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Shpresim   (24 years)

French - Fluent
Albanian - Mother tongue
Student at TU Dortmund: Sales engeneering and product management Experience in retail at H&M & Baltz Experience as a salesman at Edeka Professional internships in commercial and technical fi


Corinna   (28 years)

French - Fluent
- temporary help in a big eventlocation (40000 square metres for up to 2000 guests) near Frankfurt (e.g. cloakroom, service, guest care, waiter, decoration, sport stations) - temporary help


Yanick   (21 years)

French - Mother tongue
I have been working for glaskar: a company responsible for the cleaning of entire Buildings.I have also worked in a call center (Krämer market research). In addition, I have also worked more


Kimia   (24 years)

French - Fluent
Persian- muttersprachlich
Native German and Farsi-speaking law student with business fluent knowledge of English and French. Long-time experience in the service sector, especially in high-end gastronomy as I have bee


Paulette   (26 years)

French - Mother tongue
Dear Sirs and Madames, As a student of Business Informatics at HTW-Berlin, I have been working for InStaff for several clients for more than a year. During this time I was busy in different


Berta   (25 years)

French - Business fluent
Portugese - Mother tongue
Work Experience: Hostess on e.g Interlift, Bauma, Intersana, GrindTech; Guide at the BASF Visitor Center and production site in Ludwigshafen since 2016 (Tours in german, english, spanish, po


Annadora   (21 years)

French - Fluent
My Name is Anna and i am studying Management and Controlling in Hamburg. Exerienced hostess with more than 45 jobs with Instaff already. -Skilled in service due to working in the backery "Ju


Ines   (26 years)

French - Mother tongue
- Currently in the 3rd semester of my mechanical engineering studies in plastics engineering, - Experience as a Waitress for private parties or fairs, - Experience as a hostess in fairs, - e


Tillmann   (25 years)

French - Business fluent
currently study of the cultural geography with business administration in minor, Several promotions (eg guerrilla actions, POS promotions, flyers, mailbox throwouts, etc.) - my current emplo


David   (27 years)

French - Business fluent
I have worked as a waiter and in similar jobs since 2015, initially in the area surrounding Heidelberg and Mannheim, but now I am available for events around Dusseldorf and Cologne. I have a


Bilel   (26 years)

French - Fluent
Arabian-Mother tongue
Experience in the field of automotive engineering and engine care - 7 months for a restaurant, tinned, delivered and cooked (burger, sushi, ice cream, creps etc) - in the third semester of m


Cyrille   (23 years)

French - Mother tongue
-Several vacation jobs (assistant) for Mercedez-Benz in production and assembly in Düsseldorf and Bremen. -Assistant at Amazon logistics GmbH (quality control and monitoring of delivery from


Helena   (22 years)

French - Fluent
I worked for several fairs in Frankfurt (Ambiente, light+Building, Book fair, prolight and Sound, automechanica) and have experience in gastronomy and service. At the moment I am studying de


Kaixin   (20 years)

French - Fluent
Chinese - Basiskenntnisse
During the more than 50 successful jobs I have had through Instaff, I was able to support companies as a hostess at several trade fairs, for example at BAUMA Munich, Interlift Augsburg, CphI


Abass   (26 years)

French - Mother tongue
Worked for Addecco, Gls, deutsche Post - work properly and responsible. Currently a student of Economy in Düsseldorf.


Lotta   (20 years)

French - Fluent
More than 55 jobs via InStaff! - waitress for various catering companies - promotionjobs - hostess at the Automatica, Electronica, Intersolar and transportlogistic fair and several bigger ev


Anne   (23 years)

French - Fluent
Dutch B1/2
- Since 2015 I regularly gained first Model- and Expositionhostess job experiece during the following Exposition, Events and GALA's: FIBO Cologne 2015/2016/2017/2018, BOOT Düsseldorf, DMEXCO


Lena   (19 years)

French - Fluent
I worked for several private events for example at weddings or vernissages, where I had to welcome the guests, serve food and beverage and ensure cleanness. During my internship as a veterin


Chantal   (25 years)

French - Fluent
Currently: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration while working full time as a management assistent; Before: traineeship - office administration clerk, further education - foreign la


Aziz   (22 years)

French - Mother tongue
Arabian- Mother tongue
Numerous jobs as a promoter or in customer service in France. In Germany, preciously in Heidelberg, I had a part-time job as a help provider in a Kitchen in the “Urban Deutsch Restaurant”. I


Valerie   (22 years)

French - Fluent
-I have worked two years for as a private tutor for children, teenagers and adults - I have worked six month in a super market as a cashier - Already working one year for InStaff so I had a


Vanessa   (21 years)

French - Fluent
workexperience at the sales counter; experience at assembly line work; completed training as a organist and choral conductor; currently studying law in the second semester at LMU


Erik   (22 years)

French - Fluent
Studying educational science, fifth semester; auxiliary at MDK Hessen for a year and at a bicycle shop for half a year, Abitur 2015 at MGF-Gymnasium in Kulmbach. I did several Jobs as a Prom


Maíra   (26 years)

French - Fluent
Brasilianisches Portugese - Muttersprachlich (ohne Akzent)
3 years experience as hostess, amongst others at fairs IGW 2017 in Berlin, bauma 2016 for JCB in Munich, Spiel Messe for Ulisses Spiele in Essen, Spielwarenmesse for Cvasso in Nuremberg, IAA


Tamara   (25 years)

French - Fluent
*successfully completed over 50 jobs through Instaff* I am currently studying English Studies and American Studies at the Goethe University of Frankfurt. Thanks to my major and my recent stu


Melchiade   (26 years)

French - Mother tongue
I have worked for several hostess agencies such as SVS-Goebgens, Aramark. I have 6 months experience in Catreing and Service. In addition, I can do everything. Student in the 7th semester of


Loreen   (20 years)

French - Fluent
Rumanian (Mother tongue)
I am a cheerful, polite and open-minded person and like to get in touch with people. That's why I really like to work in the catering industry, as a promoter and hostess on different events.


Merve   (20 years)

French - Fluent
For five years, apart from my school career, I have been working in a responsible position in a Bar/Restaurant, the position including service as well as administration. Although I am able t


Mohamed   (23 years)

French - Mother tongue
Mother tongue: Arabian
Student at Leibniz Universität Hannover in the fifth semester (degree program: Energy Technology) .1.87 tall, open, friendly, athletic and very motivated. Handballer for 15 years and for 6 y


Gilles   (23 years)

French - Mother tongue
I have a wide alround experience in Catering-jobs ,Promotion ,Produktion and Delievery. -In 2016 I worked for Bremerzeit Personal in Dortmund.(In the Production Branch) -From 2017 to 2018 fo


Cynthia   (27 years)

French - Business fluent
Im the past I've worked at several tradefairs for the hostess agency melles&stein as well as for the service agency GVO, for example in hotels or at weddings (catering and service). In addit


Till   (31 years)

French - Fluent
I worked: -2 years for Rockabella-Events (Expositions&Events in Germany, Luxemburg and Switzerland) - 7 months for Grunder-Gourmet eventcatering (preparation and organisation) - as a waiter


Fares   (25 years)

French - Mother tongue
Arabian- Mother tongue Norwegian- Basiskenntnisse
Currently in 7th semester of Medical studies. Nursing and practical training as part of my studies. Worked full-time at Uniqlo in Berlin for 3 moths. Several experiences as a host at numero


Fourat   (24 years)

French - Business fluent
I have experience as a waiter through working in different fairs, restaurants and in a Hostel I am also experienced in working at Bars (Beer tapping and cocktails mixing) Currently in 6th se


Hanna   (21 years)

French - Fluent
-worked for two years in a fitness center -attended a language school in france - attended two english language schools in Sydney and Torquay, england -certificate in nursing practice


Ialda   (22 years)

French - Fluent
Persian ( Mother tongue)
- medical student -Since my parents have a catering service and a backery, i work there for 3 years -worked almost 1 year as a waiter in a restaurant -


Antonia   (22 years)

French - Business fluent
- worked as a waitress for several years & also as a barkeeper - worked for a hostess agency in the Allianz Arena in Munich (e.g. distributing vouchers and flyers for Paulaner) - Sales exper


Stephanie   (20 years)

French - Mother tongue
- Last time I worked as a hostess for a private event - At many wedding I worked as a waitress and hostess and gained more experience - In sphere of action I worked as a saleswoman for one m


Yannick   (33 years)

French - Mother tongue
Experience in gastronomy - worked at Krones | Oktoberfest u.a. as a service staff - kitchen helpers at Infineon - event helpers at the Sonepar fair Augsburg - dismantling and construction he


Laura   (25 years)

French - Mother tongue
I already worked as a dishwasher at Buehl. As a waitress at India curry house, and presently i'm working at Fac't as disches cleaner. i also worked in private houses as a cleaning lady. I ha


Malika   (25 years)

French - Fluent
- M.A. Translation Studies - Project Manager in translation agencies since June 2016 - Graduate assistant in the Seminar Center of the University Heidelberg: catering for seminars, office wo


Ismail   (23 years)

French - Fluent
Arabian - Muttersprachlich
I've been working in the gastronomy since 6 years , so I could gain a lot of experience as a waiter at different events like weddings, political meetings or exhibitions. Furthermore, I've be


Hanna   (20 years)

French - Fluent
- experiences as a hostess on fairs: MEDICA, COLERtechnika, DKM, PSI, Radiologiekongress Ruhr; ViP-Hostess at Veltins-Arena & BayArena- experiences in promotion: shop openings (home24), comp


Mourad   (26 years)

French - Mother tongue
Arabian / Tunesisch - Muttersprachlich
I study mechanical engineering at the Leibniz University of Hannover. I am also working since two years as a waiter. I do regulary Sport and speak 5 languages (English, German, French, Arabi


Marina   (24 years)

French - Fluent
Gamescom 2018 • Boot Messe 2018 • PSI Messe Düsseldorf 2018 • Retro Classics Automesse 24.-26.11. 2017 in Köln • COP23 UN-Climate Conference in Bonn • DLR Standorttag Bonn 2017 • Gamescom 20


Paulina   (23 years)

French - Fluent
Swedish- Basic
- I worked as a waitress and hostess - cleaning job in a doctor's practice - I worked in a pharmacy for a year - experienced in fair jobs


Abdelmoumen   (21 years)

French - Business fluent
Serbisch - Muttersprachlich
I got three professional Training in the hotelerie's domain, one of them take long 4 days - I accumulate enough experiences in several hotels and restaurants- for four months I was barman in


Janina   (23 years)

French - Fluent
- current studies: degree as a Bachelor of Science in politics and sociology at the University of Cologne - completed a semester abroad at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands - al


Natalie   (25 years)

French - Fluent
I already worked as a VIP hostess for soccer games and was able to get experienced with service and customer service. Furthermore I worked in the field of catering and cloak room service, wh


Ellyes   (23 years)

French - Mother tongue
I am currently in 5th semester in mechanical engineering in HTW Berlin. I worked in the past 3 years several jobs. I worked as a waiter for several catering companies like Bismarck Service,


Rami   (31 years)

French - Business fluent
Since 2011 I work as a kitchen help service and promoter for several fairs in Dusseldorf, Dortmund and Essen with the company Buhl, company Service on guest, company Fiesta, company Mise en


Charlene   (27 years)

French - Mother tongue
I am a bachelor student in worms , i am cameroonian. I worked years ago in my country land at the reception in a company .in Germany I have much more experience when it comes to working with


Mahmoud   (26 years)

French - Business fluent
Arabian (Mother tongue)
August 2017 - March 2018: Working student at eMovements (Future Mobility Company) [Schwabstraße 33, 70197 Stuttgart (START UP Company)] October 2017 to January 2017: Working in an Autorepair


Isabella   (20 years)

French - Fluent
-worked for several hostess jobs: accreditation, guestlist, warm reception of guests and clients, also on political events -modelhostess -experience in service: carrying plates, making and s


Isabel   (26 years)

French - Fluent
Chinese - Basic
Worked at different fairs in Germany, the Netherlands and France - Bachelor degree in international business - internships in the fashion and automotive industry (e.g. Porsche, Audi, SEAT,


Katrin   (20 years)

French - Fluent
Experience as breakfast waiter and bartender; waiter at bauma; Hostess at ESMO Congress; Promotion for Süddeutsche Zeitung and Karrieremesse LMU; Business student (Human Resources) in the th


Elena   (22 years)

French - Fluent
Croation (Mother tongue)
Language skills: • German (mother tongue) •Croatian (mother tongue) •English (C1, Cambridge certificate, work&travel in Australia) • French (B1, DELF certificate) My work experiences - short


Luka   (21 years)

French - Fluent
Dutch - Fluent in speech and writing (B1 / B2)
- More than 20 jobs (service, promotion, hostess) with highly satisfied clients, all rating me with 5 stars - have been working in a bakery for one year - worked at a catering service for se


Sofija   (21 years)

French - Fluent
currently in my sixth semester of Industrial Engineering & Management (in German) at Technical University of Dortmund- two-month steel production internship at "Deutsche Edelstahlwerke Speci


Jana   (24 years)

French - Fluent
I am working since six years as a waitress. I already gained experiences in different cafes, in a steak restaurant, on weddings and other bigger events and also a few weeks in Cairns during


Charlotte   (22 years)

French - Fluent
Knowledge of italian and french at level of school leaving examination (level B2). 2018 I optained my bachelor degree in economics - major subject Controlling. During the last years I gained


Luise   (28 years)

French - Business fluent
2 yrs apprenticeship to become a bookseller, over 6 yrs working as a bookseller, French at C2 level, English at B2 level, basic knowledge in Italian, seasonal work as a waitress on a ship, s


Ferry   (25 years)

French - Mother tongue
- Walhalla event and concert - Street Food Festival (checkout, set-up and dismantling, bar boss) - Africa Festival Würzburg (bar, checkout, set-up and dismantling) - Checkout (Real Supermark


Mohamed   (24 years)

French - Mother tongue
Arabian - Muttersprachlich
Event waiter by exhibition halls: Guests greetings, buffet service or menu service etc... More than 2 years experience as a working student at Lidl, where I am responsible for customer servi


Dilan   (26 years)

French - Fluent
I am currently in my last semester of my studies to become a teacher in English and French at the university of cologne. Because I grew up in a bilingual family, I can also manage to speak f


Sophie   (21 years)

French - Fluent
My working experience includes four months in a café, a total of ten months in retail and five months working as a concierge. Open-minded, communicative with experience in promotion and bein


Mohamed   (21 years)

French - Mother tongue
i have experience in the retail business, especially in the fashion industry, having worked abroad in the apparel business, I also like fashion, have a lot of knowledge and can advise custom


Tobias   (36 years)

French - Fluent
direct marketing and gastronomy in Swiss Alps - agriculture - work with disabled persons (Autism spectrum) - sales and direct marketing of artisan wool products - knowledge about work with M


Nesrine   (22 years)

French - Mother tongue
Arabian (Muttersprachlich)
I have been working in gastronomy for about three years and especially in counter Table service kitchen Catering buffet Help Banquet.. Hotel reception Stand guard warehouse assistant Game Ro


Ilonka   (22 years)

French - Fluent
Portugese - a2/b1. Kann die meisten Sachen verstehen and ein bisschen reden.
- March 2017: Spent the month working at ATLAS hostel in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria setting up events and selling drinks, and as a janitor. (Asociacion Atlas Gran Canaria, Calle Anzofe, 35009,


Diana   (20 years)

French - Fluent
Ukrainian - Mother tongue Hungarian - A2
Worked as Hostess for various events such as: Promoter at Sephora Opening November 9. 2017 Berlin; O2 Hostess for football games and Audi,different conferences,shows,opening events. Hostess


Alexandra   (27 years)

French - Mother tongue
Bulgarisch - Mother tongue Griechisch- Business fluent Mazedonisch - Business fluent Serbisch - Business fluent
- for over 5 years different hostess activities with the agency Vanessa Minique in Liège - worked as waiter for years in a restaurant and at different Events - since 6 years promotion with V


Annabelle   (21 years)

French - Business fluent
over 30 jobs with instaff: promotion, costumer service, waitress (also at trade shows); worked in a café: costumer contact and service; friendly, reliable and punctual; played tennis in a te


Freya   (23 years)

French - Fluent
-I just finished my „International Business“ Studies (B.Sc.) - I have been working in a gym for one and a half year in the counter area - I gained experience as a hostess at several fairs (e


Leandra   (26 years)

French - Fluent
Holländisch - Basic
Model for fashion, Film, catwalk and commercial Various Events and Fairs: Bread and Butter, Fruit Logistica, ifa, Hessenfest, VBKI Ball, Daimler Event, Promotionsevents, ISTP Catering experi


Lavin   (27 years)

French - Fluent
Kurdisch - Mother tongue
I worked at several fairs IAA, Gamescom, Euroshop, IDS, K-Messe in Düsseldorf a Hostess for established companies; did several promotion jobs for diffrent companies ( WWF, IKKS etc.);


Isabelle   (26 years)

French - Mother tongue
International trade training/studies in Paris, France; Hostess on the international film festival Berlinale in Berlin, Hostess on the Expopharm (Düsseldorf), Germany; Grew up in France (moth


Clarisse   (22 years)

French - Mother tongue
- several experience as a fair hostess, Frankfurt Fair Ambiente 2019 + ISH 2019 + Book fair 2018 - agency Melles&Stein, several catering jobs for office openings, Christmas market, city fest


Gizem   (21 years)

French - Fluent
- many experiences as a hostess - work as a photo model - Waitress experiences - Sales and marketing experiences through internships - Saleswoman in fashion shops I like to work with differe


Vivian   (26 years)

French - Fluent
I have been working in different cities around Germany, for example Berlin, Hamburg and also in the Niedersachen Region. I have work in event such as: ->The football cup/"Pokal" in 2016, Ber


Sonja   (30 years)

French - Fluent
Friendly, considerate, adaptable. * Some experience as promoter and hostess: e.g. as campaign aid and as volunteer at the World Boxing Championships 2017, as well as several jobs here on InS


Kira   (26 years)

French - Fluent
- worked for well-known brands: VW | Porsche | L'Oreal | Essie | O.P. I - VIP support at VW / Porsche (see below for further assignments) - worked for 2 years in the service area restaurant


Anna   (35 years)

French - Fluent
Gaelisch - Mother tongue
- 15 years' experience in hospitality and catering as a waitress, banquet staff, wine/cocktail corporate event service staff, hostess, greeter, team leader - 1 year working with Hospitality


Hugues   (23 years)

French - Mother tongue
You are looking for a resilient employee with a friendly appearance and a motivated way of working. These requirements apply to me. I am currently doing a Bachelor's degree at the Technical


Fatma   (22 years)

French - Mother tongue
Arabian- Mother tongue
Exhibition Stand Hostesse experience ( Stuttgart,East & Africa in Frankfurt, Oberschwabenschau in Ravensburg, IAA).I also worked for about 3 years in service (Daimler, hotels, Christmas part


Maria   (26 years)

French - Fluent
Arabian- Fluent
- worked for 3 months in several hotels as a waitress at an agency called power people (Ltd.) (various 4*/5* hotels in Berlin and in the area of the Spree Forest e.g. Maritim; assisting with


Johanna   (21 years)

French - Business fluent
Several jobs e.g. as a hostess at the EQUITANA 2017(one week) and SONEPAR 2017(two days) studies in: Economics and Law; English, French (levelB2/C1) and Spanish (level C1); 1,5 years service


Carolin   (24 years)

French - Fluent
different events as a waitress/ hostess/ promoter; architecture student - I'm fashion-conscious and creative; experiences with children by babysitting and an Au Pair- year in Australia


Jasmina   (25 years)

French - Business fluent
Basic in Dutch
I worked several times as Promoter/Hostess on different events and worked several times as a model. Not long time ago I was model in a pioneer commercial. Also I worked 5,5 years in a sneake


Johanna   (22 years)

French - Mother tongue
Did a working holiday year in Australia, where I worked as a barmaid in for 3 Months, and as promotion staff for the travel agency Peter Pans in Brisbane, where I organised some pubcrawls (e


Kira   (23 years)

French - Fluent
Hungarian-Mother tongue
- I worked for approximately one year as a waitress - Worked at several events as a hostess - I spent one and a half year abroad in Canada and Australia working and travelling


Judith   (25 years)

French - Fluent
- receptioniste at an hotel at Corsica (internship of 9 weeks, hotel with 3 stars) - bachelor in german and romance languages and literature and science of communication - student assistant


Meriam   (26 years)

French - Business fluent
- worked for several hostess agencies at Gallery SHOES Düsseldorf 2018, VIP area of ESPRIT arena Düsseldorf... - 3 months experience in Catering & Service - currently in 2nd semester of my


Henrike   (24 years)

French - Fluent
After graduating from highschool, I worked as a promoter for Vodafone in September 2014. I started studying psychology and worked in service/ catering as well as sales at various trade fairs


Benjamin   (28 years)

French - Fluent
Portugese (Fluent B1/B2)
- Master's student - Long-time expertise as a labourer, host and shop assistant - Several jobs as a waiter and in the kitchen - Several languages: Native Speaker level in English, German and


Leila   (24 years)

French - Business fluent
worked 4 years as waitress and bar keeper • 1 year as a hostess and promoter for Profi-Tess (fairs, events, promotion, ...), for Daimler, Messe Stuttgart, the city of Stuttgart and several a


Nina   (23 years)

French - Fluent
Portugese- Rudimentäre Kenntnisse
Welcome to my profile, my name is Nina and I am in my last semester of a Bachelor in politics and psychology. Here is a short summary of my instaff relevant CV:Work experience: - 3 month in


Sophie   (23 years)

French - Fluent
I worked at the IFA as hostess and did several other hostess&promotion jobs, I have also experiences in customer service since I worked for airbnb for the german and english market as travel


Martina   (23 years)

French - Fluent
During my schooltime I worked in several Hotels and Restaurants as a waitress or at the reception. After my A-Levels I began to work in Paris and improved my french. Since 2015 I am studying


Kathrin   (22 years)

French - Fluent
- currently studying Marketing, one third of the courses in english language - worked as a camp counselor in the US in summer 2017 - experiences in working as a hostess on several exhibition


Lynn   (23 years)

French - Fluent
In June 2017 I finished my Bachelor in enconomic geography at the Leibniz Universität Hannover. After that i went 3 month (august to october 2017) to Canada to do a language course there. An


Clara   (22 years)

French - Business fluent
I worked for six months as a waitress in a bar and a café (E-Werk Erlangen). Furthermore I had the oppurtunity to gain experience at the fair in Bremen (Geschmackslabor). In Bremen I also wo


Max   (29 years)

French - Business fluent
I have spent much time abroad, including a year in Melbourne, Australia, attending courses at Swinburne University of Technology for my teachers degree in English and Chemistry. I am also fl


Chiara   (22 years)

French - Mother tongue
- worked for severals hostess agencies. - lot of experiences with childrens - worked as a promoter - servicekraft


Sophia   (26 years)

French - Fluent
Work experience at trade fairs amongst others for Bonkers & Bob Liquids at the InterTabac Dortmund 2016, Bosch at the IMM Cologne 2017, KaVo Kerr at the IDS Cologne 2017, Epic Games at the G


Issam   (27 years)

French - Business fluent
Arabian- Muttersprachlich
6 Month in Events and Service for OptimaEvent.-3 Month Worked in ReTail Store H&M. -6 Month Work in Electronic Retail Store and Different Jobs like Data collection and as a consultant in ass


Leandry   (27 years)

French - Mother tongue
During my language course in Ilmenau, I worked alongside Schiller Event and Löwen in the trade fair / event area and in a concert (Elton John and Grönemeyer) in Erfurt, collected glasses and


Patrick   (22 years)

French - Business fluent
- long experience in promotion jobs for well-known companies (for example: L'Oréal, Saturn, politic parties, at the mass) - worked in several service sections: (restaurants, company events,


Gabi   (27 years)

French - Business fluent
Trade show hostess at various events and with different ranges of application as part of the promotional staff, event staff and hospitality staff since beginning of 2017 | former employee in


Jonas   (23 years)

French - Mother tongue
Student in third year bachelor degree. - Three years of working experience in a restaurant and one year working experience in a leading computer sales company (Gravis). - Bilingual German


Mahir   (24 years)

French - Fluent
Urdu, Punjabi
-Worked 1 year in a bakery: Tasks: Product orders, sales, service, inventory Spent 2 years as a teacher at a gymnasium high school: Substitute for teachers by giving e.g. self-designed lesso


Sophie   (22 years)

French - Fluent
2 years of experience in gastronomy, very good skills in english, spanish and french, through lessons in school and my current position as crewing operator in a shipping company.


Anissa   (20 years)

French - Fluent
a lot of experience in service due to a five months college stay in Australia, where I took a commercial cookery and service class - working experience as a waitress at plenty of catering ev


Setphanie   (28 years)

French - Mother tongue
ich lerne Englisch in moment und bin schon in der Stufe B1


Belinda   (24 years)

French - Fluent
- Currently in 4th year of international business studies - Studied abroad at UNF in Jacksonville, FL - Worked 6 months abroad in Trade Marketing for Henkel Benelux (sales and marketing for


Tabea   (25 years)

French - Fluent
3 months waitress at Venezia ice cream parlor, Buchholz i.d. Nordheide · 3 days staff at a conference of the German/French university, Bremen · 5 months internship with Arkwright Consulting


Simon   (27 years)

French - Fluent
Until now I have carried out rather organisational and administrative tasks. At MakeShift gGmbH I had to call customers and partners to precise contact data or design Excel tables in which I


Salma   (23 years)

French - Mother tongue
Arabian C1/C2
I gained experience in Promo Jobs from working with Instaff. My tasks mainly consisted in distributing Perfume samples at Douglas, I have also worked as a waitress in various events,restaura


Melissa   (21 years)

French - Fluent
Promotion Jobs for MoveitMedia, Full Moon Promotion GmBH and Sevotion GmBH. Promotion in Stuttgart for the Vegan Street Day 2018. Several Catering Jobs for example for B&S Event and private


Selina   (20 years)

French - Fluent
Chinese (Basic)
- VIP Hostess (Google, Audi, Goldman Sachs, Discovery Channel, ProSieben) - hostess and promoter ( e.g Glow Dortmund, GrindTec Augsburg) - waitress: FC Bayern VIP Lounge, BMW Open, About You

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