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Tanja-316866 70 +

Tanja   (27 years)

experience as a promoter and hostess for several companies (Dresdner Verkehrsbetriebe, Sächsische Dampfschifffaht, Word Wilde Fund for Nature, Kindernothilfe), worked as a waiter and sales a

Marlene-230668 60 +

Marlene   (27 years)

*over 50 successful instaff jobs* Two years work experience in the gastronomy in full time; promotion experience in sales experience as a model - FOTOSHOOTINGs, catwalk experience, modelhost

Jurgen-2036150 60 +

Jurgen   (28 years)

Experience as a model, photoshooting, commercial ads and videoclips for different albanian agencies. Worked as a waiter for 4 months on the weekend while in high school. Played soccer for 11

Andreas-1615646 50 +

Andreas   (32 years)

- Experience as a model in different FOTOSHOOTINGs. - Check - In - Staff - - Experience in building up of stage constructions and logistic driver - Distributing of flyers - Degustation in su

Lena-1178846 40 +

Lena   (26 years)

experience in trade shows, mostly in the wedding sector: Vintage Wedding, Max liebt Marie - experience in event hosting with champagne reception or welcoming the guests - experience in model

Ana-127964 40 +

Ana   (28 years)

Worked as a hostess and modelhostess at exhibitions and events in several German cities such as Berlin, Hamburg, Hannover and Kiel. I also worked as a model several times and made a few foto

Jessica-2038894 30 +

Jessica   (23 years)

- currently in my second semester of my event-management studies - Two internships for the organisation of events (Daydream festival; Oceanbeat Partyboat) - 2 months of promotion and sales f

Annika-2193076 30 +

Annika   (26 years)

-Much experience in Catering & Service at the Electronica 2018 and several corporate events (agencies: Sinnesfreunde GmbH , Diva Agentur) - Model experience (SportFOTOSHOOTING for Jack Wolfs

Pia-860248 30 +

Pia   (27 years)

experience as a waitress at LernBar (Klettwitz, Germany), 2013 and at SeeHotel Großräschen, 2017 - fair hostess at Fachdental Messe Leipzig, 2016, unique 4+1 2018, Chance 2019 - DGU congress

Janina-1553346 30 +

Janina   (23 years)

- FOTOSHOOTINGs for advertisements (Lidl, Apothekenumschau) - professional FOTOSHOOTING in 2017 (pictures from Sedcard) - I used to work in a bakery - Riedmair (one year) - I worked at a rea

Laura-89534 30 +

Laura   (28 years)

- a lot of hostess experiences - a lot of promotion experiences - professional FOTOSHOOTINGs Studies: International journalism International experiences: 2 month Italy 3 weeks London 6 m

Alexandra-773476 30 +

Alexandra   (30 years)

- for over 5 years different hostess activities with the agency Vanessa Minique in Liège - worked as waiter for years in a restaurant and at different Events - since 6 years promotion with V

Kaya-941378 30 +

Kaya   (24 years)

3 years experience in working in a cafe (serving drinks and food, serving, cashiering) as well as some experience in FOTOSHOOTINGs as a model and holiday jobs in retail as saleswoman and con

Katharina-1856852 20 +

Katharina   (22 years)

I have been working in the food service industry for 4 years; Restaurant, diner, bartender and ice cream parlor experience; worked as a hostess for Automechanika 2018; service on weddings, e

Silke-193666 20 +

Silke   (26 years)

already worked as a server in a hospital concerning my education and as a server at Langos, worked at the Check-In at a fair, promotionexperience, telephoneacquisition, experience in the ret

Johannes-2644156 20 +

Johannes   (28 years)

- First experience in FOTOSHOOTINGs as a model - 3.5 years of experience in the gastronomy (café, restaurant, gym) - 1.5 years of experience in the field of reception and customer service (c

Lavinia-2422662 20 +

Lavinia   (25 years)

I had worked at an ice-cream parlour for several years. I have worked at many exhibitions (for example Expo Real, intersolar, transport & logistics). As I had a lot of FOTOSHOOTINGs, I have

Alena-1305084 20 +

Alena   (24 years)

In September 2020 I finished my bachelors degree in the field of Business Administration and am planning to start my master at the end of their year. I have already had experiences in Fotosh

Anna-781918 16

Anna   (25 years)

- various assignment as fairhostess at the "Akademika Nürnberg" at the "CO- Reach" for the client Smarketer at the "European Coating Show" for the client Clariant SE, at the "Embedded World"

Anna-37692 11

Anna   (28 years)

- Shop assistant in the retail trade where consultation is in the foreground (underwear, national costume fashion) - Experience in doctorate and customer recruitment (wine trade, Akademika J

Katharina-857980 8

Katharina   (31 years)

- I worked for several agencies like: + 24 Agency in Cologne for the trade fair "Gamescom" + Blank & Biehl for C&A + Instaff for VW and a doctors conference in Ulm - I have a lot of experie

Claudia-334030 8

Claudia   (31 years)

VIP Hostess for DFB, Jaguar, AUDI (Guesthandling), Michael Kors (Showroom), ERGO Group ● Hostess at fairs like ISPO, Expo REAL, Trendset & Inhorgenta Munich or congresses i.e. ZDH ● 2,5 year

Nathaly-1111394 7

Nathaly   (25 years)

Promotion (spread flyer) Experiences as a model because of FOTOSHOOTINGs Experiences with kids because of a work experience in a nursery and tinker at TOOM building centre Experiences with t

Nina-1038552 7

Nina   (24 years)

I helped out at some private functions. After finishing high school, I've spent nine months in Australia to improve my English and to meet new people. In addition I've had some FOTOSHOOTINGs

Theresa-1123392 6

Theresa   (31 years)

Longtime experience in Catering and Service. Worked for several clients at Eataly (Accreditation at Press-Day, Grand Opening), Symposium Feines Essen und Trinken (Accreditation, Congress), C

Clara-836994 6

Clara   (25 years)

-Promotion for BMW Classic Parts on the Retro Classics Bavaria -Promotion at SPS IPC Drives Nuremberg for AAEON - Hostess for DEKRA on IAA 2017 -CoReach 2017 Catering -Model experience from

Laura-1394040 5

Laura   (29 years)

1 year studies abbroad in Japan, 1 year exchange to France, differnet jobs on fairs, weddings and other events, fluent in French, 6 months experience in café, Studying fashion design in 8th

Rebeka-970918 5

Rebeka   (30 years)

Worked for the Hostess agency Cinnamon on different events in Berlin: IFA 2017 Produzentenfest 2017 L'Oréal Gala Dinner 2017 DEGRO 2017 GQ Award 2016 German Movie Award 2016 Leibniz Award 2

Julia-240104 5

Julia   (30 years)

I worked one year for the German Red Cross in public relations work. I informed the people about donating blood, supported current donors by phone and represented the Red Cross at donation c

Lidija-1526060 4

Lidija   (32 years)

I work as model and hostess since 2013. I made a lot of FOTOSHOOTING (jobs and free projects) , did catwalk (f.e. Lieb Ju, LWL Museum), worked on trades (tube, quarter dessous, top hair, etc

Tanja-248014 4

Tanja   (30 years)

Bachelor Media Science, Spanish, cultural anthropology - Promotionteam of Charivari Radio - Modelexperience: Model for Java Model Management, Cover Girl/Model Primaer Design Photography, Ves

Nikita-185014 4

Nikita   (26 years)

- Runner for Uni Credit at the UEFA CL-Final 2015 in Berlin - "ZEIT MAGAZIN" FOTOSHOOTING Winter 2013/2014

Elina-2708150 3

Elina   (24 years)

I worked for a tarte flambee restaurant for 8 months. In addition to that I worked in a cocktail bar for about 4 months as a temp in the kitchen but I also served beers and cocktails. I've h

Annabel-2695018 3

Annabel   (27 years)

- I am studying medicine and I am currently in the 11th semester - I did a research internship at Massachusetts General Hospital, a Harvard teaching hospital, in Boston, USA, and conducted r

Friedrich-1054106 3

Friedrich   (24 years)

- model experience by having FOTOSHOOTINGs and tv-commercials; - did an internship in the logistic centre of the mexican company Indux; - experience as waiter and barkeeper in a peruvian hos

Laura-1391842 2

Laura   (23 years)

- several hostess' jobs on Cebit Hannover - model experiences by FOTOSHOOTINGs - 3 years of working experiences in the gastronomy I can carry 3 plates and know how to serve right. - 2 mon

Sara-1352194 2

Sara   (31 years)

2 years in Architecture Office-6 days in the kitchen of honnover exhibition-2 month in cloth store(colloseum)-6 month and till now in tk-max store in oldenburg-once at the FOTOSHOOTING our u

Linda-828958 2

Linda   (25 years)

- worked in a café for 2 years, serving food and drinks, making coffee with a barista machine, many foreign guests and tourists - good english skills as I spent one year abroad - several mod

Rubina-719100 2

Rubina   (27 years)

Bachelor degree in Psychology; worked for two years as a service employee at a brewhouse; two-month stay in France; internship abroad in New Zealand; experience as a model (FOTOSHOOTINGs); A

AnnKathrin-627708 2

Ann   (27 years)

I worked for several hostess agencies at IAA, Euroblech, Eurotier, Agritechnika, Cebit, Traudich and various events. I have a lot of expericences in promotion jobs, catering/service and accr

Lukas-565506 2

Lukas   (26 years)

Worked for different restaurants also in the Catering service - worked for Alnatura - did some FOTOSHOOTINGs - I'm a learned Paramedic - I do since 7 Years Enshin Karate and Thai-Boxing

Anne-3910666 1

Anne   (28 years)

I have worked at the Staatsoper Unter den Linden for 2 years in the field of costumer service. That's why I have professional service qualifications. I am an actress in my third year of trai

Sonja-3395046 1

Sonja   (38 years)

Since November 2014 selfemployed retail-business-owner in Golf & Fashion/ 2018 and 2019 service staff at KÜCHE IM KRAFTWERK in Munich at serveral different events, I know the serving rules a

Philip-2771710 1

Philip   (22 years)

- worked as a bartender at private events and @Citadel Music Festival - assembling and disassembling furniture, carrying heavy objects - Experience in front of a camera through FOTOSHOOTINGs

Kristin-2418756 1

Kristin   (25 years)

-worked for several hostess agencies -4 month experience in Service and Catering in a Restaurant in my hometown, befor I started my studies in Stuttgart (Food Science and Biotechnology -1 ex

AiTran-2242734 1

Ai   (25 years)

Worked several hostess jobs and promotion jobs for the agency UCM (uCastMe) FOTOSHOOTING experiences, studying nutritional sciences in the 3rd semester at the University of applied Science i

Jutta-2019630 1

Jutta   (34 years)

Modeled for several FOTOSHOOTINGs and advertisement projects; 2-years of experience as a receptionist at UBS bank Zurich Switzerland; more than 5 years of hospitality experience (serving, ba

Kerstin-1715228 1

Kerstin   (28 years)

Studied business administration at the Munich University oft Applied Sciences and graduated with my Bachelor of Arts degree in February 2019. Now studying Arts & Cultural History at the Augs

Dylan-1508280 1

Dylan   (23 years)

1. I have experience in modelling/FOTOSHOOTING 2. I have prticipated in multiple advertisement spots 3. I have experience as a waiter 4. Experience in the hostessagency 5. I can work well wi

Marianne-1066664 1

Marianne   (24 years)

-service worker in Restarurant Farmerhaus in Zermatt, Switzerland for four months. (Winterseason 2016-2017) -Parfums and beaty cosmetics saleswoman in Fetiche S.A. (June and November 2015) -

Pauline-226510 1

Pauline   (26 years)

- worked for several hostess agencies at IAA and Automechanikain in Frankfurt - 1 year experience in Catering & Service - 4 years experience as a fitness coach - experiences as a model at fo

Vivian-106404 1

Vivian   (46 years)

I worked as a Hostesses at the Trade Fair in Germany( NRW). My Tasks was as follows: Service( Catering), FOTOSHOOTINGs,Take care of VIP Guest's,( to give Basics Informations to customers abo


Ana   (20 years)

4 months experience in service (as a waitress) at a beachclub and at a bavarian restaurant - currently working as a saleswoman (mini Job) - Model experience (catwalk & FOTOSHOOTING)- Highsch


Bruno   (26 years)

Work-experience on construction site (sanitary and heatingsystems Emhardt & Auer GmbH); Internship at the stonemason of the cathedral in Regensburg; Waiter at the BR-gala (Fürstenfeldbruck);


Jessica   (22 years)

i have worked as a waitress for nine months in a cafe one year i was helping out in a restaurant three to four months i have worked in a bar four months i have been in system catering i have


Philina   (26 years)

- medical student in her 9th semester; - 6 months experience in catering & service (café) during/after highschool; - helping hand and organisation at private events (birthdays/weddings); - p


Maria   (22 years)

I have several experiences in social and gastronomic fields. Furthermore I’ve worked as a model for several FOTOSHOOTINGs. I am a friendly and communicative person. I’m always motivated to d


Nina   (22 years)

-Temporary help in a Hotel - I have some Model Experience from FOTOSHOOTINGs and i love to do it -At the Moment i am doing an education as an Occupational Therapist, this is why i think i am


Alexandra   (33 years)

Experience as a model (through FOTOSHOOTINGs), job as a model at Betz Freizeitmoden (summer collection 2019), I speak Spanish and English fluently, I have worked for "One Stage and Sports" a


Vanessa   (22 years)

- worked for 3 months as a waiter (e.g Licata) - worked as a model in several FOTOSHOOTINGs ( e.g Home in Poland) - worked in a restaurant called Domino’s - currently absolving my Abitur (gr


Daniel   (32 years)

- model experiences due to some Fashion shows in Düsseldorf and FOTOSHOOTINGs (TFP based) -state approved educator since 2014 and work experiences since 2013 with children of 0,4 to 6 years


Sara   (28 years)

Lifelong experience in service industry , schooled in familybuisiness to carry saveral plates (depending on size up to 10) , I am well introduced to serving rules, half year experience as ba


Lorenz   (24 years)

-Experience as a model (several FOTOSHOOTINGs/ Model in the Ultra Aftermovie Singapore 2017) -Experience as a Kids and Junior Golf Coach -Social project in India ( renovations of school buil


Julia   (28 years)

- finished my Bachelor´s degree in January 2017 - currently I'm in the 2nd semester of International Business Management (Master) - since 2014 I work for the RWTH as an working student - I a


Vivien   (24 years)

Exchange semester in Ohio, Internship in Beijing (at Thyssen Krupp and at an chinese Company), FOTOSHOOTINGs since 2002, Student Exchange in Grenoble/ France 2014, temporary job: assistant a


Etelvina   (27 years)

I’m working as a sale Assistent, I have a lot of experience in costumer service. Model experience from previous FOTOSHOOTINGs. Worked as a Bartender for 2 years.


Sarah   (24 years)

I helped out at some private functions. After finishing high school, I've spend four months in New York City to improve my English and to meet new people. In addition to that, I had some fot


Vanessa   (31 years)

EXPERIENCED HOSTESS - several hostess assignments through the agency MKS (trade fairs / events: roof & wood, IMM, UTECH, Intermot, Ladies Night C&A etc.) - waited tables on several events (c


Valeria   (30 years)

-worked for hostess&promoter agency in Tunin, Italy -one year shop assistent for GUESS and Timberland shops -two years Barista&Latte Art maker and waitress -FOTOSHOOTING in Milan


Janine   (32 years)

- worked in several bars and nightclubs (also in Australia) - model/Statist for several FOTOSHOOTINGs - club promotion in Australia - hostess (Terex Demag)


Judith   (26 years)

Worked for several hostess agencies (e.g. wedding fair in Wipperfürth and Edeka fair in Neumünster) - several weeks experience in Front Office Management at Kampf Schneid- und Wickeltechnik


Allison   (30 years)

I'm working since I am 14 years old. From this time on I became a workaholic. I had many jobs all these years, often several at the same time. I liked it to be free and financially independe


Olena   (32 years)

1) Experience as a model due to several FOTOSHOOTINGs; 2) Experience in organisation of customer meetings and conducting campus tours for customers during my working student job; 3)Experienc


Verena   (25 years)

several employments in FOTOSHOOTING in the Areas: Indoor, Outdoor, Fashion, Dessous. A lot of experience as service force and bar women. Through my Profession as executive officer many exper


Denitsa   (28 years)

- 4 months experience in Catering & Service - I've already worked 6 months as a tourist entertainer at a hotel - Model experience through FOTOSHOOTING - Very good knowledge of MS-Office an


Krystsina   (33 years)

worked for several hostess agencies at Internorga, Airkraft, US Car Convention in Dresden - 5 months experience in Catering and Service - modeling experience (FOTOSHOOTINGs) - Diplom in even


Linda   (29 years)

- several working experience as a hostess at exhibitions - FOTOSHOOTINGs - Sales experience (Falke) - waitressing at big events - VIP support at concerts and soccer games


Janine   (30 years)

- Bachelor of Science in International Management for Service completed - during my studies: - internship at Fairmont Hotel Four Seasons - summer school at Les Roches Marbella


Anna   (26 years)

- in 5th semester of my law studies - 3 years experience in catering & service - model experience by several FOTOSHOOTINGs - driving license and own car


Stella   (25 years)

I study "Business Administration" in my first semester while working for Siemens, I have lots of experiences in modelling since I did lots of FOTOSHOOTINGs and fashionshows, I’m a Zumba-Inst


Nastassia   (27 years)

Successful participation in national and international conferences,seminars, exhibitions as a hostess. Fluent English (without accent and grammar mistakes in speech). Certain experience as a


Silke   (24 years)

worked for the hostess agency Düring Events at the PV Live! 2017 trade fair in Hannover: customer and stand care - Participation at a modedesign workshop : designing clothes, presenting


Chantale   (27 years)

-worked as an hairmodel -did some professional FOTOSHOOTINGs -distributing flyers -served drinks at bars on festivals and events


Melodie   (26 years)

I did the 10.Schoolyear Viventa in Zürich, Switzerland. After that i worked 3years as a Hairdresser in a Salon and i graduatet. After that i worked in a Restaurant for 1month. I helped out i


Eileen   (26 years)

At the moment I'm a Bachelor student in International Business in the 3rd semester at the School of business and Economics in Maastricht. I was also able to gain some model experiences throu


Cosima   (27 years)

I don't have an experience as hostess/promoter yet, but I'm looking foreward to get some. I finished my 'A Level' in june 2015 and since 2016 I study the teaching profession. I also have exp


Hannah   (26 years)

3 month of hotelwork in Chile Modelwork in FOTOSHOOTING


Theresa   (37 years)

I have no experience as a Hostess but I have the heart of a host, I´m friendly , open-minded and flexible , Experience in Events / Service / Catering : Several FOTOSHOOTINGs's , film produc


Kim   (28 years)

- experience in different service companies- selling food - worked in customer service - catering and service experiences through private events - professional, private FOTOSHOOTING with pho


Lena   (30 years)

Worked for the Hostess Agency Shows & Artists (ADAC-Gala, Bayrischer Abend from Adidas, Messe München) - 11 month catering for diverse events and work experience in 5 Star Hotels like Charle



Worked for several hostess agencies at ( IAA, ISH, Musikmesse, Tendence, Automechanika, Buchmesse). Worked at Tesla Motors Frankfurt as a sales advertiser for 3 months. Experiences as a


Lea   (34 years)

Five years of experience as a hostess for Petra Dieler more than shoes GmbH at the shoe fairs CPD and GDS. Professionell FOTOSHOOTINGs for the company Goettmann Caps and Hats since four year

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