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Alina-625454 90 +

Alina   (28 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
I worked as a promoter for different companies, e.g. Deutsche Bahn, Initialwerk GmbH and, where I was a group leader as well. I was part of the catering crew at the "schlossgraben

Carolin-2086760 90 +

Carolin   (35 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
--- long-time service experience as a waitress, service specialist and head waiter: - 02/2009 to 01/2010 waitress at the bar in the Shisha-Lounge. - 01/2015 to 06/2019 employee at Timecrew G

Paulette-1913524 90 +

Paulette   (28 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
Dear Sirs and Madames, As a student of Business Informatics at HTW-Berlin, I have been working for InStaff for several clients for more than a year. During this time I was busy in different

Josia-2349274 80 +

Josia   (26 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
Different Job experiences as Steward and promoter job for EPMS and promoter at a fair for BookMyHostess. Completed apprenticeship in retail. Worked as a retailer for 6 months in a German sup

Emilie-527986 80 +

Emilie   (24 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
April to october, 2017: kitchen help and service force at the vegan cafe "Katzentempel" in Nuremberg • hostess on the Fensterbau Messe in Nuremberg and on the Food Messe in Amberg • catering

Selina-1203416 70 +

Selina   (23 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
I worked in several restaurants as a waitress and coordinator-started early at the age of 16.completed my make up artist diploma in 2017 and working as a frelancer as a MUA for different age

TillPhilippe-948154 70 +

Till   (33 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
I worked: -2 years for Rockabella-Events (Expositions&Events in Germany, Luxemburg and Switzerland) - 7 months for Grunder-Gourmet eventcatering (preparation and organisation) - as a waiter

Desiree-661056 70 +

Desiree   (24 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
I'm in the sixth semester of my English and German Philology Studies. I gained a lot of experience in working as a hostess (USV Messe in Frankfurt, TrauDich Hochzeitsmesse in Hannover, Berli

Elina-599134 60 +

Elina   (26 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
> Over 60 successful jobs < Working for InStaff since 2016! • fair hostess at Productronica/ iResearch Services / Expo Real/ Intersolar / Trendset / Analytica / expo real /Handwerksmesse • e

Amanda-467184 60 +

Amanda   (24 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
I have worked as a hostess at multiple international exhibitions such as Achema Frankfurt, SMM Hamburg and Hanselife Bremen both for German and international companies. There, I was responsi

Nicole-2063240 60 +

Nicole   (24 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
I am currently studying Business Administration in Nuremberg in the fifth semester. I really love traveling, so far I've been to Scotland for 5 weeks and to Asia for 2 months. I speak Englis

Alena-84256 60 +

Alena   (28 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
-Worked at many events as a hostess -Experienced in promotion and acting -Acting training 1 month in L.A. (2018) -Studied 14 months in Cuba (2017/18) -Spent 2 months in Colombia for an inter

Sandra-1034380 60 +

Sandra   (30 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
- qualification as social insurance employee (AOK) - fair attendance with customer acquisition; support at business fairs; one year experience with field service (business customer care) - t

Yasemin-835860 60 +

Yasemin   (28 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
-worked for several hostess and promoter agencies since 2013 at IFA, SPS, Biofach, DOC-Congress... Experience in congress-service, reception, infopoint, promotion, lottery, tasting.. -servic

Marlene-230668 60 +

Marlene   (26 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
*over 50 successful instaff jobs* Two years work experience in the gastronomy in full time; promotion experience in sales experience as a model - fotoshootings, catwalk experience, modelhost

Christin-2939374 60 +

Christin   (21 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
Worked 3 years as a bartender in a club and one year as a waitress in a cafe I have gained experience on festivals as a bartender. Worked two summers in a kiosk at the public pool. I have wo

Jessica-3612634 50 +

Jessica   (24 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
- worked for several agencies in segment promotion and sale - expericence in service segment - hostess at various trade fairs - completed training as a confectioner - business studies at OTH

Gilles-1352712 50 +

Gilles   (24 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
I have a wide alround experience in Catering-jobs ,Promotion ,Produktion and Delievery. -In 2016 I worked for Bremerzeit Personal in Dortmund.(In the Production Branch) -From 2017 to 2018 fo

Robertina-1183116 50 +

Robertina   (26 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
- worked a part-time job for one year as a cashier at a gas station Aral - 2 years part-time job at Burger King as a cashier and a kitchen help - experience in Sales at Phase Eight - experie

Julia-1721906 50 +

Julia   (25 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
I worked multiple years as an entertainer at different locations of the vacation Club Aldiana. This improved my communication skills and helped me become more open-minded, flexible, friendly

Yash-2967598 50 +

Yash   (21 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
I would like to share professional challenges here. So, i am representing my experience here. Last year, I was at Insellhal, Lindau. As a service employee, I am responsible for all processes

Anna-1282586 50 +

Anna   (25 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
I study machine engineering in Friedberg I worked for a year at a restaurant as a waitress (Berlin) I’m familiar with the rules of service. I can carry 3 plates, I’m nice, professional and a

Florian-631964 50 +

Florian   (26 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
-worked for several hostess and promotionjobs (Zächel Int. Agency) since 2016 - Bartender for Circus FlicFlac 2015 - several flyer distribution actions/sampling (i.a. for,...) - P

Sarah-284526 50 +

Sarah   (28 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
More than 3 years experience in catering & service & costumerservice & retail sale Workexperience as hostess & model German native spaker, fluent in english

Cagatay-64824 50 +

Cagatay   (31 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
Worked 2 years for Commcult GmbH (Presenting and Promoting the Company on different fairs in whole germany) Experiences with give aways and Promotion Jobs Worked many times in Restaurants an

Christoph-1243946 50 +

Christoph   (27 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
- several employments in the sectors Tradefairestaff, Catering, Service, Selling and Logistic for the Agencys Studitemps and Jobmensa - 2 Month Experience in the field of Qualitysecurance fo

Sonja-937654 50 +

Sonja   (29 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
- Working Student for several years in the field of Eventmanagement - Participation at various Events and congresses while being a work student and afterwards on a self-employed Basis - Main

Denise-1719106 50 +

Denise   (21 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
Several times as a promoter at a Weihenstephan roadshow: - Direct approach and animator to customers for competitions and product tasting; as well as barista, waitress and kitchen help at co

Tamara-1248160 50 +

Tamara   (26 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
*successfully completed over 50 jobs through Instaff* I am currently studying English Studies and American Studies at the Goethe University of Frankfurt. Thanks to my major and my recent stu

Aurora-1567248 40 +

Aurora   (30 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
Industrial designer, with experience in photography, product, furniture and graphic design. Currently on my last master semester in Interior Architecture in the Hochschule Rosenheim. Worked

MarieTheresa-1453778 40 +

Marie   (23 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
Social Work (B.A.). I'm working for Kreisjugendring since four years (children's face painting, creative activities). Had some Festivaljobs like Rock I'm Park. 3-month stay in Australia and

Carolin-321612 40 +

Carolin   (27 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
Worked as a hostess for Sephora, Hugo Boss, immobilienscout24, fujitsu/netapp. Did promotion for Mercedes, Resch & Partner, Skoda, ecco shoes, abireisen and municipal utilities Schwäbisch Ha

Stefanie-207722 40 +

Stefanie   (28 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
-fluent in Italian ( exchange in Milan for one year, Italy) Several jobs: -Pro Tour NüRNBERG 2015 (hair model) -Altenpflege fair NüRNBERG 2015 (hostess) -ECS fair NüRNBERG 2015 (hostess) -SO

Karin-1651668 40 +

Karin   (27 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
During my school years and studies, I worked on a 450 € basis in a gas station at the coffee bar and there I also gained experience in the kitchen area, but only simple helping tasks. I was

Ezgi-735340 40 +

Ezgi   (25 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
- in the promotion business since 2016 - worked for several hostess and promotionjobs (Zächel Int. Agency, Blank& Biehl) -as a cashier for bio market - Sale Nights Hostess at fashion chaines

Amrei-645894 40 +

Amrei   (24 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
Experiences as Host on several exhibition (NüRNBERG and Muinch). Experiences in the area of service/catering (waitress in the footbal Stadion in Nuernberg, Exhibition in NüRNBERG). Experienc

Louis-2465586 40 +

Louis   (28 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
I already worked at various events, as a promoter at the Phillips stand at the IFA 2018 in Berlin for instance. I also have over 2 years of experience in catering, service and eventhelper. R

Vedia-2070870 40 +

Vedia   (35 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
1. Catering for events and fairs for collecting informations and meetings with Customers. 2. driver and delivery experiences, Driving license since 2007 3. Assistant to the management at a d

Julian-1947852 40 +

Julian   (29 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
I Worked several Times at Pop Up Stores, Served drinks and handled cash plus I worked as a waiter. I have done a lot of Promotion Jobs as well. I‘m gonna be a Teacher with Biology & Sports a

Marvin-1888492 40 +

Marvin   (23 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
I have successfully worked in a huge variety of jobs and gained a lot of experience through InStaff and other working opportunities. For example I have helped in a kitchen for some time or w

Nadine-1511920 40 +

Nadine   (25 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
- 3 years experience in Catering & Service in the event field (e.g. weddings, company events, graduations etc.) -currently in 8th semester of my law studies - 2 years experience in sales (cu

Kathya-453912 40 +

Kathya   (31 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
Hostess at several fairs since 2016, 3 months of work in BTL promotion, sales and host for UNICEF 2 months, actress in 2 TV commercials in extra roles. I'm currently making my Master's degre

Lina-25386 40 +

Lina   (27 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
Promotion and distribution at Kieler Woche and Oktoberfest- - Worked as a (model) hostess at 30 different fairs (promotion, product presentation, catering, moderation, lottery) for companies

Stella-1596522 40 +

Stella   (23 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
I've been a working as a waitress for Mise en Place for a year now, I am able to hold three plates and know the service rules; worked as a waitress in a microbrewery in Rüsselsheim for a yea

Christine-1079362 40 +

Christine   (60 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
I have 2 days promotet for Apostels. It was very nice. Also I habe Safes for Phase eight Mode. 1 day in Pforzheim and one week in Bamberg. Also I was 3 days as Interviewer for IWD in Tauberb

Reginald-835580 40 +

Reginald   (30 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
- Student (industrial engineering) - working experience both as a waiter in different restaurants and as a bartender in different bars and also at events like weddings - 2 years experience a

Ivan-1998770 40 +

Ivan   (28 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, As a student in the Information and Communication Technology program at HTW-Berlin, I have been working for InStaff for a number of customers for a year. During th

Achile-1519550 40 +

Achile   (24 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
Between the studies I work since 2 years as a kitchen help (in the summer) at EUREST (Infineon Regensburg). In addition, I have already 6 times drinks and meals at several fair in Augsburg.

Madeleine-315382 40 +

Madeleine   (26 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
Hello, I am a very experienced Hostess / Promoter. I worked at several fairs or events, for example at the Essen Motorshow or Metav Düsseldorf. In addition I am experienced in catering becau

Polina-3610450 40 +

Polina   (27 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
-worked 6 months at Manufactum Brot&Butter in Bremen: breakfast service, a la carte server -worked 6 months for Buhl Personal GmbH as an event waitress at several locations: Weserstadion (VI

Albjon-3283088 40 +

Albjon   (25 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
About 4 years gastronomic experience (waiter, bartender). Active in many different restaurants, bars and nightclubs (Losteria Frankfurt, Cafe & Bar Celona Frankfurt). Experience with tent co

Tanja-322830 40 +

Tanja   (43 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
The last years (from 2012 onwards on a regular basis) I was employed as a hostess at several trade fairs and events in Germany for well-known German and foreign companies like Volkswagen, Am

Ruth-1240698 30 +

Ruth   (25 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
I’ve been serving as an exhibition assistant and waitress at different trade faires (i. e. embedded world, Biofach Messe, CDU party conference, SPS IPC drives, woodcraft-fair and more). In a

Valentin-731952 30 +

Valentin   (25 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
Experience at different fairs: SPS NüRNBERG 2016, Ambiente Frankfurt 2017, Automechanika Frankfurt 2017 | Work area: Bar, Service, Host, Promotion || Appearances at festivals and events | Im

Kevinkumar-3195098 30 +

Kevinkumar   (23 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
1 year as a service staff at a catering company in various hotels and events, and also as a collection service waiter in various hotels. Currently I'm in 4th semester in bachelor studies. I

Leandry-1663246 30 +

Leandry   (29 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
During my language course in Ilmenau, I worked alongside Schiller Event and Löwen in the trade fair / event area and in a concert (Elton John and Grönemeyer) in Erfurt, collected glasses and

Juliette-1283468 30 +

Juliette   (37 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
Fulltime Job as model & hostess. My budget is calculated with all costs needed for the Job! More than 12 years experience! Worked for DTM, IDM, ADAC GT Matsers and more events with cars and

Sarina-921554 30 +

Sarina   (29 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
Currently studying Educational Science and German Studies in Cultural Comparison at the University of Heidelberg. Operations through Instaff as a service, barista, promoter and dooing custum

Katharina-865428 30 +

Katharina   (34 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
- worked as hostess at several events (BIOFACH NüRNBERG, FAKUMA Friefrichshafen, Invest Stuttgart, Motek Stuttgart,......) - service & catering - hostess at concerts - freelancing organist (

Christiane-1394250 30 +

Christiane   (28 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
Jobs from Instaff: Hostess (Hannover Messe for Microsoft, FESPA, ACHEMA, Equitana, Tire Cologne Trade Fair, Future of Transport, International Symposium on Ticks, Komsa fair, akademika) -- S

Stephanie-1293226 30 +

Stephanie   (31 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
I have already been working on about 100 different fairs and tradeshows, where I gained a lot of experience in service, catering, promotion, selling and translating. I've been working for se

Leonie-1059328 30 +

Leonie   (28 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
I have already completed various assignments via Instaff and other agencies (including the agencies Cinnamon, Mks and Eis Klar Events). I have often worked as a fair hostess (e.g. in Frankfu

Veronika-804878 30 +

Veronika   (29 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
4 months experience in service; Worked as a Hostess for many times. Experience in working with customers or kids. Studying Agricultural Sciences, many practical experience. Languages : Engli

Karin-772748 30 +

Karin   (28 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
Since september 2016 I am studying Textile and Clothing Management at the HS-Niederrhein ( in English). Before that I worked as an apprentice at Escada SE and managed to terminate as a certi

Jana-765832 30 +

Jana   (30 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
Since the beginning of my studies, I have also worked as a waitress ( a pizzeria), as a fair hostess (e.g. drinktec 2017) and as a promoter. First I completed my bachelor's degree in b

Frederika-1429348 30 +

Frederika   (26 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
promoter and hostess on different events and exhibitions as Mazda Roadshow + MWC Barcelona + Elektrotechnik + World Club Dome + DKM + Gamescom + Automatica + Wire + Tire + Anuga Foodtec + Ra

Kathrin-1288424 30 +

Kathrin   (23 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
- currently studying Marketing, one third of the courses in english language - worked as a camp counselor in the US in summer 2017 - experiences in working as a hostess on several exhibition

Kristina-970988 30 +

Kristina   (28 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
Worked for several hostess agencies at Retro Classics Bavaria, Toy Fair, Embedded, IWA, Consumenta, Galabau, SMT, Interzoo, FachPack, Digital Gipfel, SPS / IPC / Drives, Biofach, PM Forum, i

Alisa-647700 30 +

Alisa   (30 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
Worked as waitress in the restaurant/brewerie Alter Kranen in Würzburg (1 year). Had a temporary job at a fair with Hahn GmbH. Worked as Caterer for Löwen employment agency GmbH at expositio

Issam-2026350 30 +

Issam   (28 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
i Worked in ReTail Stores like Tom Tailor, Guess and H&M. And worked as a Model for model scouting 24 -6 Month Work in Electronic Retail Store and Different Jobs like Data collection and as

Sanel-1988242 30 +

Sanel   (26 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
- education and worked for a food wholesaler planned the EDV, disposition, customer contract and order receipt (Netto Marken Discount) - studying Mechanical and Industrial Engineering in sev

Caroline-307346 30 +

Caroline   (29 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
plenty of practical experience in promotion e.g. for engelbert strauss, clever fit, Volkswagen, RESERVED store, HAMELIN GmbH, Kinopolis Rhein-Neckar and Good Hood GmbH - worked on different

Sarah-1558316 30 +

Sarah   (25 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
For over two years I worked as a waitress at a restaurant and at bigger cultural events like carneval. Moreover, performing on several private and public events I gained stage experience. Ch

Natalia-1054484 30 +

Natalia   (27 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
- I worked from 2010-2017 at Apleona HSG FM Rhein-Main GmbH as a student assistant in the Accounting department and HR. - From 2015-2017 I was employed at Pandora, also as a student assistan

Yasemin-265094 30 +

Yasemin   (29 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
Hostess at DOC, GalaBau NüRNBERG, Chillventa, it-sa, MAXI-Fashion; Spielwarenmesse, Service-jobs at the football match and sps ipc drives, embedded world 2017 and one day jobs at

Lea-228120 30 +

Lea   (26 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
Multiple Catering, Promotion as well as Exhibition Hostess jobs via Instaff since 2015 - Since 2012 assistant at Landtage Nord Exhibition in Wüsting, Oldenburg - Experience as service person

Sophie-34010 30 +

Sophie   (29 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
More than three years experience as hostess/ promoter. Worked for several companies in German and in English (see reviews below). 6 months stay abroad in New Zealand, Australia, Cambodia, Vi

Mariam-684968 30 +

Mariam   (31 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
Experience as Hostess at fairs (Ambiente, Christmasworld, BIOFACH, Heimtextil and in-house exhibitions) and conferences für Cortal Consors, PWC, SMEG, VDA QMC, Akademika Jobmesse and Posiwio

VerenaTheresa-358404 30 +

Verena   (26 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
long-time experience in service and looking after guests - worked for several hostess agencies at Fensterbau, Biofach, Ironman..- practical training in hospitality and event management for s

Désirée-154690 30 +

Désirée   (25 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
I´ve learned english 9 years in school. 2017 I planned a trip by myself to australia. At least I spend there a few months in and near melbourne. This was the most impressive trip i´ve ever d

Johanna-129476 30 +

Johanna   (27 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
worked for different agencies at EuroBike, FaKUMa, HMI, ISH, INFA, BAUMA, Sensor+Test; experienced in service and promotion; B.Sc. in physics, certified yoga teacher

Celine-1439512 20 +

Celine   (22 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
-I have been working in a restaurant for 6 years -I study English and Spanish to become a teacher and have been studying at a University in Spain for 5 months -I spent 3 months as an AuPair

Anna-1229092 20 +

Anna   (29 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
Substantial experience as a hostess as well as waitress for various employers, like e.g. Microsoft and Biocon – additionally multiple, successful jobs as promoter for companies like HP and B

Isabella-1205698 20 +

Isabella   (24 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
- 4 years of experience in the catering sector: I have been working in the gastronomy while studying/ attending school for four years now. I started in a bar as a waitress and as a barkeeper

Sarah-1132912 20 +

Sarah   (26 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
The past six months I was working as a dive guide in Thailand, where I was in contact with customers at all times. Also, I have been working in the field of catering and gastronomy for over

Ana-127964 20 +

Ana   (27 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
Worked as a hostess and modelhostess at exhibitions and events in several German cities such as Berlin, Hamburg, Hannover and Kiel. I also worked as a model several times and made a few foto

Kira-734010 20 +

Kira   (25 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
- I worked at severeal events as a hostess (exhibitions etc.) - as a waitress - as a translator - in a psychiatry as a supervisor for patients with psychiatric diseases - as a personal assis

Melissa-459960 20 +

Melissa   (27 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
Flight attendant - B.A. European Studies with semester abroad in Mexico and work as a nanny for 9 months in Spain - experience as a promoter, hostess and in service due to numerous jobs on I

David-267124 20 +

David   (26 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
I‘m a unsalaried sports coach for children of different age. Got a lot of retail experience from different places. I’m into outdoor adventure stuff and a former boys scout. Currently I’m stu

ValainSteve-1618782 20 +

Valain   (26 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
Study Business Informatics. I have a great experience in gastronomy and service (2 years as a helper) namely at: -Gasthaus Setelle (Augsburg) -August Restaurant (Augsburg) -Apostkeller Medie

Felia-957940 20 +

Felia   (25 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
- I've experience with using a cash machine, with dealing with customers (I worked in a coffeeshop for half a year) and with handling food - I've experience with working with children (I wor

Christina-884566 20 +

Christina   (27 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
I am studying Business Economics in the Master's programm (4th semester) Jobs: - Office jobs (sales and marketing department) - Promotions - Shops and Supermarkets - Conducting surveys among

Wybke-503948 20 +

Wybke   (28 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
- worked for several agencies as a modelhostess at IAA in Hanover/at the QVC Vogue Fashion Nights out in Düsseldorf, for Werder Bremen, Jahn Regensburg and FC Bayern München in the VIP-Loung

Christian-425310 20 +

Christian   (28 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
2 Month as a Fundraiser for Face2Face Fundraising throughout Germany with daily rhetoric traning. 3 Month as Carmechanic at High&Cars in Munich + Technical specifications for Engine technolo

Leila-2067888 20 +

Leila   (23 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
-During 4 months i have worked in a restaurant, café bar (chicco di caffè), catering - Multiple times as hostess for (Orange Cameroon, Brasserie, 5meter Berlin ) -model experience (shootings

Sabrina-2040588 20 +

Sabrina   (23 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
While working 1.5 years at a restaurant I have gathered experience in the procedures of a restaurant kitchen, as well as in customer service as a waitress. As a result of the flexible nature

Christina-1486384 20 +

Christina   (21 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
Experience in modelling from photoshootings, currently in the 5th semester of my business studies, first experience as a exhibition hostess (eg. Consumenta, it-sa, Fensterbau, GaLaBau, ProFa

Ludwig-1231150 20 +

Ludwig   (21 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
I am currently an acting student and attend the International School for Drama and Acting (ISSA) in Munich. As a part-time job, I also work as a film and television actor, among other things

Carolin-200540 20 +

Carolin   (28 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
Experiences: More than four years experience as hostess/ promoter. Worked for several companies in German, in English and in Polish. 6 months stay abroad in Sweeden and in Poland. Completed

Franziska-1719036 20 +

Franziska   (23 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
At the moment I am studying international cultural & business studies and governance and public policy at the university of Passau. Since three years I am working for an international youth

Oliver-1656610 20 +

Oliver   (25 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
- Bachelor of Science degree in "Management & Technology" - Currently enrolled in Master Program "Management & Technology" (2nd semester) - Experience in area of catering through job as bark

Laurelle-1502316 20 +

Laurelle   (28 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
-i have work in Heilbronn i make Baby sister i have work to restaurant

Clara-1225816 20 +

Clara   (24 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
I worked for six months as a waitress in a bar and a café (E-Werk Erlangen). Furthermore I had the oppurtunity to gain experience at the fair in Bremen (Geschmackslabor). In Bremen I also wo

Irina-999548 20 +

Irina   (34 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
In order to fund my education during school and my studies, I have been working part time in the service area since I am 16 years old. Amongst others I have worked as a waitress for the ice

Anne-864168 20 +

Anne   (26 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
experience in exhibition-, promotion- and selling jobs; ticketseller at Mediendom at University of Applied Sciences Kiel, including service at champagne receptions and catering at premiere e

Sophia-587164 20 +

Sophia   (25 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
handed out advertisment weekly for 4 years, worked in a bakery with a bistro while going to grammar school fair-experience: Consumenta 2014 Mainfrankenmesse 2017 Biofach 2018 light and build

Tom-160766 20 +

Tom   (25 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
made a highschool year in america and had a few jobs over there like at mc donald's -working since two years in the service buisness -had a lot of jobs on fairs and as a Promoter conveyed by

Anuschka-61086 20 +

Anuschka   (29 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
Experiences as a hostess at Inhorgenta, Embedded world, IWA outdoor classics, BAU Munich, Oktoberfest Mérida, Mexico, ... apprenticeship sales woman for office communication Functions: buyin

Anna-1655798 20 +

Anna   (22 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
- worked for several events like Bayreuther Filmfestspiele, Audi Ingolstadt - last year i went to Australia and Asia for 4 months - now I'm studying business administration

Ögeday-246880 20 +

Ögeday   (24 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
I have experiences as a Barista and I'm able to brew different sorts of coffee. I'm also practiced in sales and also in Pop-Up Stores and I'm able to deal well with customers. Supporting the

Nadja-38406 20 +

Nadja   (26 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
Many years of experience as a hostess, for example: Mercedes Benz Energy at Intersolar, W-Jax, IJS IPC, DevOpsCon, DVCon, IPC WebTech Conference for Software & Support Media GmbH, for Nassau

Christian-3908650 20 +

Christian   (23 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
Experience via Instaff: various promotional jobs, surveys & interviews, warehouse support and merchandise clearance, set-up and take-down helper. I am currently studying the Master's degree

Pascal-2066082 20 +

Pascal   (28 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
- i worked since tree years in der Restauration like help for cook, wash up, server and in the bar. - i also worked eight month with a temporary employment agency like hostess, promoter and

Setphanie-1226502 20 +

Setphanie   (30 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
ich lerne Englisch in moment und bin schon in der Stufe B1

Coleen-595494 20 +

Coleen   (23 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
Waitress at various sporting events in my soccer team, there i also play football. Refreshment stall in our sports home and on events in our animal shelter on site. I have a driver's licens

Laura-538080 20 +

Laura   (26 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
Industrial clerk, worked as a waiter and at the moment I am studying communication in Munich

Andrea-3806212 20 +

Andrea   (55 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
several hostess assignments a few years ago - BMW golf tournaments in Eichenried; Hannover fair for SAP; ITB Berlin for the LH Munich; 2020 - both Siemens HV - once in the Olyhalle and once

Franziska-2731054 20 +

Franziska   (23 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
Studying Agricultural Science, fluent in German, English C1, Spanish EXPERIENCE: - Waitress: Hotel, waitress at meetings, breakfast, dinner menues - Promotion: Fundraiser MSF & Guide dogs, w

Manjola-1968754 20 +

Manjola   (39 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
Dear Sir/Madam, I have participated in different Fairs and International Conferences in Europa and USA, especially I have been working on behalf of Private Companies and representing them in

Johanna-1496786 20 +

Johanna   (29 years)

Available in: NüRNBERG
- different promotion jobs, for example at sporting events or fairs - customer survey at shopping malls or at fairs - over 2 years of experience in food service / gastronomy (as waitress and

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