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Yanick   (21 years)

I have been working for glaskar: a company responsible for the cleaning of entire Buildings.I have also worked in a call center (Krämer market research). In addition, I have also worked more


Paulette   (26 years)

Dear Sirs and Madames, As a student of Business Informatics at HTW-Berlin, I have been working for InStaff for several clients for more than a year. During this time I was busy in different


Viacheslav   (23 years)

• I already worked at various major fairs, such as IFA, Innotrans, Panorama and gained experience. • Manager in the election campaign for the city election of deputies in Chelyabinsk, Russia


Nestan   (22 years)

6 months at ARTIS Veranstaltunspersonal - greet guest, hand out/sale program books, gardrobe Expierienced waitress - at agency "Löwe & Personal Service" worked many times as a barkeeper


Hong   (28 years)

- working full-time for the public service with a lot of customer contact - lots of catering experience, because I worked 5 years a waitress - a little bit of model experience for the last 2


Reni   (23 years)

- Hostess experience: worked at international fairs, taking place at Berlin Messe; - Work experience as sales assistant; - Certificate of Proficiency in English from Cambridge University; -


Edis   (22 years)

I study molecular biology in the fifth semester at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz. I worked for half a year as a tutor at the ‚Schülerhilfe‘, where I independently taught and superv


Hai   (26 years)

Worked at several fairs (service&language) e.g. Drupa, Imm, interpack, IDS, Living Kitchen, Interzum, Glow, Jagd&Hund, Intermodellbau, Creativia,Techno Classica, KVK, Kunstoff, ProWein, food


Salam   (28 years)

I was the activities coordinator for the syrian society during my education in Cyprus. My master's degree in Germany is in English. I have been studying in English for the last 4 years and w


Michelle   (22 years)

I worked for several years as a waitress and hostess in the gastronomy (e. g. marriages, concerts, birthdays, firm events). I also took care of booths at trade fairs from different organisat


Gilles   (23 years)

I have a wide alround experience in Catering-jobs ,Promotion ,Produktion and Delievery. -In 2016 I worked for Bremerzeit Personal in Dortmund.(In the Production Branch) -From 2017 to 2018 fo


Leona   (23 years)

I‘ve been in America as an au pair for 1 year —Currently in my 6th semester dual course of study: business adminstration, while absolving my education at Dean&David : my main tasks : waitres


Irena   (50 years)

Event assistant for: Games com at the Cologne Fair, Securitas Sport & Event GmbH VIP Bereich Lanxess Arena Köln, HDI Service AG Multimomentanalyse, Hostess, Translation Handout//Lyconet Velt


Laura   (25 years)

I already worked as a dishwasher at Buehl. As a waitress at India curry house, and presently i'm working at Fac't as disches cleaner. i also worked in private houses as a cleaning lady. I ha


Ainaz   (26 years)

-I'm currently studying chemical biology at the Technical university of Dortmund. -I have experience in the field of gastronomy, I also worked for more than a year in restaurant as a Waitres


Dong   (23 years)

- worked as a Promoter for 2Be - experienced waiter for several restaurants - studied 6 month in California


Rami   (31 years)

Since 2011 I work as a kitchen help service and promoter for several fairs in Dusseldorf, Dortmund and Essen with the company Buhl, company Service on guest, company Fiesta, company Mise en


Charlene   (27 years)

I am a bachelor student in worms , i am cameroonian. I worked years ago in my country land at the reception in a company .in Germany I have much more experience when it comes to working with


Mahmoud   (26 years)

August 2017 - March 2018: Working student at eMovements (Future Mobility Company) [Schwabstraße 33, 70197 Stuttgart (START UP Company)] October 2017 to January 2017: Working in an Autorepair


Zahir   (22 years)

- studying plastics engineering in the 5th Semester at the Hochschule Darmstadt - helped out at many events for set-up and dismantling - worked almost 1 year as a driver for Sixt - Rent a ca


Ferry   (25 years)

- Walhalla event and concert - Street Food Festival (checkout, set-up and dismantling, bar boss) - Africa Festival Würzburg (bar, checkout, set-up and dismantling) - Checkout (Real Supermark


Mohamed   (24 years)

Event waiter by exhibition halls: Guests greetings, buffet service or menu service etc... More than 2 years experience as a working student at Lidl, where I am responsible for customer servi


Cindy   (20 years)

While I was still in school I worked as a cashier in a football stadium; Later I worked as a waitress in a restaurant and I still do so (right now in a steakhouse called The Ash); I got my a


Serkan   (28 years)

- besides I'm working in the field of civil engineering - internship at Peek&Cloppenburg - worked as barista at Balzac Coffee for 7 years - experience im promotion - good social skills for c


Yeliz   (23 years)

I took Part in a Model Contest "Werde Entdeckt 2012" in Main-Taunus-Zentrum. I did my first experience as a hostess in 2013 and in the following years i could expend them. Moreover i did a t


Fabian   (29 years)

- I am currently a master student in an English double Master Program of economics and sinology (= Chinese studies) and have completed my bachelor's degree in sinology and anthropology. - St


Khalid   (20 years)

3 months Internship as a realtor - 3 months Internship at the company Senioren-Beratungszentrum - a one week long Internship at Software company as an app-developer


Judit   (25 years)

- Field of work: Service staff - temporary staff at Yuman, at pme Familienservice, at Peek & Cloppenburg (Fashion Service), at VGL Verlagsgesellschaft ( - Advertising, sales, b


Bassel   (20 years)

worked in a restaurant in Australia for 2 months as a waiter worked in a hostel in Australia as housekeeper worked 3 months in Munich in Schuh Schmid as a salesman worked as a dishwasher fo


Nafi   (23 years)

- my work experience: 3 years as a waitress - helped/ worked at various events (birthday celebrations, summer festival, company partys,..) - worked as a volunteer in capetown for 10 months i


Carla   (20 years)

Assisting in an Italian restaurant, mainly serving tasks such as drinks and food, washing glasses and drying and cleaning. In addition, I was also a temporary assistant in a hairdressing sal


Michelle   (25 years)

I worked for 8 months at the Manzoni Bar in Zürich switzerland In the last two years I've been working in sporadic or "minijobs" in different branches such as, Catering, Bartender, sales, cl


Mildred   (23 years)

I worked for several Stores as a shop assistant and learned how to use good communication to sell products I have experience as a waitress I worked in a restaurant for a couple of months In


Rammah   (31 years)

1.5 years experience in catering at Westfalenstadion and Westfalenhalle in dortmund. I am working at InStaff for more than a year and have worked as: Service staff at Celebrate Streetfood Ca


Minh   (26 years)

Currently in my 9th semester of education studies, Practical experience in schools, Worked as a substitute teacher for one and a half years, Two jobs in clothing stores (three years), Cu


Atiq   (26 years)

I worked in several branches, like Biogas congress 2017 in Osnabrück at the registration and service activities, since 2 years Pizza delivery in a restaurant, 1 month in a coffeshop at the A


Hong   (27 years)

- 1 year temporary job at New Yorker: sales, customer consulting, cash register - 6 months internship at interactive travel (language study travels to England): promotion, customer consulti


André   (24 years)

experienced in: event supervision, host, service and kitchen help, construction help, sampling, tastings


Leandry   (27 years)

During my language course in Ilmenau, I worked alongside Schiller Event and Löwen in the trade fair / event area and in a concert (Elton John and Grönemeyer) in Erfurt, collected glasses and


Philippa   (23 years)

-Studies Media- and Communicationinformatics at Hochschule Rhein Waal -internship at Lust for Life for three weeks - Catering at various graduations and weddings - Gospel choir singer sang


Setphanie   (28 years)

ich lerne Englisch in moment und bin schon in der Stufe B1


Felipe   (29 years)

I am currently student at ESMT Business School in my second Master in the field of Management, also with experience in Catering, Service, Barkeeping and Reception in Hostels. I have also par


Bruck   (23 years)

- Barista at 'Gelateria Old Bridge' in Stuttgart - Server at Student Bar in Karlsruhe - Federal Volunteer at the Youth Development Department Assisting and interacting with troubled school c


Karen   (25 years)

Working experience: -Receptionist at a luxurious dental clinic in Lima, Peru (German,Spanish,English). -Seller at Bang&Olufsen (in Lima) and COS (in Cologne, Germany). - I have also worked a


Linh   (25 years)

- internship in HR (recruiting, 3 months) - internship in finance (in a startup, 6 months) - Master of laws in business and law since 09/2017- study abroad program in Australia at the Univer


Sonia   (25 years)

I have worked as a receptionist in a hotel, in hotel events . in fabrik work, cleaning and in Gastronomy and i have a red card. I have worked in Estrel, vw wolfsburg, Westermandruck , that i


Catherine   (20 years)

I already have gathered several experiences on Fairs as a hostess or event helper, through other agencies. I'm good at managing people, because I also work as a photographer, which leads to


Awa   (28 years)

Hostess at congresses such as Dmexco, ECC, as well as service / bar counter / barkeeper at various fairs and (private) events - tastings offered as a VIP hostess in the stadium model for ph


Raph   (20 years)

-A day in Arena in Erfurt worked as a vendor: I sold food and drinks. -worked as a vendor In Silvester for "Rufes am Brunnen":I was responsible for the distribution of foods and drinks. -wor


Sadam   (28 years)

- I worked as Event helper for a catering company during the dismantling of things two events. - working as Intern in production planning department at Robert Bosch Rutesheim plant. - I work


Natascha   (28 years)

Student of social sciences from Marburg. Worked as a hostess for well-known clients such as Lenovo, DGIM and Gri Club. The Frankfurt Fair and Wiesbaden Congress Center are very familiar to m


Julienne   (21 years)

I’m studying electronics in the second semester. At the same time I usually help at fairs or other organizations and actions. For this I also like to travel to all Germany, if I can project


Maxi   (27 years)

Several years working experience as a waitress and on fairs and exhibitions. Additionally, I have worked various companys as a student trainee and therefore am familiar to conversation with


Ögeday   (22 years)

Supporting the hall master to build the MEDTEC fair 2015. Host on the Trost-Schau fair 2015 in Stuttgart. Construction helper and depleting helper on the FMX fair 2015. Host at the informati


Tanja   (27 years)

My experiences as exhibiton hostess at e.g. -SOLIDS 2017 in Dortmund -Euroshop 2017 in Dusseldorf -IAF 2017 Munster -TUBE & WIRE 2018 Dusseldorf -ProWein 2018 Dusseldorf -Caravan Salon 2018


Luise   (23 years)

Experiences as (video)host at youth ceremonys (Jugendweihe), a Festival, MTV, Radio, in 4th semester of studying media including communication psychology, Promotion (distribution of flyers f


Minh   (21 years)

- For this summer vacation i’ve worked for the job agency named Eventpartout, It creates a golden chance for me to work in various positions (as Set-up, waiter, runner) and in many restauran


Achref   (22 years)

I am studying Information Technology in the 4th semester at the Koblenz University of Applied Sciences. I come from Tunisia and I have the language school for the German language successfull


Sajeel   (23 years)

Hello, i am studying in the 8 th Semester in Aerospace Engineering (BSc). Alongside my studies i am working in Media Markt. I have already worked in different Hostagencies.


Jatin   (25 years)

Summer job in Production at Noerpel GmbH, Oberzell. 6 months Internship in Software Development at ZF Friedrichshafen AG. 1 year working student in Project Management at Continental - ADC Au


Emre   (23 years)

In the 5th semester Student of Applied Computer Science My previous assignments and activities; Successful assignments by InStaff. Interventions at fairs and football matches by Secutitas, V


Ben   (22 years)

worked 7 months as a cookmaid in a restaurant named Burgerliebe in Mönchengladbach, where I worked with cooks, which were from different nations and english was a big help. after that I work


Tobias   (28 years)

I've worked as a promoter/client advisor for SAMSUNG at the Gamescom and IFA 2016 and IFA 2017, interviewer for the market research agency Foerster & Thelen (Wertheim Village, Albert Heijn,


Aurelle   (19 years)

I have worked as a temporary help (at the cash-desk and as a service helper) in the famous fast food Restaurant burger king und with the firma! In addition I work very often with


Kevine   (21 years)

It always makes me such a huge emmotion when i´m about to talk about my experiences. After my graduation I did an apprenticeship in office communication. Thereafter i completed an internship


Valain   (24 years)

Study Business Informatics. I have a great experience in gastronomy and service (2 years as a helper) namely at: -Gasthaus Setelle (Augsburg) -August Restaurant (Augsburg) -Apostkeller Medie


Aykut   (28 years)

last semester of my master studies, worked in several companies like Daimler Germany, Daimler Dubai, E-Plus Group, Remondis and Ergo in sales departments. Also experienced as a bartender, wa


Hilary   (26 years)

My Name is Hilary (25) and I am from Colombia, I live already for 3 years in Germany. I am studying at the Ruhr University Politics and economy of Eastasia.with an emphasis in the Korean lan


Gina   (21 years)

- worked as a waitress/bartender for 6 months - fair (Agritechnica, Hannover fair,etc.) experienced -worked in a Cafe - experienced promoter, hostess and salesperson -I stayed in the UK for


Johanna   (32 years)

In my last Master Semester of my studis in infomationbased business administration. Several years of experience in catering and service/ worked for serveral hostess agencys/ Good Office skil


Hannah   (25 years)

worked several times at markets and fairs at the cloakroom and as waitress for big events Is used to long, exhausting work days, stays always friendly Fluent in german and english - Bu


Maya   (25 years)

2 years experience working at the entrance (box-office) and bar of events - 5 years diverse experience with promotion of events (e. g. distribute flyers) - 8 years experience with organizati


Jenny   (23 years)

• 2016: Frankfurt Fair as hostess • 2016: 4 * Hotel Concorde as service staff • 2017- Oct. 2018: fitness trainer in Happy Fitness Frankfurt • Oct.2018 - Jan. 2019: Teleperformance Portugal (


Jaqueline   (22 years)

3 months experience as a waitress at the agency ''Mise en Place'' - e.g. work at the exhibition center/fair (IAA and book fair) and other events 2 months part-time job as service staff at th


Fernando   (27 years)

I have an apprenticeship as an Hotel expert in a 5 stars Hotel. I worked one year as a barkeeper in a five stars hotel. in 2014 I take part of a model campaign for Daimler.


Sandor   (28 years)

Diverse work experiences, as kitchen aid, waiter (in Spain), door supervisor/ event security (HABC certified in UK), service personnel in Hamburg‘s Elbphilharmonie and Laeiszhalle as barstaf


David   (23 years)

1. Promotion and sample distribution e.g. for FAZ (with santa claus costume) 2. Service and catering experience for business events (including distribution of food and beverages) 3. Hostess


Thanh   (26 years)

I have already worked in some companies, which attend events and hotels in the astronomic sector. I was employed as waiter, runner for the drink service and sometimes worked behind the bar.


Xaviera   (28 years)

I already worked as a Promoter for, tipico and Unicef. I also worked at the K trade fair (Plastics and Rubber) in Düsseldorf. Now I am finishing my studies in International Relati


Bao   (26 years)

- English for business at university ( 6 months) - English for mathematical economics ( one term ) - 3 years at highschool and 5 years at middle school - I worked for 3 years at Primark. Tha


Franc   (23 years)

Being a student and having worked in various side jobs, I have been able to aquire expertise in different areas. Assisting in event organization for different events in Cologne and Aachen as


Tamara   (26 years)

07.01. - 11.01.2019/ 21.01. - 26.01./ 28.01. Chicco di Caffè (Instaff & Jobs GmbH) - Barista/kitchen assistant; 08.04.2017 - JD Sports (InStaff & Jobs GmbH) - Promotion; 04.01.- 06.01.2016 -


Isabel   (23 years)

- Trained permaculture - 6 months Weltwärts voluntary service in Ecuador in the area of NGO Management & Tourism - Completed apprenticeship as a hotel industry expert in January 2017 at the


Arian   (26 years)

-3 years experience at car rental Starcar as a driver -6 months internship at Airbus in the BackOffice - Business Administration study at the FH-Wedel in the 8th semester -Foreign Experience


Trung   (24 years)

My most exciting job was as a working student for a company called WHITEVoid. They are creating and organising the lightings at events. Right now I am working as a working student for a comp


Hang   (22 years)

I start to work quit early when I went to school. I worked in several catering companies like Perlease GmbH/ IssKindIss/ Bismarck Service - so fairs, hotels business, events, congres, confer


Ines   (26 years)

I helpd in the school period on private events and distributed drinks; I have been engaged in sales through my temporary jobs, I have gained experience with clients; Experience in service; I


Donja   (21 years)

- worked for MHP, Sixt, Yaya, CSI- Training and traide fairs as hostess, actress, promoter and model - internships at law offices - internship at a locksmith's shop (obligatory for my studi


Elysee   (21 years)

I am a student at FH Aachen. I have participated in a trade fair, worked as a logistics assistant and service staff. That was really great and I had fun doing that. I did a little education


Vermont   (25 years)

I am a Cameroonian and worked for almost two years in the catering service of hotels in my area before I arrived in Germany. The work consisted of table service, wine service and sale of pro


Juliana   (24 years)

2nd Semester of Cultural Sciences and Digital Media -Marketing promoter at Festivals- Security organization at DWS Security- Administration Assistent Acciones Andina JRF- Waiter at Mi Cuate


Rosine   (26 years)

I am studying logistics management at the University of Applied Sciences Mittelhessen (Campus Friedberg) * Production, Kitchen Aid, Sink, Service Force, via Magenheimer GmbH * Catering: Serv


Shuting   (26 years)

-Work as a hostess and be responsible for customer reception, leading the way for customer, distributing flyer -Experience in Catering in IFA as Service force for Beko and Grundig -Experienc


Franziska   (22 years)

Worked for several hostess agencies, events like IFA, World Club dome in Frankfurt, ISC Frankfurt and others, 2015-2016 -> temporary work at Michael Kors in an outlet, 2017 -> temporary work


Matthias   (27 years)

worked as a waiter for catering and hotels, worked as cashier at Leipziger Buchmesse 17.03.2016 - 20.03.2016 Christmas service in the Altmarkt Galerie Dresden Welcoming the customers, gift p


Yee   (26 years)

worked for several hostess agencies at CeBIT, Hannover Messe and IAA for the past 5 years (i.a. for Bosch, SAP, Volkswagen, NTT Group, NTN, Güdel Group) - 5 years experience in catering and


Christian   (24 years)

Experience : 14.09.2016 - 25.09.2016: Cleaning at the company SCHUHBECK, Munich Germany. 26. Jun. 2017: Moving at Augsburg furniture forward Carl Domberger 13.07.2017- 06.08.2017: M & H Pers


Abdulkareem   (25 years)

- Medical Engineering Student - used to live 3 Months in Barcelona - worked as Waiter for Alex - worked as Barista - Worked as Salesman for HEMA - workes 3 Months as steeplejack - worked at


Fatlume   (24 years)

I am student of electrical engineering. I like technology. I love the way the advancement of technology helps our everyday life.I worked for Mc donalds for more than five years and I complet


Layla   (28 years)

● international background, german/ american nationality, lived in New York, Berlin and Helsinki ● employment as booth hostess for CSG Berlin at ▪ Fruit Logistica 2014 (Metro) ▪ ITS Berlin 2


Lena   (21 years)

Currently in my 4th semester of business studies at WWU in Münster; lived in Shanghai for 14 years (went to the German School there); 6 months of working experience in service and catering (


Tenger   (21 years)

Experience as a station waiter in a exclusive sportclub (ICB); 3 months experience as a waiter and barkeeper (; Promoter for Cornelsen (YOU-Messe); Promoter and H


Vicky   (26 years)

I have worked as a promoter for Volkswagen on the IAA 2015, Either I worked many years in the telecommunication sector, I have experience in conducting surveys and also in the sales departm


Raphaela   (28 years)

I have been working at almost all fairs and congresses in Nuremberg for more than 6 years so far (DTM, DOC, Fensterbau, IWA, Consumenta, Toy Fair, Asia-Pacific Congress, Wood and Crafts Fair


Vanessa   (21 years)

I have 2 months of experiences in catering and service where i did jobs such as waitressing, preparing banquets in hotels, checking-in at the checkroom, sitting at the reception, or selling


Sandra   (20 years)

I am a student at the university of Paderborn which has collected a pair of experience. First ones of it I have already worked as signpost for a supermarket. There I was in contact with all


Kagan   (27 years)

worked in several messe/festivals as hostess - Guest service as hostess, catering. Hand out food / drinks and took on other service activities or to say something about the company last work


Alfred   (29 years)

Worked for several part time jobs: Autovision, Joyes Pizza, GLS I completed a 5 month internship at Semcon in 2016, seat development At the moment I do my Bachelor in Automotive Engineering


Wilson   (28 years)

I may not have yet worked as a language translator precisely in the english language. But due to my background i have a good understanding english level and in addition to that my studies ar


Melanie   (26 years)

▪3rd semester > fashion design course ▪Modelling experiences > Photoshootings with professional photographers - Retail experiences -promotion


Hanno   (22 years)

Multiple assignments and job experience for instaff and other event organisation agencies (uCM, cinnamon Berlin). Commercial model at S-Modelmanagement agency. Exhibition host jobs: "Festiva


Olivia   (22 years)

Student in Business Studies - speaking 4 languages: grew up bilingual with German and Polish and also B2 skills in Englisch and B1 in Danish; worked as a sales assistant at the Calzedonia St


Volkan   (22 years)

studying at the Karlsruher Institution of Technology in Karlsruhe in the fourth semester; I am 185cm tall and sportive; before I have maded no experiences in catering but I am able to handle


Soraya   (30 years)

I have worked in my country as waitress And here in Germany I have worked with Melles und Stein Company for more than two years. My job was to serve guests as a waitress, Barkeeper and guid


Duc   (20 years)

BWL Student with native Vietnamese knowledge and very good English skills. Many years of experience in gastronomy and promotion, where I have worked several times as a team leader. Working i


Steve   (25 years)

I work regularly during Oktoberfest as Kitchen team member for Käfer’s Wies’n-Schänke. I also work at Weissbräuhaus (a Bavarian restaurant) as a waiter and bartender. As waiter I regularly w


Daniel   (29 years)

Worked at the Leipzig Book Fare 2016; Worked at the SPS IPC Drives Nürnberg 2013 & 2014; worked as a sails assistant at Peek & Cloppenburg Erlangen for 1 year; worked as a sales assistant at


Irving   (31 years)

-6 months work as a cleaner -3 months at Primark Saarbrücken: folding clothes and hanging garments -1 year experience as assistant (warehouse and newspaper) -Unregular relocations -Construct


Leon   (19 years)

Hello, my name is Leon. Since June 2018 I work as minijobber for the employment agency EventPartout Frankfurt and UCM. Since then I has been able to collect a lot of experience as waiter for


Okkar   (19 years)

extensive experience due to several InStaff employments, six months of experience as a waiter in Australia for the café ''Open Circus'' and the restaurant ''Fu Manchu'', thus, gaining valuab

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