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Marina (24 years, Hostess & Promoter)

Personal experience

Gamescom 2018 • Boot Messe 2018 • PSI Messe Düsseldorf 2018 • Retro Classics Automesse 24.-26.11. 2017 in Köln • COP23 UN-Climate Conference in Bonn • DLR Standorttag Bonn 2017 • Gamescom 2017 • Bootmesse Düsseldorf 2017 • RadiologieKongress Ruhr 2016 • K-Messe Düsseldorf 19.-23.10. • Mark-E Roadshow 14./15.10. in Essen • Schulbaumesse 20.-21.9. in Köln (über UCM Hostess) • GourmetFestival 26.-28.8. in Düsseldorf • GamesCom 2016 OtherOcean Interactive • BMW International Open 22.-26.6. • Porzer Autofrühling 28./29.5. • Tischkickerpromo 20.-22.5. in Essen ( UCM Hostess) • Promotion PETS DELI (UCM) • Promotion Good Hood GmbH • Juice PLUS+ Convention 23.4. in Bonn • Congress "Haus der Gezeiten" • Acting Role (Witness) at CSI:Event 16.4. in Köln • Business Event ADAG Tower in Düsseldorf (UCM) • September 2016: Business-English course EF in Miami, USA • Law Student.


Frankfurt (and 7 more cities)


1.72 m

Body Measures

Chest: 95, Waist: 65, Hips: 91


High-school diploma




German - Mother tongue
English - Business fluent
French - Fluent

Available in

Köln, Düsseldorf, Bonn and 4 more cities

Customer reviews from jobs via InStaff (one or more reviews translated from German)

from IMPLURA Medical GmbH

A super lady and very competent. Immediately incorporated into the matter, was very attentive to the visitors, read everything from your eyes. Will definitely book her again at the next fair. I thank her for her diligence and professionalism. 5 stars are not enough for that. (5 stars on 19.03.2019 für den Job als Hostess)

from Möbel im Karton GmbH

Very professional appearance! (5 stars on 22.01.2019 für den Job als Hostess)

from proteco marketing-service gmbh

(5 stars on 22.11.2018 für den Job als Hostess)

from Möbel im Karton GmbH

Very well. Everything was great, the whole team was satisfied. Thank you (5 stars on 31.10.2018 für den Job als Hostess)

from Möbel im Karton GmbH

very open-minded, immediately integrated into the team and interested in booth / products, so that simple questions from the customer can be answered directly, always on site as agreed (5 stars on 30.10.2018 für den Job als Check-in assistant)

from RaceBets International Gaming Ltd.

(5 stars on 01.10.2018 für den Job als Promoter)

from RedTree Group Pte Ltd

Sie ist nett, muss aber bei der Kundenansprache aktiver sein. (3 stars on 01.10.2018 für den Job als Promoter)

from VVE e. V.

Marina was punctual and committed. All the best, gladly again! (5 stars on 17.09.2018 für den Job als Hostess)

from GamerLegion - GmbH

"We are very satisfied and can fully recommend Marina. She took a good care of our customers and of the stand. All in all Marina had a good mood and a serious appearance." (5 stars on 01.09.2018 für den Job als Hostess)

from JP Gastro Inhaber J.-P. Klinger

Gladly again. Thanks a lot for the support! (5 stars on 25.06.2018 für den Job als Kitchen help)

from proteco marketing-service gmbh

Thank you for the great cooperation! Again any time! (5 stars on 11.06.2018 für den Job als Hostess)

from ATEQ

(4 stars on 07.06.2018 für den Job als Hostess)

from proteco marketing-service gmbh

(5 stars on 02.03.2018 für den Job als Hostess)

from X-Yachts Deutschland

(3 stars on 31.01.2018 für den Job als Hostess)

from E. Klever GmbH

(4 stars on 16.01.2018 für den Job als Hostess)

from proteco marketing-service gmbh

Great praise for the professional work and your very friendly and helpful performance. Our Customer was impressed! (5 stars on 01.12.2017 für den Job als Hostess)

from Honestly MT GmbH

(5 stars on 19.09.2017 für den Job als Hostess)

from Fortify

We were very satisfied and can recommend Marina. She assisted our customer very well and supervised our booth. She had a likable and reliable attitude and was interested. (5 stars on 04.09.2017 für den Job als Hostess)

from Bodenseenautic

Everything worked out, thank you very much! (5 stars on 06.02.2017 für den Job als Hostess)

from KLÜH Security GmbH

Very kind and attentive. (5 stars on 09.11.2016 für den Job als Stagehand)

from Dieffenbacher GmbH Maschinen- und Anlagenbau

Marina is very friendly, competent and experienced. She quickly integrated into the stand team and was very attentive to our customers and interested in our company. We like to work with her again. (5 stars on 26.10.2016 für den Job als Hostess)

from forsec Sicherheit

Very good hostess! She familiarized herself with new remits quickly and was very friendly, reliable, attentive and always had a smile on her face. We gladly book her again! (5 stars on 01.09.2016 für den Job als Hostess)

from Connecting Companies

Marina has contributed significantly to the success of our event appearance with her laughter and cheerful manner. With her friendly manner, she explained the product to the visitors from morning to evening. Their multilingualism was especially beneficial to our French customers. We are very satisfied with your work and wish you continued success on your future career path. (5 stars on 29.08.2016 für den Job als Hostess)

from Other Ocean

Marina was great! Definitely a study - was able to get up and running with our demo easily (which needed a fair bit of explaining and more in-depth help, as it is in VR). If we are in need next year we will hope she is available! (5 stars on 25.08.2016 für den Job als Hostess)

from Good Hood GmbH

Very motivated and made it with a smile until the final letter box! Worked very well - Thank you (5 stars on 23.08.2016 für den Job als Promoter)

from optilyz GmbH

Great effort. Marina worked very precisely and reliably. (5 stars on 04.07.2016 für den Job als Assistant)

from Convergenta Vermögensverwaltung GmbH

Everything worked fine, punctual, hard working, polite, any time again, thanks a lot (5 stars on 30.05.2016 für den Job als Stagehand)

from VERTIKOM Activation GmbH

Very good hostess! She quickly incorporated her areas of responsibility and was very reliable. Anytime! (5 stars on 26.04.2016 für den Job als Stagehand)

from CSI:Training

Marina worked the first time for us. Everything went fine. We are happy to welcome her again. Punctual, reliable , works fast. (5 stars on 18.04.2016 für den Job als Assistant)

from Gezeiten Haus Akademie GmbH

(5 stars on 11.04.2016 für den Job als Assistant)

from Good Hood GmbH

(4 stars on 07.04.2016 für den Job als Promoter)

Successful Jobs via Instaff

Sep 30, 2018 in Düsseldorf: Renntag auf der Galopprennbahn Düsseldorf

Sep 20 - Sep 23, 2018 in Köln: Kind + Jugend

Jun 23, 2018 in Köln: St. Franziskus Krankenhaus Ehrenfeld

May 29 - Jun 01, 2018 in Köln: THE TIRE COLOGNE SHOW

May 10 - May 12, 2018 in Düsseldorf: Messe BEFA 2018

Feb 20 - Feb 23, 2018 in Köln: Dach + Holz International

Jan 26 - Jan 28, 2018 in Düsseldorf: Boot 2018

Nov 24 - Nov 26, 2017 in Köln: Retro Classics in Köln

Oct 19 - Oct 23, 2016 in Düsseldorf: Messe K

Oct 14 - Oct 15, 2016 in Essen: Mark-E Roadshow in Essen

Aug 29 - Aug 31, 2016 in Düsseldorf: Tagung Maritim Hotel Düsseldorf

Aug 26 - Aug 28, 2016 in Düsseldorf: GOURMET FESTIVAL Düsseldorf 2016

Aug 17 - Aug 20, 2016 in Köln: gamescom

Jun 28, 2016 in Bonn: QA Manager Bonn

Jun 22 - Jun 26, 2016 in Pulheim: BMW Golf Open 2016

May 28 - May 29, 2016 in Köln: Porzer Autofrühling

Apr 23, 2016 in Bonn: Juice PLUS+ Convention

Apr 16, 2016 in 50679 KÖLN: CSI Training Köln 16.04.16

Apr 08, 2016 in Wesseling: Ärzte-Fortbildung

Apr 05, 2016 in Köln: 05.04.2016 - Köln 2

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