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Jennifer-2561584 150 +

Jennifer   (37 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
In my 4 years at the Ronnefeldt tea shop in Aachen, I worked in sales, where I had consultations with customers, placed and sorted goods and also worked at the cash register. I always enjoye

Sophie-939166 110 +

Sophie   (26 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
- in 7th semester of my tourism economy studies - worked as a hostess at Euroblech, IAA, Interschutz, HANNOVER Messe, IZB - experience in Catering and Service - 8 month Work&Travel in New Ze

Mohamad-3222958 100 +

Mohamad   (29 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
A lot of experience and practical knowledge collected in the field of gastronomy and events. Worked for several times as a host at several companies (e.g., MKS, UCM, Studietemps) in many cit

Mark-2341126 90 +

Mark   (26 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
diverse assignments in the catering trade; furthermore I have acting experience (theatre); for two years I have been both baby-sitting and tutoring. I am currently studying political science

Desiree-661056 90 +

Desiree   (26 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
I'm in the sixth semester of my English and German Philology Studies. I gained a lot of experience in working as a hostess (USV Messe in Frankfurt, TrauDich Hochzeitsmesse in HANNOVER, Berli

Leandry-1663246 90 +

Leandry   (30 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
During my language course in Ilmenau, I worked alongside Schiller Event and Löwen in the trade fair / event area and in a concert (Elton John and Grönemeyer) in Erfurt, collected glasses and

Saddam-2544588 90 +

Saddam   (25 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
I study electrical engineering at Jade Hochschule Wilhelmshaven and also work in the field of gastronomy / inventory / promotion / production / logistics (various jobs at trade fairs / major

Mohamed-2359914 90 +

Mohamed   (24 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
i have experience in the retail business, especially in the fashion industry, having worked abroad in the apparel business, I also like fashion, have a lot of knowledge and can advise custom

Julia-1937604 90 +

Julia   (26 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
- worked as a waitress in different spots in Germany and Australia - worked in a Libanese restaurant for about seven months and had a great variety of responsibilities e.g. taking phone call

Miroslav-3078240 80 +

Miroslav   (33 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
- Fast, Fit and Organized - English level C1 (UniCert Certificate), bound for C2 - Over 10 years of experience with several agencies - 2 years experiences as CEO assistant of a major company

Klara-421096 80 +

Klara   (30 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
professional catering expert.

Carolin-1364052 80 +

Carolin   (24 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
Experience as hostess at fairs, including HANNOVER Messe, eroFame, IZB, EMO and at numerous events, concerts and conferences / Experience as a Promoter, with interviews and access control /

Josia-2349274 80 +

Josia   (28 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
Different Job experiences as Steward and promoter job for EPMS and promoter at a fair for BookMyHostess. Completed apprenticeship in retail. Worked as a retailer for 6 months in a German sup

TillPhilippe-948154 80 +

Till   (34 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
I worked: -2 years for Rockabella-Events (Expositions&Events in Germany, Luxemburg and Switzerland) - 7 months for Grunder-Gourmet eventcatering (preparation and organisation) - as a waiter

Zoe-171336 80 +

Zoe   (25 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
experience in catering and service, regulary working in a restaurant, experience in barmar and management of the service, different efforts on masses, privat birthdays or weddings, 3 weeks p

Julia-1272646 80 +

Julia   (31 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
worked in a hotel, where i cleaned the rooms, did the laundry and the beds, in a bakery (communication with customers about products, conduct of tasting, rinsing, cashing up), experiences wi

Lina-25386 80 +

Lina   (28 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
Promotion and distribution at Kieler Woche and Oktoberfest- - Worked as a (model) hostess at 30 different fairs (promotion, product presentation, catering, moderation, lottery) for companies

Yash-2967598 80 +

Yash   (22 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
I would like to share professional challenges here. So, i am representing my experience here. Last year, I was at Insellhal, Lindau. As a service employee, I am responsible for all processes

Zied-2636918 70 +

Zied   (28 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
Already had over 75 jobs through instaff. Everything from Service, promotion to events. Also have a master of Science in Engineering. Fluent in German and English. Looking forward to helping

Lynn-1497416 70 +

Lynn   (27 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
- Multiple experiences in fair jobs since a lot of years for example for companies like Toyota at IAA in Frankfurt, ... - Lots of experience as a waitress (in restaurants, on fairs, hotelbar

Veronika-403106 70 +

Veronika   (27 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
2 years experience working in a restaurant Law student worked for 2 weeks at the Kieler Woche in catering and event companies Many completed jobs on fairs as a Hostess in Berlin, Hamburg and

Jovanie-1023572 70 +

Jovanie   (26 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
My Name is Jovanie. I am a 25 Years Old Student in Logistik and Management for Information at the Ostfalia university. My Experience are: - Call Agent at Avedo for Hotel Reservation Service

Joy-2090190 70 +

Joy   (25 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
I worked one season in the VIP Area as a service at the Volkspark Stadion Hamburg, additionally I am working as a barkeeper on big events and concerts in Hamburg, for example in Trabrennbahn

Donald-2224856 60 +

Donald   (26 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
J'ai déjà eu a travailler dans un super- marché où je devais classer les produits dans leurs rayons respectifs . j'ai aussi travaille dans le cadre de la vérification et énumération des prod

Arina-1347000 60 +

Arina   (24 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
I started as a sorting help at a groceries store (EDEKA) from age 16-18, afterwards I worked for 3 years during the summer months at a garden cafe starting in 2016. I have been a youth offic

Sophia-666740 60 +

Sophia   (29 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
Internship at Volkswagen in it coaching, native Spanish, at the end of 7th semester of my BWL studies, 2 years experience in a private security company in houman resources and the administra

Ismail-1733764 60 +

Ismail   (26 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
I've been working in the gastronomy since 6 years , so I could gain a lot of experience as a waiter at different events like weddings, political meetings or exhibitions. Furthermore, I've be

Heike-1489982 60 +

Heike   (30 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
HOSTESS: Zeiss-Infotour, Zukunftstour, Siemens, Fielmann, 50hertz-Konferenz, Gut leben in Dtl., Elbschwimmstaffel, Ärztekongresse, Rewe Messe, DAK, C&A, Aldi TASTING: Nestle, Langnese, Bruno

Dilsah-1087818 60 +

Dilsah   (25 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
I'm studiying economics and Worked as a hostess and as a promoter at several fairs for example at the IdeenExpo- HANNOVER. Also experiences in service work because of working in a beer garde

Emely-1752384 50 +

Emely   (25 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
- geography student - experience as a waitress (Gasthaus Meyer, Besitos HANNOVER...) - experience as a hostess on traide fairs (Cebit, HMI, Ideenexpo, Infa...) - experience in Promotion (dis

Stephanie-1664870 50 +

Stephanie   (23 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
- Last time I worked as a hostess for a private event - At many wedding I worked as a waitress and hostess and gained more experience - In sphere of action I worked as a saleswoman for one m

Stephanie-1293226 50 +

Stephanie   (32 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
I have already been working on about 100 different fairs and tradeshows, where I gained a lot of experience in service, catering, promotion, selling and translating. I've been working for se

Tim-545710 50 +

Tim   (34 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
7 Month working experience in Catering & Service as a waiter and barkeeper. I can carry 3 plates and a meal tray, pull beer and I know the serving rules. I have a Bachelor degree in Psycholo

Alina-1028696 50 +

Alina   (28 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
-worked as an interviewer at HANNOVER Messe (2016) and CeBit (2017) for an market research institute -worked as an hostess at Ideen Expo 2017 -worked as a promoter for a telecommunication co

Jana-1076156 50 +

Jana   (28 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
- numerous assignments as an agency hostess (service, promotion, event management) - Trade Fair Hostess (DKOU, Cebit, ILA) - 6 years work as a service force (hotel, catering, event/event org

Rashida-2389580 50 +

Rashida   (32 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
I am a student in my 3rd semester and i work in Bad Birnbach part time as a waitress in the restaurant since oct 2017 I am basically looking for a neben job 450 basis nearby my residence

Fares-1223296 50 +

Fares   (28 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
More than 50 successfully completed jobs through Instaff. Currently in 7th semester of Medical studies. Nursing and practical training as part of my studies. Worked full-time at Uniqlo in Be

Sina-635296 50 +

Sina   (30 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
Since 2014 I study art and mathematics for teaching at the University of Leipzig. I worked for almost two and a half years at H & M in two cities (Hildesheim and Leipzig), taking over tasks

Hatem-1532388 50 +

Hatem   (28 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
i worked 1 year as a Promoter in Outlet Neumünster, 2 Years i Worked in a Cocktail Lounge i have good know hows from my job as Seller. Thanks to my foreign language (Arabic, English) I can c

Jessica-1023166 50 +

Jessica   (26 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
In January 2019, I completed my apprenticeship as an audiovisual media saleswoman in product management for a record label. For 3 years I helped out in a bakery as a shop assistant and half

Julia-582376 50 +

Julia   (27 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
hostess: (HANNOVER Messe for Wago, wedding fair for Photobox Germany, IAA for Ackermann, medicine congress for American Express, ibm congress Pow3r, economic forum for Siemens) sales: fashio

Thomas-3523664 50 +

Thomas   (27 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
- worked as a travel agent and coordinator in the youth travel area for ruf Jugendreisen abroad. Worked in the gastronomy for a nightclub behind the counter and in a cinema as a waiter. Work

Helen-1623360 50 +

Helen   (24 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
- I've got some experience after a few jobs on instaff. These were catering, promotion and hostess jobs. - I've worked 1 year as a barkeeper and waiter at a pizzeria - I've worked 2 years as

Kiriaki-1267298 40 +

Kiriaki   (30 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
Student of law; several hostess assignments, many experiences in service, many experiences in retail; ground hostess at HANNOVER Airport, market research at HANNOVER Airport; currently emplo

Joana-2963118 40 +

Joana   (21 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
Since October 2019 I study law at the Georg August Universität Göttingen. I am working since 3 years at different bakeries n where I have to take care of the shop, to service customers, cate

Mariana-552290 40 +

Mariana   (29 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
I've been working as hostess since more than 3 years at many different exhibitions for example: -Movie Meets Media Atlantic Kempinski -Berlin Fashion Week 2018 Maybelline; VIP Hostess CEBIT,

Elisabeth-3012860 40 +

Elisabeth   (25 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
Experienced hostess through jobs in Germany at the agencies TRUST Promotion, 90 Grad and InStaff (exhibitions: ALUMINUM, EMO, Agritechnica and B.I.G.; congresses: Ophthalmo Update and 14th G

Kim-2990320 40 +

Kim   (23 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
i have already my own experience in the area of eg 1.5 months in Messe Frankfurt, 3 months as a logistician, several times as a waiter (customer service, cash in, etc.) and am a Model for Iz

Naomi-1087258 40 +

Naomi   (24 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
Worked as a promoter for the Start Foundation during the intercultural days of Dresden in 2014 and 2015. Furthermore distributed food and drinks at private events.

Mourad-800174 40 +

Mourad   (29 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
I study mechanical engineering at the Leibniz University of HANNOVER. I am also working since two years as a waiter. I do regulary Sport and speak 5 languages (English, German, French, Arabi

Jeanne-1977042 40 +

Jeanne   (29 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
- fast einem Jahr English in eimen Sprachzentrum (American Language center) gelernt. -Bachelor in Business Administration ( in English gemacht) -5 Jahre in einem English sprachiges Land gele

Reginald-835580 40 +

Reginald   (32 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
- Student (industrial engineering) - working experience both as a waiter in different restaurants and as a bartender in different bars and also at events like weddings - 2 years experience a

Jean-3462666 40 +

Jean   (28 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
I helped and distributed drinks during the private events. I have also helped in the restaurants. I am currently studying electrical engineering at Kaiserslautern University of Applied Scien

Tolga-3441526 40 +

Tolga   (25 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
Bachelor degree in the 3rd semester of economics - Experience as a dance teacher and fitness trainer - Communication and negotiation experience in the area of ​​network marketing - Service a

Laura-1725546 40 +

Laura   (28 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
I already worked as a dishwasher at Buehl. As a waitress at India curry house, and presently i'm working at Fac't as disches cleaner. i also worked in private houses as a cleaning lady. I ha

Philipp-740996 40 +

Philipp   (24 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
- having completed an internship in a hotel and the appurtenant restaurant as well as Instaff-contracts, I gathered experience in catering - because I get into the english language, I attend

Katharina-176964 30 +

Katharina   (40 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
I worked for Clever Events at Cebit, IFA, Agritechnica and Bread&Butter. Furthermore I worked in sales promotion for Gerolsteiner, Mey and Foodora.

Anika-1879728 30 +

Anika   (36 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
- many years of experience as a promoter, hostess, service staff and bartender, as well as a photographer, camera assistant/second camera and set assistant, as well as a hand for film premie

Yuxi-1585280 30 +

Yuxi   (33 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
biochemstiry student with bilingual background (born in China, grew up in Germany). excellent language skills: mother tongue proficiency in German, English and Chinese. worked as hostess at

Lynn-1116266 30 +

Lynn   (26 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
-I worked as a bartender in Hamburg and as a waitress in Hanover -worked as a service staff at the stadium in Hamburg -as hostess at tarde fairs in Hanover -acted for "I've never been to New

Douaa-3808984 30 +

Douaa   (31 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
I worked as a seller and goods provider at Karstadt as well as at Galeria Kaufhof. I also worked as a cashier and sales assistant at Edeka for 2 and a half years. Due to my excellent work pe

Carolin-2396090 30 +

Carolin   (30 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
-worked as a Hostess i.a. for Coca Cola, Porsche and at the Weser Stadion Bremen -Took part in the IKEA MIDSOMMAR as a promoter -Working in different restaurants as a waitress -also worked f

Christiane-1394250 30 +

Christiane   (29 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
Jobs from Instaff: Hostess (HANNOVER Messe for Microsoft, FESPA, ACHEMA, Equitana, Tire Cologne Trade Fair, Future of Transport, International Symposium on Ticks, Komsa fair, akademika) -- S

Emmanuel-4019964 30 +

Emmanuel   (28 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
I am in the 4th semester of my business studies at the TU Clausthal. Up until now I have only worked as a student assistant in the production and warehouse department of parcel service. I al

Mareike-1976202 30 +

Mareike   (24 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
Since 09/2018: Server, Hostess and Kitchen assistant at several fairs, in restaurants, at festivities / Help with stock taking and occasional assistance with price labelling / Interviewer an

Johanna-1143034 30 +

Johanna   (30 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
Additional to my jobs with Instaff I had multiple hostess jobs with the agency Lagadere Plus in the last years, for example in the VIP area at the BVB stadium. I worked as a service person a

Karin-772748 30 +

Karin   (29 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
Since september 2016 I am studying Textile and Clothing Management at the HS-Niederrhein ( in English). Before that I worked as an apprentice at Escada SE and managed to terminate as a certi

Lisa-428572 30 +

Lisa   (30 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
expierences as a hostess at fairs and several events like the "Deutsche Comedy Preis", move premiers, AIDS Gala via the agency Fink (located in Düsseldorf, GE); experiences as a promotion gi

Senanur-3590052 30 +

Senanur   (22 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
-worked as promoter at the HANNOVER Messe 2018 -worked as Hostess at "Möbel Höffner" 2020 -worked 10 months at "Peek&Cloppenburg" as sales consultant (2018-2019) -worked 10 months in a super

Luise-2349036 30 +

Luise   (31 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
2 yrs apprenticeship to become a bookseller, over 6 yrs working as a bookseller, French at C2 level, English at B2 level, basic knowledge in Italian, seasonal work as a waitress on a ship, s

Katarina-1427024 30 +

Katarina   (32 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
-i worked as a waiter and as a salesperson serveral times - i have almost finnished my master degree in Integrated Media - i have several years of experience working with photography and fil

Isabel-3550068 30 +

Isabel   (25 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
I‘m a very friendly and open-minded person, I already had many different kind of jobs where the contact with clients is very important. An other great thing is that I have absolutely no prob

Muine-2400598 30 +

Muine   (32 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
I am In the 3rd year of Engineering Physics(Bachelor) - 1 year as a cashier @ "Fletcher Better Burger",2 years as waitress @ hotel "Restaurant Hotel Schöne Aussicht" in Frankfurt. and 2-year

Alisa-647700 30 +

Alisa   (31 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
Worked as waitress in the restaurant/brewerie Alter Kranen in Würzburg (1 year). Had a temporary job at a fair with Hahn GmbH. Worked as Caterer for Löwen employment agency GmbH at expositio

Oliver-518354 30 +

Oliver   (32 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
- Apprenticeship as bank clerk - One year of professional experience as a banker (six months as a service consultant in the customer centre and six months as an employee in private loan proc

Caroline-2429130 30 +

Caroline   (31 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
Worked on the ISH fair 2019 as hostess for the company Bosch as waitress and in information area to hand out flyer and to provide information to the clients, worked on the IFFA fair 2019 as

Caroline-307346 30 +

Caroline   (30 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
plenty of practical experience in promotion e.g. for engelbert strauss, clever fit, Volkswagen, RESERVED store, HAMELIN GmbH, Kinopolis Rhein-Neckar and Good Hood GmbH - worked on different

Maita-275370 30 +

Maita   (29 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
- since 2010 service experience in various restaurants, cafes and bars, so I am safe in serving food(carry 3 plates, carry tray) and also in serving drinks (incl. beer taps). I also gained m

Pritam-4206052 30 +

Pritam   (22 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
Dear sir/madam, I am very happy to share my work experience. I have already worked in Alnatura Bio Supermarket & E-Center (EDEKA) as a cashier & salesman. There I had to operate standard sc

Vivian-1545492 30 +

Vivian   (29 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
I have been working in different cities around Germany, for example Berlin, Hamburg and also in the Niedersachen Region. I have work in event such as: ->The football cup/"Pokal" in 2016, Ber

Lea-228120 30 +

Lea   (27 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
Multiple Catering, Promotion as well as Exhibition Hostess jobs via Instaff since 2015 - Since 2012 assistant at Landtage Nord Exhibition in Wüsting, Oldenburg - Experience as service person

Katharina-2346222 30 +

Katharina   (24 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
-from 2015 to 2016: engaged in the international Comenius programme which organised exchanges and focused on writing articles on social life in different countries and their opinions -from 2

Johannes-1287724 30 +

Johannes   (32 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
- several internships for a sawmill and their workshop, - one year working student for Robert Bosch GmbH (technical subjects like facilities) - working for fair gastronomy for over 3 years

Gina-1268922 30 +

Gina   (24 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
- worked as a waitress/bartender for 6 months - fair (Agritechnica, HANNOVER fair,etc.) experienced -worked in a Cafe - experienced promoter, hostess and salesperson -I stayed in the UK for

Katharina-1165672 30 +

Katharina   (30 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
- Hostess at d3con - Hostess at a dinner event with Geldermann; my main task was welcomming the guests upon their arrival - Hostess at an event for 300 international guests - Promotion of Mi

Johanna-3569486 20 +

Johanna   (23 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
- worked in our family catering business for six years. Experiences in hosting company, private, and trade fairs: welcome guests, giving out beverages, flying buffet, other waitress tasks, k

Peculiar-2021730 20 +

Peculiar   (26 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
-worked as a waitress in a well-known Restaurant in Essen, Germany; apart from that I have worked in several occasions like company Partys, weddings, privat ceremonies etc. - currently study

Kira-734010 20 +

Kira   (26 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
- I worked at severeal events as a hostess (exhibitions etc.) - as a waitress - as a translator - in a psychiatry as a supervisor for patients with psychiatric diseases - as a personal assis

Jeffrey-682154 20 +

Jeffrey   (26 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
I’m currently in 7th Semester of my Human Resources studies at Ostfalia University for applied science. I have had several promotionjobs which where all rated with 5 stars. I had an internsh

Janina-117786 20 +

Janina   (33 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
Due to the fact that I already did several hostess jobs and photo shootings (ex. in China). I got a lot of experiences in this working fields. Furthermore I am studying International Busines

Landry-3722212 20 +

Landry   (22 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
- Worked as a service assistant from March 2019 to July 2019 in Berlin for the company «PST Events» - As a dishwasher and kitchen helper from August 2019 to October 2019 in Berlin for the co

Nina-1564728 20 +

Nina   (25 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
studying Public Relations in HANNOVER at the moment; 8 months of working and traveling in Australia and Asia after I've finished school; worked for several catering jobs or as a waitress in

Atiq-1216674 20 +

Atiq   (29 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
I worked in several branches, like Biogas congress 2017 in Osnabrück at the registration and service activities, since 2 years Pizza delivery in a restaurant, 1 month in a coffeshop at the A

Sophie-779034 20 +

Sophie   (28 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
I'm studying to become a teacher in my 10th semester (4th year) in Gießen. I already worked as a promotional model at a couple of trade fairs (Light&Buidling, IFA, Automechanika, Eurotier, A

Johanna-229506 20 +

Johanna   (29 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
hostess in the areas of promotion, selling, informing and service, among others for Bosch GmbH (E-World), botek (Metav), wavin (SHK), schur flexibles (IFFA), R&R Consulting (KVK Messe), bond

Vianney-2565742 20 +

Vianney   (28 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
- Worked for several years as Hostess in Italian Trade Fairs. - Worked in Barilla, Pasta production. - Was engaged in Sidel s.p.a for one year, a metal mechanical industry that produces mach

Sunita-1527600 20 +

Sunita   (27 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
French and (English) are my native languages -In addition to my studies, I served and feasted for 1.5 years at the Antica Roma, can carry 3 plates, prepare some aperitifs and know the rules

Rebecca-889242 20 +

Rebecca   (27 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
Many years experience as hostess on exhibitions (Infa, Ligna, Agritechnica) and events in Germany. * Promotion for products. * 2 years in a restaurant as waitress and at the bar. * I like to

Martina-504438 20 +

Martina   (26 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
During my schooltime I worked in several Hotels and Restaurants as a waitress or at the reception. After my A-Levels I began to work in Paris and improved my french. Since 2015 I am studying

Valentina-411254 20 +

Valentina   (33 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
Since I was 16 I started to work as a waitress while I was at school. After I gratuated I started to work as an insurancy clerk for 3 years. Therefore I have good skills when it comes to wor

Tom-160766 20 +

Tom   (27 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
made a highschool year in america and had a few jobs over there like at mc donald's -working since two years in the service buisness -had a lot of jobs on fairs and as a Promoter conveyed by

Liesa-54996 20 +

Liesa   (32 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
experience - as hostess, chef hostess - diverse fairs and congresses in Berlin, Hamburg, Hanover, Leipzig - as model, model hostess for p. e. Galleries Lafayette, L'Oréal, Wella, Goldwell,

Leila-2067888 20 +

Leila   (25 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
-During 4 months i have worked in a restaurant, café bar (chicco di caffè), catering - Multiple times as hostess for (Orange Cameroon, Brasserie, 5meter Berlin ) -model experience (shootings

Payam-1928028 20 +

Payam   (27 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
I've been working as hostess for more than 2 years at many different exhibitions in HANNOVER for example : VIP Hostess CEBIT, IAA I regularly work as a hostess at various events (conferences

Steffen-1162270 20 +

Steffen   (32 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
- 2 years salesman at Motorcycle Store - Degree: Master of Science - automotive engineering - Bachelorthesis at Volkswagen AG Wolfsburg - Internship at IAV GmbH Gifhorn - Masterthesis at Rob

Julia-2689628 20 +

Julia   (24 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
During my school days I worked as a cashier in a petrol station and gained experience in customer relations and in the stock. In addition, I was able to learn further skills as a waitress in

Olena-2196492 20 +

Olena   (27 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
Hallo! My name is Lena and i study mechatronics. Since 2016 I have collected various experience in service while studying engineering. I worked as a Messehostess for Kircher Messe & Event (I

Clara-1225816 20 +

Clara   (25 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
I worked for six months as a waitress in a bar and a café (E-Werk Erlangen). Furthermore I had the oppurtunity to gain experience at the fair in Bremen (Geschmackslabor). In Bremen I also wo

Eileen-857140 20 +

Eileen   (26 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
- I worked for 4 years at Subway's - worked at the customer care - worked at the sales department - english experiences in australia and asia for two month

Marcus-2871334 20 +

Marcus   (36 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
I worked for several agencies. My tasks were work as a waiter, working in call-centers for hotline and appointments, mystery research, counting and survey people, making audits, promotions a

Jacqueline-2662706 20 +

Jacqueline   (29 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
I have been working as an exhibition hostess for several years, among others at the Domotex, the HANNOVER Messe etc. This includes activities such as: reception of customers, accreditation,

Frederik-1845344 20 +

Frederik   (30 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
I gained the B.A. in Mediamanagement and Journalism at the Jade University of Applied Sciences in Wilhelmshaven. This included: Design (Flyer, Poster, Photography, HTML/CSS) Business Adminis

Vincent-1245486 20 +

Vincent   (27 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
Bildung: 2014 Abitur, Hamburg 2015 Grafic Design Diplom, New York 2017 Music Business Diplom, Hamburg 2017 Music Business Bachelor, Hamburg Erfahrung: 2015 Superdy Salesman, New York 2016 S

Andreas-3155884 20 +

Andreas   (30 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
- Bachelor of Science Business Administration - Master of Science Management & Marketing - Working experience in start-ups (4 month) - Working experience in catering (4 month) - Working expe

Magdi-3116894 20 +

Magdi   (26 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
I am a computer science student at the TU Braunschweig in the 3. semester. I have worked several jobs at different companies. Including one and half year through the agency Brockmann at Wern

Alexandra-1538198 20 +

Alexandra   (33 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
Since 2011 I worked as a barkeeper and waitress on several Science Conferences, that were organized by the university of Hamburg, and Vernissages of theGallery 'Feinkunst Krüger' in Hamburg.

Sandra-1473602 20 +

Sandra   (24 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
Currently student of marketing management; Experiences: -2 years as a waitress (bars and restaurants) -Catering by MHH Eventmanagement - VIP-Hostess at the 'Neue Bult' hanover

Hilary-1402076 20 +

Hilary   (29 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
My Name is Hilary (27) and I am from Colombia, I live already for 5 years in Germany. I am studying at the Ruhr University Social sciences and English. I lived in the UK for two and a half y

Sussan-1090506 20 +

Sussan   (24 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
- have worked at several exhibitions such as IAA 2018 in HANNOVER, CeBit 2018 in HANNOVER and EMO 2017 in HANNOVER - experience in working as a kitchen help - worked at smaller private parti

Belinda-986164 20 +

Belinda   (27 years)

Available in: HANNOVER
- Currently in 4th year of international business studies - Studied abroad at UNF in Jacksonville, FL - Worked 6 months abroad in Trade Marketing for Henkel Benelux (sales and marketing for

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