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Josia-2349274 80 +

Josia   (28 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Different Job experiences as Steward and promoter job for EPMS and promoter at a fair for BookMyHostess. Completed apprenticeship in retail. Worked as a retailer for 6 months in a German sup

Orhan-1371906 80 +

Orhan   (31 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
-Student of Biotechnology in the higher Semester -Experiences as waiter and swamper in Restaurants/Cafe -Worked several times at the Buffet of the VIP-Lounge in the Commerzbank-Arena (Aramar

TillPhilippe-948154 80 +

Till   (35 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I worked: -2 years for Rockabella-Events (Expositions&Events in Germany, Luxemburg and Switzerland) - 7 months for Grunder-Gourmet eventcatering (preparation and organisation) - as a waiter

MarieSophie-2071108 60 +

Marie   (27 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
So far, I was able to gather useful experiences by having worked as a waitress at a restaurant, at a retail company, as a babysitter as well as a consultant for beauty and cosmetic products.

LouisaCeline-603964 60 +

Louisa   (25 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Master degree psychology (M.Sc.) - 2015 until 2018 working in 4-star hotel (service, kitchen & organizational area) - many years of gastronomy experience: ice cream parlor (3 years), restaur

Analie-3056162 50 +

Analie   (26 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I am studying pedagogy in 5th semester at the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences (in 4th semester I did an internship in Mexico at the government institution of Mexico). My previous

Betelhem-1830070 40 +

Betelhem   (29 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Experienced hostess and promoter - worked for several well-known companies such as Samsung, PwC, Daimler AG, Western Union, YouTube & European Central Bank - at fairs such as IAA (FRANKFURT)

Christiane-1394250 30 +

Christiane   (30 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Jobs from Instaff: Hostess (Hannover Messe for Microsoft, FESPA, ACHEMA, Equitana, Tire Cologne Trade Fair, Future of Transport, International Symposium on Ticks, Komsa fair, akademika) -- S

Johanna-1954040 30 +

Johanna   (27 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I am studying media management and I already gained a lot of working experiences in social media marketing area within a six - month mandatory internship. Besides my studies, I work as a hos

Anika-995082 30 +

Anika   (27 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I worked several times as a hostess incl. Paperworld FRANKFURT, IMM in Cologne, Boot Düsseldorf, Anga com Cologne. Had different jobs as a waitress/bartender at various celebrations and even

Sabrina-2082700 20 +

Sabrina   (27 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I´m a sports student at Johann- Wolfgang Goethe Universität, FRANKFURT am Main. I worked in various restaurants/beergardens during my school years and already got experience at the following

Julia-602998 20 +

Julia   (25 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Currently I´m studying Psychology and Economics at the Goethe University in FRANKFURT. Improved my English skills in a 2-month (30.01-24.03.17) intensive course in the US (The language Acade

Nadine-2311180 20 +

Nadine   (23 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Hello. My name is Nadine Kintscher. I have experience in waitressing at VFL Osnabrück in the VIP area. In addition, I have often worked at private events as a waitress and in a beer cart. Fo

Samantha-185294 20 +

Samantha   (30 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I got a lot of experiences as a hostess or promotion girl. I worked for Zächel AG at the german first football league. Therefore i worked for Schalke 04, Borussia Dortmund, Rot Weiß Essen, F

Jia-1784640 20 +

Jia   (25 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
– A lot of experience as a promoter and fair hostess for example IAA 2019 FRANKFURT, Sephora, Douglas, Hyundai VIP Event – Worked for several restaurants – Worked as a service staff for Bosc

Sandra-1473602 20 +

Sandra   (24 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Currently student of marketing management; Experiences: -2 years as a waitress (bars and restaurants) -Catering by MHH Eventmanagement - VIP-Hostess at the 'Neue Bult' hanover

Oksana-1038076 20 +

Oksana   (29 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
VIP-, Event- and Model Hostess. I was working as a secretary at the big law firm ( dealing with business correspondence and translating). Make-up model, photo model (fashion catalogues, adve

MaraSophie-2421066 20 +

Mara   (25 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Plenty of experience in the hospitality industry: - stadium (Wehen Wiesbaden) in the VIP area - company events / birthdays -> all jobs in this direction managed by the agency people4fair - w

Laura-2595618 20 +

Laura   (29 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
many service jobs through the company Bill Event GmbH (waitress at the Licher Wiesnfest, support of the VIP area at the skyscraper festival, Hessentag, etc.) - 1 year as hostess at the Marri

Sophie-603922 20 +

Sophie   (25 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Worked for several hostess agencies at IAA (BMW and Mini), ISH, formnext, Heimtextil, prolight & sound. VIP Hostess at Eintracht FRANKFURT soccer matches. Worked at the reception for 7 month

Betsabe-2010670 20 +

Betsabe   (42 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I am an employee of the company ARAMARK, in the European Central Bank in FRANKFURT am Main, there my work is the exclusive service for the presidency members of the European central Bank. Hi

Sarah-591966 20 +

Sarah   (26 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
several internships: 1. United Nations (Bonn), 2. Deutsche Welle radio and TV (Bonn), 3. Ruf Reisen (catering summerjob in France); 4. Shopgate (mobile commerce) in Human Ressources. - ENGLI

Felicitas-2644688 20 +

Felicitas   (29 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
- Fluent in spoken and written Spanish (Year abroad in Venezuela) and English (study abroad in the USA) - many years of experience as a hostess; worked for several agencies e.g. at IFA for B

Leonie-2639564 18

Leonie   (26 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
- I worked several times as a VIP hostess for Zächel GmbH at soccer Games for 1. FC Köln and Bayer Leverkusen - Furthermore I worked in service at several events for Buhl Personal GmbH, for

Lena-1207868 18

Lena   (25 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
worked for several hostess agencies: • Rosengarten Mannheim • Congressforum Frankenthal • Darmstadtium Darmstadt • CCH Hamburg - Staff area SAP Arena Mannheim - VIP area SAP Arena Mannheim -

Nathalie-588886 18

Nathalie   (26 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
- Waitress at Fahrgastschiff Anja - Catering Messe Gießen - Hostess VIP Lounge Anuga - Hostess/ Bartender dmexco - Hostess interzum -Hostess h+h Cologne -Hostess/ Bartender IDS Cologne -Bart

Carla-3499290 17

Carla   (24 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
- 2020 First Hostess at the Cyber Security Fairevent Dortmund for „MC Hostessen“ - 2020 VIP-Hostess at BVB/ Signal Iduna Park for Lagardère Plus Agency - 2020 Food Festival REWE Lüdenscheid/

Sophia-1294920 16

Sophia   (29 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Several different experiences as hostess via the agencies blaumond24 and the fairagency, Eventgirlz, Pearl Promotion and many more in Munich, 4 years of catering experience at Eventkräfte in

Sarah-2047448 15

Sarah   (23 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Currently in 3rd semester of my mediacommunication studies in Würzburg, work at Nuremberg Trade Fair for example at the VIP lounge or as a hostess and in a hotel - worked 3 months as a tenni

Lisa-1852302 15

Lisa   (31 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Bachelor's degree (Businesslaw); currently studying law; corporate work experience (working part time as a student for 4 years in the legal department of a bank; internship in a dutch law fi

Aileen-91536 15

Aileen   (32 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Several experience in working on fairs as a hostess (IAA 2013 Peugeot, IAAN 2014 Ford, IFA 2014, IFBA Kassel ADAC, ZEUS 2013, Internorga 2014) promotion jobs in Shanghai 2015 Most tasks: pr

Furkan-1236946 14

Furkan   (34 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
-Worked for several catering services as well in VIP-area in Mercedes Benz Arena Berlin, on Boat Moby Dick - driver and delivery experiences, Driving license since 2007 -Worked in China and

Marie-336830 13

Marie   (26 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
4 years experiences in service & catering through working in various Cafés, Hotels and Restaurants. Also by working at VIP and Private Events (Landrover VIP Lounge, Dräger Sommerfest 2015)

Franziska-1043270 12

Franziska   (30 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
trained legal assistent in a corporate law firm (three years). Management of cultural department of the General Students' Committee (2 years). I was responsible for Marketing, negotiations w

Jasmin-186960 12

Jasmin   (29 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I worked for a lot of international companies on different german and swiss fairs so far. Mostly as an interpreter or at the front desk, sometimes even as VIP- or leading hostess. I have a l

Milena-1354406 10

Milena   (26 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
- worked 2 years in a bar as bartender, waitress and assistant manager (Irish Pub/ Sports Bar) - currently bartender in a night club in Nuremberg (DIE BOMBE) - worked as VIP Hostess at socce

Jannika-4062762 9

Jannika   (26 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
- worked for several hostess jobs (at the AMB in Stuttgart or the Berufe live in Köln) - did several promotion jobs (for instance the opening from IKEA or C&A) - worked as a Christmas angel

Lena-1762660 9

Lena   (24 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I started working as an VIP Waitress in 2016 when I had a Job in the Restaurant of the 4 Star Hotel CATALONIA BERLIN. I was in charge of the buffet and did the wine-service in the evening. I

Ricarda-3171382 8

Ricarda   (28 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Completed training as a bank clerk at Volksbank Düsseldorf Neuss eG; many sales techniques learned and applied during the training; six months of employment at the above-mentioned bank as a

Franziska-501820 8

Franziska   (28 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
- Audi IAA 2015, Fair Hostess (Schubert Communication Group) - National league/ DFB Cup Games Eintracht FRANKFURT, VIP Hostess (Zaechel) - National league FC Schalke 04, VIP Hostess (Seco Se

Maria-64362 8

Maria   (28 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
- runwaymodel & photomodel - chef hostess (fair, privat events, VIP Lounges, meetings & congress, promotions) - Animation & Team Leader - Grid Girl - reception lady - barkeeper - Poker Deale

Elena-3118280 7

Elena   (35 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Hello everybody! I am an open-minded, active and creative person who enjoys working with people from different backgrounds. I like variety and can quickly adapt to new situations. With great

Christiane-2062204 7

Christiane   (63 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
-More than 20 years experience on various fashion fares, Düsseldorf, Munic,Milan,London (selling fashion ) -as student worked in Bars, caffes and Discos behind the bar and in service - was i

Sabrina-1233614 7

Sabrina   (25 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I've worked with several different agencies as a Waitress for example at the world textile exhibition in FRANKFURT, at the Eventcenter "Klassikstadt" for Meyer Caterings. I've helped out dur

Marie-954048 7

Marie   (28 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I worked as a VIP-Hostess for Preußen Münster 06 e.V. (Footballclub), I also worked as a Hostess for an organization called academic circle. Besides that I did an internship in the office of

Juliane-420928 7

Juliane   (28 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Since 4 years hostess in the VIP-area of the footballclub RB Leipzig (welcomig of guests, checkroom, corporate hospitality), Promotion of perfumes, checkroom in the 'Arena Leipzig', servicec

Jaimie-406354 7

Jaimie   (27 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Worked as a Hostess at the fair Light & Building for the company V-Tac in FRANKFURT. VIP Hostess for 1. FC Köln Model expierience in Photoshootings. Stayed abroad in France (Language cours

Alina-3345962 6

Alina   (31 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
worked for several Agencies: (IAA FRANKFURT, Coca Cola, Hamburg Cruise Days, Tommy Hilfiger, DFB, VIP Service) Cruise Congress 2019 Hamburg; Memorial Day 30 Years fall of the Berlin Wall (Fo

Katharina-3092464 6

Katharina   (23 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I have been working for „Sportfive“ for a two year where I was working as a hostess at Werder Bremens VIP Lounges and I also did promotions for Deutsche Bahn, Ikea and O2. Furthermore, I’ve

Tamina-2225500 6

Tamina   (30 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Experienced fair hostess with completed training and studies - several years of experience as a service employee (serving rules, 3-dish technology) - several jobs at trade fairs and events (

Michael-99208 6

Michael   (39 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
5 years experience as promoter, car explainer, barkeeper, host and supervisor at trade fairs and events. A selection of customers I had the pleasure to work for: - BMW - Volkswagen - Volks

Tim-2227544 5

Tim   (32 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT

Hannah-404562 5

Hannah   (30 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Recently worked at Electronica & IBA fair in Munich as a waitress, as well as at "Mainfrankenmesse" in Würzburg as a hostess due to an internship. In Addition to that I worked as a waitress

Daniela-3176562 4

Daniela   (28 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with majors in Marketing and Finance. Currently cursing the 2nd-semester of my master's degree in Management at the RWTH Aachen University. Wor

Johanna-2599846 4

Johanna   (25 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Childcare at the Ikea Family Days for Lagardère Plus - I worked several times as a hostess and as a waitress in the VIP area of the Olympic Stadium in Berlin for Lagardère Plus - I did sever

Romina-1990650 4

Romina   (25 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
1- worked for several hostess agencies (IAA, Automechanika, IFFA, ISH, Commerzbank Arena Eintracht FRANKFURT VIP-Hostess, etc.) - years of experience in service (waitress, all important rule

Maximilian-1481372 4

Maximilian   (26 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
-Host FC Bayern Munich (lodges support, VIP customers, hostess training) - currently a student of economics in Würzburg - looking for new challenges and nice contacts

Jannika-417050 4

Jannika   (29 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
- masterstudent Coporate Communications in Mainz - exchange semester in Australia: fluently in english - experienced hostess for fairs (f.e. IAA FRANKFURT for Volkswagen, Diva Personalmanage

Verena-3118770 3

Verena   (35 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I am Verena, 31 years jung and live in Munich. Actually I am a full-time Product Manager for a car manufacturer. To bring some variety, fun and pocket money into my daily life, I like workin

Rosa-3031578 3

Rosa   (27 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Experienced service staff, trained hotel expert: dual studies in the field of tourism, practical part completed in the hotel industry (Novum Hospitality, Dusseldorf). During my time at Novum

Fiona-2894812 3

Fiona   (25 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
- currently studying Economics, second semester - completed a voluntary social year in Romania for 6 months - after graduating from high school part-time job at Kochhaus FRANKFURT where I, a

Meryl-2189184 3

Meryl   (30 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
- Hostess Experience Fair and Stadium VIP Lounge - I have waited 5 years in an upscale restaurant with many events (brunch, birthdays, weddings) - Partly I had carried the responsibility for

Georgina-1812836 3

Georgina   (31 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Resilient - organized - friendly - result oriented - 4-year experience as a fair hostess at major fairs national / international in areas of waitressing/service, customer care at information

Julia-1577034 3

Julia   (23 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Different trade fair and hostess experiences since 2016 Beautician since 2016 Sales advisor in Okaidi Germany 4.05.2018 - 30.08.2018 Editorial assistant and photo journalist / Health: Engel

Chiara-1461072 3

Chiara   (26 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
- customer inquiry - various promoter activities (for example tasting) - working experience on fairs in the service and hostess (IAA, Light&Building, Automechanika, ECR-Day) - working at a w

Daniela-1179126 3

Daniela   (25 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I am working as VIP- Hostess for Eintracht FRANKFURT and DFB. Additionally I have also done some promotion jobs for SunExpress or O2 for instance

Filipa-2644310 2

Filipa   (25 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
- worked for several hostess agencies including MEAK. I recently worked at the International Motor Show Geneva for Porsche in VIP service, at the IMEX as a hostess, at DTM for Dekra in servi

Carolin-1324768 2

Carolin   (28 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
-Demexco 2017 (Hostess) -Hamburger Sportgala 2017 (Hostess) -Dooleys Promotion 2017 -Reserved X-Mas promotion 2017 -Demexco 2016 (Hostess) -RTL Supertalent VIP Host 2016 -RTL Supertalent

Jonathan-833718 2

Jonathan   (26 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
-Several Jobs for GVO FRANKFURT for instance, working as a waiter for VIPs, supporting service teams for big events and furthermore jobs on conventions -Worked as a waiter in a small restaur

Annika-446926 2

Annika   (26 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Master degree in 2nd semester in Business Administration - Bachelor degree in Journalism & PR - International Marketing - Personnel and Management Consulting - VIP Hostess Experience at even

Johanna-239614 2

Johanna   (28 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
*Pomotion & SalesKasta Enterprises Brisbane* I've been working as a fundraiser for several charity organisations, contact with customers, experiences in promotion *Hospitality City Extra Res

Sephania-4023128 1

Sephania   (26 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
i worked for many agencies in FRANKFURT. beside of school worked for the agency Gvo from 2016 to 2019. We did several events like DTM, VIP lounge for Eintracht FRANKFURT, IAA and many others

Melissa-3716528 1

Melissa   (32 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Hellothere. I just graduated from my Roman Literatures and Cultures master Studies and am currently looking for short-term jobs. I have experience in the following areas: - Tasting of Argent

Shannon-3156990 1

Shannon   (26 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
-worked for several hostess agencies, including guest management at the VIP counter for Audi at IAA 2017, Audi dealer meeting Cannes 2017, dealer event at Audi IAA 2019 -Accreditation desk f

Katharina-2964952 1

Katharina   (26 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Dear customer, although I have only done one job through InStaff, you will find me to be a very experienced hostess/promoter. --> Working over three years as a hostess in the VIP area at 1.

Ina-2586756 1

Ina   (26 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I already worked for two hostess agencies (cinnamon and Lagardère Plus) . Since december 2018 I work regularly at home matches of the Bundesliga club Eintracht FRANKFURT as a VIP hostess. In

Roji-2446952 1

Roji   (32 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Hallo everyone :) I am Roji and I have done my Bachelor in International Business Administration from FRANKFURT. I am pursuing a Master in Finance and Accounting and currently doing an inter

Anna-2421318 1

Anna   (28 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I already worked for fairs, mostly based in Cologne. I worked as VIP hostess for a German company called "Lagardère Plus". In the last few years I worked in Restaurants and Cafes in Italy an

Laureen-2344570 1

Laureen   (23 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
- worked several hostess jobs: VIP-Lounge World Handball Championship Lanxess Arena Cologne (Halbe Events), ARAG annual kick-off event Maritim Hotel Bonn (Colorbirds), Prokon General Assembl

Felicitas-2278938 1

Felicitas   (31 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Hostess (IAA, Paperworld, Ambiente, ISH and more) - Experience as a hostess at VIP event (welcome, accreditation, service activities) - Wardrobe Service (IHK Jahresempfang) - Promotion exper

Kim-2108782 1

Kim   (24 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
-worked as a VIP Hostess for different German soccer teams (1. FC Kaiserslautern since 2015 and Eintracht FRANKFURT since 2017) -2017 hostess at Porschezentrum Mannheim -several promotions,

Verena-1165476 1

Verena   (29 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I was able to gain a lot of experience at various events in the service area and behind the counter, among others. at company celebrations, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, FRANKFURT fair

Liya-323754 1

Liya   (33 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Since 7 years working experience at the Domotex exhibition in Hanover. Also Catering and VIP care experience on various exhibitions like e.g. Agritecnica. And Eventhosting because of my job


Michelle   (28 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
- 6x VIP hostess at Art Basel, Basel. - 1x info hostess at SwissBau. - Completed a two-year professional training as an event manager. - 10 years of part-time experience in gastronomy as a w


Aisha   (26 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
-work since 2017 for several Hostess agencies on events (IAA, Rotary Club World Convention, Football Stadium, etc) -Fotoshoots and some modeljobs (Nintendo, Takko,etc) -6 months experience i


Luisa   (22 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
-Worked in FRANKFURT as an VIP staff member for Aramark. -also work experience as a staff member in a Café and a restaurant -one year experience at a pharmacy shop (promotion and costumer su


Alicia   (28 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
- finished formation (tourism) and worked as a Tour Guide on Madeira -worked for several hostess agencies (VIP Hostess, Promotion) - 6 years experience in catering and service - 4th semester


Nina   (24 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
- working as a hostess in the VIP area at the soccer stadion SV Sandhausen since 2017 - smaller jobs as a hostess for Manigoo - working at the kiosk Beachbar Heddessee since 2017 - voluntary


Varel   (27 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
in 2016 I had worked 3 months from June as a holiday assistant at Autovision (VW), in 2017 from Ausgust I had worked 2 months as a holiday assistant at Siemens AG and in 2018 I had worked 6


Sophie   (31 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I worked as hostess for the COP21. My tasks were varied, including distributing of Welcome Packets, helping at the reception desk, or welcoming VIP guests like politicians, CEOs, etc. I also


Denise   (24 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I worked at serveral “Eintracht Soccer Matches” in the Commerzbank Arena FRANKFURT as a VIP Hostess. At the DAK Stadtlauf in FRANKFURT, I worked as a promoter. I am currently studying as a


Silke   (34 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
- waitress via Aramark in the VIP area / loge at the Commerzbank Arena since 02/14 - fair hostess via Melles & Stein (ISH 2017 & 2015, SPS 2014) - promoter via mks ( picture promotion, Kids-

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