies such as SVS-Goebgens, Aramark. I have 6 months experience in Catreing and Service. In addition, I can do everything. Student in the 7th semester of

Miriam-667650 70 +

Miriam   (27 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
done 2months Promotion for Morgengold- 2 Years experience in working in admission control and wardrobe at the Messe Freiburg FWTM- and furthermore selling tickets and worked three months as

Donald-2224856 60 +

Donald   (26 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
J'ai déjà eu a travailler dans un super- marché où je devais classer les produits dans leurs rayons respectifs . j'ai aussi travaille dans le cadre de la vérification et énumération des prod

Asmaa-3740972 60 +

Asmaa   (26 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
worked at several fairs: -Automechanika 2018 -Intergeo 2018 -Buchmesse -Heimtextil -TrauDich! -Christmasworld -Ambiente -ISH 2019 -Prolight&Sound 2019 -IFFA 2019 -Tendence 2019 -CPHI 2019 -F

Martin-2454974 60 +

Martin   (30 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Experience: several promotion assignments (data generation) via the agency Amadeus Group for the AOK Plus/Messe Erfurt/O2 - service/bar for concerts (Rock am Ring/EXPO Plaza Hannover) via th

Denise-1719106 60 +

Denise   (23 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Several times as a promoter at a Weihenstephan roadshow: - Direct approach and animator to customers for competitions and product tasting; as well as barista, waitress and kitchen help at co

Helena-1448276 60 +

Helena   (25 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I worked for several fairs in FRANKFURT (IAA, Ambiente, light+Building, Book fair, prolight and Sound, automechanica) and have experience in gastronomy and service. At the moment I am studyi

Tamina-1417322 60 +

Tamina   (24 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
worked for several hostess agencies at fairs e.g. Light & Building / Achema / IFA / Automechanika... - supported companies like Engelbert Strauss and Media Markt in selling their products (c

Chantal-1203738 60 +

Chantal   (28 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Currently: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration while working full time as Executive Assistant and qualified trainer IHK; 2019 to 2020 full time job as Marketing Assistant; 2017 to

Mustafa-782114 60 +

Mustafa   (35 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I am currently studying the master's degree in Biomedical Engineering. So far I have been able to carry out various activities through Instaff: - as HOSTESS I was at various events - as exam

George-3331276 60 +

George   (25 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
- After graduating from school, I decided to work at my local parcel centre for a couple of months before proceeding my educational career. My tasks consisted of arranging unsorted packets o

MarieSophie-2071108 60 +

Marie   (27 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
So far, I was able to gather useful experiences by having worked as a waitress at a restaurant, at a retail company, as a babysitter as well as a consultant for beauty and cosmetic products.

Hannah-1424476 60 +

Hannah   (27 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Dear customer, welcome to my profile. Please find my short CV below: 3 years apprenticeship as a bakery sales specialist with a focus on barista at Cafe Purer Genuss Ingelheim. 3 years appre

Amanda-243982 60 +

Amanda   (31 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
7 years of experience in hotel service and as a hostess for business, fair, and bank events / 5 years experience as a translator (korean/ english/ german) / Experience as receptionist at sev

Tabesh-2017012 60 +

Tabesh   (27 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I worked as a telephonist and waiter for two years (serving guests, serving food, taking orders by phone and online, sort them and prepare them for delivery, I was also responsible for cashi

Nelly-2068490 50 +

Nelly   (29 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
6 months commissioning, model photo in cameroon, saleswoman i have done in cameroon of my homeland. Kelnerin also a few days but if something new there, I can learn quickly. I would like to

Waseem-2063548 50 +

Waseem   (28 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
worked for several monthes at ( Hostess and handworking in the exhibition in many Citys - worked for many monthes as Waiters in Cafe - currently in 6th semester of my Mechanical e

Berke-1950554 50 +

Berke   (24 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Successfully completed jobs on Instaff as Inventory Assistant, Logistics Assistant, Event Assistant, Interviewer, Seller and Promoter. - Experience as a service employee, e. g. at weddings a

MayBritt-1150818 50 +

May   (29 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Fluent in German and English, experience via InStaff as hostess/ promoter (2017: Hypermotion; 2018: Heimtextil, ambiente, light&building, Prolight&Sound, IMEX, ACHEMA, automechanika, Franchi

Erik-984554 50 +

Erik   (25 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Studying educational science, fifth semester; auxiliary at MDK Hessen for a year and at a bicycle shop for half a year, Abitur 2015 at MGF-Gymnasium in Kulmbach. I did several Jobs as a Prom

Nga-674622 50 +

Nga   (26 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I am currently a student for digital media. I did an internship for a media design for one year. I was an Au Pair in the United Staates for one year. I worked for a lot of difference agency

Alisa-2546744 50 +

Alisa   (28 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I had quite some gastronomy sector experience in public and privat events. Example i worked in the catering for the public event "Ball des Weines" in Wiesbaden, every year // i worked as a p

LouisaCeline-603964 50 +

Louisa   (25 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Master degree psychology (M.Sc.) - 2015 until 2018 working in 4-star hotel (service, kitchen & organizational area) - many years of gastronomy experience: ice cream parlor (3 years), restaur

Albjon-3283088 50 +

Albjon   (27 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
About 4 years gastronomic experience (waiter, bartender). Active in many different restaurants, bars and nightclubs (Losteria FRANKFURT, Cafe & Bar Celona FRANKFURT). Experience with tent co

Stephanie-1293226 50 +

Stephanie   (32 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I have already been working on about 100 different fairs and tradeshows, where I gained a lot of experience in service, catering, promotion, selling and translating. I've been working for se

Moritz-794322 50 +

Moritz   (27 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
in 7th semester of my Business and Engineering studies, one semester abroad in Santa Barbara, California, served an internship at Münch GmbH and Reinhard Feinmechanik GmbH for studying, incl

Janina-2451180 50 +

Janina   (23 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
- fashion adviser of Burberry store. Worked as a model through photo shootings and an agency which is based in Hamburg/Germany - internships in sales and kindergarten - one year contract as

Son-2002186 50 +

Son   (30 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I had my first practical experience with a Voluntary Year of Social Service (at Herbie e.V) as a Caretaker in a Diakonie. Furthermore i also have Experience as a Promotor at Pepperminds for

Camilla-1470480 50 +

Camilla   (26 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Beginning at age 18, I have worked in nearly all facets of food and beverage service. Following work as a busser, dishwasher, line cook, waiter and hostess within casual and fine-dining rest

Anna-1282586 50 +

Anna   (27 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I study machine engineering in Friedberg I worked for a year at a restaurant as a waitress (Berlin) I’m familiar with the rules of service. I can carry 3 plates, I’m nice, professional and a

Samir-1274732 50 +

Samir   (28 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I have already collected experience as a hostess, promoter and in the service through activities beside my studies. Mostly, I have worked for 24Agency. I was regularly represented at fairs

Sarah-284526 50 +

Sarah   (29 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
More than 3 years experience in catering & service & costumerservice & retail sale Workexperience as hostess & model German native spaker, fluent in english

Franck-1309396 50 +

Franck   (26 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Several warehouse operations . -Work in production ( Szaidel cosmetic ) - Work in packaging ( Company : fruit oft the Loom ) - Gardening - Gastronomy ( at Ikea and Kullman Diner ) - Sale ( a

Lisa-249960 50 +

Lisa   (31 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
hostess at the IAA VW Group Media Night, front desk in a law firm, hostess for Peek & Cloppenburg, assistance of the chef at the opening of a new restaurant, mystery shopper, tastings for ju

Hümeyra-2646718 50 +

Hümeyra   (24 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
For the Company Wesser I promoted the help organisation "Die Johanniter". There I got to learn a lot about different people and promoting itself. Waitressing on events and all the things bel

Anna-2211332 50 +

Anna   (24 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
experience as a waitress - work experiences abroad in Dublin in Irland at "Hearing Aids Dublin" - school exchange in England for three months - training as an industrial management assistant

Katharina-4004592 50 +

Katharina   (38 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
- 2,5 year training in the hotel business - worked in service, bar, restaurants in hotels, organized events like baptisms, weddings and big festivities with up to 250 people - worked as fitn

Helena-2773180 50 +

Helena   (25 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I've worked as waitress in a hotel in Austria and also worked as temporary staff in two restaurants in Berlin. I worked as an Au-Pair in Austria and have experience with child care. Ii am cu

Isabell-2339796 50 +

Isabell   (25 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
When I was 14 years old I started to work in a bookbindery. At the same time I worked as a cleaner in a retirement home. When I was 15 years old I started to work as a nanny and with 17 year

Christian-1426100 50 +

Christian   (34 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
### Education - Business Intelligence & Process Management student in his final semester - 9 months internship at Bosch in Tokyo, Japan. I founded and taught a German class for all coworkers

Celina-1384464 50 +

Celina   (23 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
- Graduation: Abitur in June 2018 -During school time, in the period from 01.03.2016-31.12.2017, worked as a temporary worker in the bakery (customer service and service activities learned)

Tamina-1013954 50 +

Tamina   (23 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
- worked for several hostess agencies at Hall of Vape, light and building, paperworld, Ambiente, Heimtextil, Christmasworld, musicfair and more - completed high school diploma - made an inte

Joanna-758482 50 +

Joanna   (26 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
- work experience in several hostess jobs in catering (inter-)/national conferences, meetings and several large events such as weddings, firm jubilees, large events, - worked several fairs i

Polina-514756 50 +

Polina   (26 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Hostess, model, actor, barkeeper, enterpreter. Since 2014 I regularly work as a hostess at different events (conferences, exibithions, shows, awards). - 6 month fashion consultant in Armani

Evrard-3444284 50 +

Evrard   (31 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Ich spreche fliessend Englisch, denn ich komme aus einem zweisprachigen Land(Englisch und Französisch): Kamerun und habe einen Teil meines Curriculums auf Englisch, nämlich an der Universitä

Julia-2404938 50 +

Julia   (29 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
- currently in my 1st semester of social work - completed commercial training (travel agent, travel agency First Reisebüro) - experience in gastronomy (bar/counter, service) - hostess-experi

Katarina-1893378 50 +

Katarina   (23 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
- worked for several service agencies at Messe FRANKFURT and Stadium - currently in 4th semester of my business studies

Charlene-1295536 50 +

Charlene   (30 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I am a bachelor student in worms , i am cameroonian. I worked years ago in my country land at the reception in a company .in Germany I have much more experience when it comes to working with

Silvia-1280920 50 +

Silvia   (25 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I am in 5th semester my studies. School internship at a architecture office for about 4 weeks, also worked in catering at some events such as weedings and galas. Recently worked at a coffee

Tamara-1248160 50 +

Tamara   (28 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
*successfully completed over 50 jobs through Instaff* I am currently studying English Studies and American Studies at the Goethe University of FRANKFURT. Thanks to my major and my recent stu

Lukas-1043018 50 +

Lukas   (25 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
My capacities within the in the food industry have been wide ranging, I have worked in guest service, catering, and gastronomy for over five years. I learned the insight of the rules of serv

Petr-4123690 40 +

Petr   (23 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
In the course of my professional career, a wide range of different professional areas has developed. I have experience in the following areas: - Kasse - Security - Hostess - Promotion - Serv

Sepehr-1166652 40 +

Sepehr   (30 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Worked for several hostess agencies at FRANKFURT Fair and Exhibition. 6 months experience in Catering & Service Company(Power People). Worked for 3 months as a waiter in an Italian restauran

Sophia-631334 40 +

Sophia   (29 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Work experience at trade fairs amongst others for Bonkers & Bob Liquids at the InterTabac Dortmund 2016, Bosch at the IMM Cologne 2017, KaVo Kerr at the IDS Cologne 2017, Epic Games at the G

LenaSophie-1714066 40 +

Lena   (24 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
- business psychologie studies - social engagement at an international studentsorganization, experiences in leading a team, reliable and independent work - experiences in gastronomy/catering

Daniela-1464194 40 +

Daniela   (29 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
• Master of Arts: English Linguistics + Literature, Cultural and Media Studies • various university offices at Justus Liebig University Giessen • assistant scientist in the field of linguist

Katrin-907036 40 +

Katrin   (30 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Hello, my name is Katrin. I gained a lot of experience at several shows and fairs as a hostess and promoter. I do welcoming, catering, translations and handing out giveaways and samples. I a

Christine-2083400 40 +

Christine   (32 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I am working as a hostess for the event agency EveLine Marketing since November 2011. I've been handing out name tags and event bracelets to employees at various events of the company SAP (l

Karin-1651668 40 +

Karin   (29 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
During my school years and studies, I worked on a 450 € basis in a gas station at the coffee bar and there I also gained experience in the kitchen area, but only simple helping tasks. I was

Antje-875298 40 +

Antje   (57 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Professional experience, 10 years independent hoteliers, management assistant in star gastronomy, two years maitre on cruise ships, two years sales manager in event catering, operation manag

Cynthia-180912 40 +

Cynthia   (30 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Im the past I've worked at several tradefairs for the hostess agency melles&stein as well as for the service agency GVO, for example in hotels or at weddings (catering and service). In addit

Marvin-1888492 40 +

Marvin   (25 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I have successfully worked in a huge variety of jobs and gained a lot of experience through InStaff and other working opportunities. For example I have helped in a kitchen for some time or w

Cansu-1147192 40 +

Cansu   (32 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I worked several years in LeBuffet Restaurant, and am working now as waitress for different catering companys. Afterwards I worked 5 for 5 years for the company Fossil as sales assistant. Ma

Claudia-350984 40 +

Claudia   (32 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
To finance my student life, I used to work and collect experiences in all different kinds areas, listed as follows: - waitress in an ice cream shop - worker at dpd (parcel service) scannin

Pauline-3555724 40 +

Pauline   (24 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
- in the 4th semester of teacher training in Karlsruhe - experience abroad through a semester abroad in the USA - voluntary year in Circus Waldoni in Darnstadt - waitressing in variety shows

Louis-2465586 40 +

Louis   (30 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I already worked at various events, as a promoter at the Phillips stand at the IFA 2018 in Berlin for instance. I also have over 2 years of experience in catering, service and eventhelper. R

Betelhem-1830070 40 +

Betelhem   (28 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Experienced hostess and promoter - worked for several well-known companies such as Samsung, PwC, Daimler AG, Western Union, YouTube & European Central Bank - at fairs such as IAA (FRANKFURT)

Elisabeth-1503912 40 +

Elisabeth   (27 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
-currently in 8th semester of sustainable tourism studies -4 years working experience in service and catering -some small promotion jobs -voluntary work in India -a hostess at Light and Buil

Tamara-2921090 40 +

Tamara   (26 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I already gained experience in the areas of service, hostess and promotion. Before and during high school I worked as a waitress for 2 years in a beer garden, which is why the operation of b

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