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Alina   (27 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I worked as a promoter for different companies, e.g. Deutsche Bahn, Initialwerk GmbH and, where I was a group leader as well. I was part of the CATERING crew at the "schlossgraben


Samira   (24 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
With 16 years , I already worked at trade fair FRANKFURT for a CATERING service (preparing food, buffet, serving guests in the VIP area). I spent half a year in a small restaurant as a waitr


Sarah   (32 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
- 90 successfully performed jobs with Instaff. Also often performed as the Service- or Eventmanager (Coordination, planning, briefing, supervising the coworkers) - worked at several faires a


Ajedran   (24 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Currently student of economics at the University of Giessen. - Successfully completed jobs with Instaff as inventory assistant, logistics assistant, event assistant, interviewer, salesman an


Berta   (26 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Work Experience: Hostess on e.g Interlift, Bauma, Intersana, GrindTech; Guide at the BASF Visitor Center and production site in Ludwigshafen since 2016 (Tours in german, english, spanish, po


Loreen   (21 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I am a cheerful, polite and open-minded person and like to get in touch with people. That's why I really like to work in the CATERING industry, as a promoter and hostess on different events.


Isabelle   (22 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Several promotion & event jobs through the event agency '24Agency' (e.g. promotion at: Basketball EUROCUP Audidome Munich, IMO-Car Wash promotion Munich, store promotion for Engelbert Straus


Tamara   (26 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I’ve been working in the CATERING industry since 2012, where I primarily work as a service staff. I have already worked in the restaurant, cafe and bar. This way, I know how to satisfy guest


Rebekka   (28 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
9 years of wide experience in gastronomy as a waitress (restaurants, weddings, wine and folk festivals, CATERING, barista) // 1 year interviewer in public transport (Omnitrend GmbH, Leipzig)


Maya   (30 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Latest I worked as a cashier at an organic supermarket and have several experiences working for CATERING services at exhibitions (Motek, Nufam etc.) and other events. I am a Bachelor student


Ann   (23 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I have experience as a sales assistant, as a service force in the kitchen, in hospital CATERING, and i worked in urban childcare. At the moment I am studying in the sixth semester nutritiona


Simone   (22 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Experience as Hostess at expositions like CMT, Automotive Testing Expo Europe, Uniti Expo Europe, Logimat, R+T, Invest, Akzente and much more in Stuttgart and FRANKFURT. I worked also at dis


Veronika   (26 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
-more than 5 years Experience with Martinis CATERING - as a barkeeper as well as a Waitress I have also experience with several Trades where I have worked as waitress / barkeeper and also Ho


Murtuza   (28 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
"64! Successfully completed jobs through Instaff!" A vast experience in Sales and Service - various Promotion & Host jobs - diverse Walking Acts - Event Management - Bartending - Interviewin


Mahmoud   (26 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I worked for several CATERING as waitperson in FRANKFURT, Heidelberg, Mannheim and Berlin . I supported the fair during assembly and dismantling.I was very satisfied with the team


Till   (32 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I worked: -2 years for Rockabella-Events (Expositions&Events in Germany, Luxemburg and Switzerland) - 7 months for Grunder-Gourmet eventCATERING (preparation and organisation) - as a waiter


Phuong   (24 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Exhibitions I have worked at: Dmexco Colone- Hostess Südback Stuttgart- Service LogiMat Stuttgart- Hostess Comic Con FRANKFURT- Hostess Blechexpo Stuttgart- Hostess SlowFood Stuttgart- Hoste


Gilles   (24 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I have a wide alround experience in CATERING-jobs ,Promotion ,Produktion and Delievery. -In 2016 I worked for Bremerzeit Personal in Dortmund.(In the Production Branch) -From 2017 to 2018 fo


Joanna   (24 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
- work experience in several hostess jobs in CATERING (inter-)/national conferences, meetings and several large events such as weddings, firm jubilees, large events, - worked several fairs i


Lena   (22 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
- business psychologie studies - social engagement at an international studentsorganization, experiences in leading a team, reliable and independent work - experiences in gastronomy/CATERING


Cansu   (30 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I worked several years in LeBuffet Restaurant, and am working now as waitress for different CATERING companys. Afterwards I worked 5 for 5 years for the company Fossil as sales assistant. Ma


Louisa   (23 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Currently studying psychology in the 9th semester - 2015 until 2018 working in 4-star hotel (service, kitchen & organizational area) - many years of gastronomy experience: ice cream parlor (


Lina   (26 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Promotion and distribution at Kieler Woche and Oktoberfest- - Worked as a (model) hostess at 30 different fairs (promotion, product presentation, CATERING, moderation, lottery) for compani


Ialda   (23 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
- medical student -Since my parents have a CATERING service and a backery, i work there for 3 years -worked almost 1 year as a waiter in a restaurant -


Ngonwie   (29 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
-Worked in several hostess agencies(Events and tradefair) -worked as Model -CATERING and Service experience ( 3years) - Seller in the supermarket - Cleaning rooms in Hotels and Apartments -i


Louis   (27 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I already worked at various events, as a promoter at the Phillips stand at the IFA 2018 in Berlin for instance. I also have over 2 years of experience in CATERING, service and eventhelper. R


Marvin   (23 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I have successfully worked in a huge variety of jobs and gained a lot of experience through InStaff and other working opportunities. For example I have helped in a kitchen for some time or w


Malika   (26 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
- M.A. Translation Studies - Project Manager in translation agencies since June 2016 - Graduate assistant in the Seminar Center of the University Heidelberg: CATERING for seminars, office wo


Janina   (24 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
- current studies: degree as a Bachelor of Science in politics and sociology at the University of Cologne - completed a semester abroad at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands - al


Leve   (23 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Fluent in english and spanish, spent 2 1/2 in Latin America/ USA, worked a year at D+L Gastro Solutions, work experience in CATERING in Hamburg on the Cap San Diego, model experience, intern


Vedia   (34 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
1. CATERING for events and fairs for collecting informations and meetings with Customers. 2. driver and delivery experiences, Driving license since 2007 3. Assistant to the management at a d


Hanna   (28 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Both Chemistry and Energy Science and Engineering graduate student at TU Darmstadt , experiences in event CATERING and service, worked for vibra as hostess at the Achema 2018, ten years of e


Christina   (27 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I worked for several hostess agencies and restaurants and have experience in service/bar/CATERING/events/exhibitions for nearly 10 years now. I am also experience in Sales. I have lots of wo


Julia   (27 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
- currently in my 1st semester of social work - completed commercial training (travel agent, travel agency First Reisebüro) - experience in gastronomy (bar/counter, service) - hostess-experi


Elisabeth   (25 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
-currently in 8th semester of sustainable tourism studies -4 years working experience in service and CATERING -some small promotion jobs -voluntary work in India -a hostess at Light and Buil


Carina   (28 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
- currently studying Biochemistry at University of Applied Science in Mannheim (4th semester) - 3 years apprenticeship as a real estate agent - 3 years of activity as a real estate agent in


Katharina   (33 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
- worked as hostess at several events (BIOFACH Nürnberg, FAKUMA Friefrichshafen, Invest Stuttgart, Motek Stuttgart,......) - service & CATERING - hostess at concerts - freelancing organist (


Charlene   (28 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I am a bachelor student in worms , i am cameroonian. I worked years ago in my country land at the reception in a company .in Germany I have much more experience when it comes to working with


Victor   (22 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
- plenty of security deployments - internship as an elementary school teacher (basic knowledge in elementary school pedagogics) - internship in the public library (Mannheim) - occasional job


Sylvi   (31 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Communication Design student from Mainz with work experience in CATERING. **Work experience (service sector): - I helped out at my parents restaurant since middle school and during semester


Louisa   (23 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
currently working student in Controlling and Finance at FLEX Prototyping GmbH Paderborn / more than 4 years experience in gastronomy (restaurant, CATERING service), especially in counter and


Caroline   (28 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
plenty of practical experience in promotion e.g. for engelbert strauss, clever fit, Volkswagen, RESERVED store, HAMELIN GmbH, Kinopolis Rhein-Neckar and Good Hood GmbH - worked on different


Clarisse   (23 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
- several experience as a fair hostess, FRANKFURT Fair Ambiente 2019 + ISH 2019 + Book fair 2018 - agency Melles&Stein, several CATERING jobs for office openings, Christmas market, city fest


Fahad   (24 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Logistics ( Worked with a handscanner, Quality control, Shipment, pick and Pack) Waiter/Service ( worked with the CATERING company in various number of Hotels, Exhibition, small Events, Rest


Leandry   (28 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
During my language course in Ilmenau, I worked alongside Schiller Event and Löwen in the trade fair / event area and in a concert (Elton John and Grönemeyer) in Erfurt, collected glasses and


Marie   (27 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
hostess at: Automechanika und Reifen Fair FRANKFURT 2018 - IAA FRANKFURT 2019 - World Digital Mining Summit 2019 - Book fair FRANKFURT 2019 - Ambiente 2020 - Digital Future Congress Frankfur


Burak   (28 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I have been working in CATERING for 6 years, 3 years as a bartender and 3 years as a waiter. I also worked in New York City for 3 months and i have some experience with english costumers. I


Sarah   (26 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
-I worked for a CATERING agency for 3 years -One year of great work experience in several bars and restaurants. - 6th bachelor semester of Linguistics (B.A) and Business Administration and E


Frederika   (25 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
promoter and hostess on different events and exhibitions as Mazda Roadshow + MWC Barcelona + Elektrotechnik + World Club Dome + DKM + Gamescom + Automatica + Wire + Tire + Anuga Foodtec + Ra


Kerstin   (26 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Worked as a waitress in CATERING (business events, christmas parties,...), have had recent experience in Promotion, and worked as a hostess. Furthermore i have worked for an events company i


Annegret   (30 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I have already been working for several car dealerships like Mercedes, Audi and VW as hostess in various areas such as reception, as a lot fair or at new autopresults cars and standing besid


Arbresha   (26 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
worked in a restaurant as a service assistant during the school; 3 months on sale in switzerland; after that 1,5 years full-time work in the CATERING trade also in the service, 4th semester


Selina   (27 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
trained retail saleswoman, Experience with service work, dealing with customers, promotions, organizational activities, sales talks and consultations, internship as a sports and health train


Liv   (22 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Worked in a bakery for over a year as a seller and subsequently another year for a CATERING company stationed in Darmstadt. I also did jobs as a barkeeper and hostess on several fairs in Col


Stephanie   (30 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I have already been working on about 100 different fairs and tradeshows, where I gained a lot of experience in service, CATERING, promotion, selling and translating. I've been working for se


Johanna   (26 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
hostess in the areas of promotion, selling, informing and service, among others for Bosch GmbH (E-World), botek (Metav), wavin (SHK), schur flexibles (IFFA), R&R Consulting (KVK Messe), bond


Christina   (28 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
commercial education • currently working in this job and studying part time • 7th semester of business studies • 3 years experience in CATERING, Service, Hostess for several agencies • diffe


Meriam   (27 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
- worked for several hostess agencies at Gallery SHOES Düsseldorf 2018, VIP area of ESPRIT arena Düsseldorf... - 3 months experience in CATERING & Service - currently in 2nd semester of my


Laura   (21 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
During high school I worked as a cashier at the local supermarket. Besides that, my tasks compromised taking care of the assortment and customer service. My hometown is Würzburg, this region


Leila   (23 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
-During 4 months i have worked in a restaurant, café bar (chicco di caffè), CATERING - Multiple times as hostess for (Orange Cameroon, Brasserie, 5meter Berlin ) -model experience (shootings


Julienne   (22 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I’m studying electronics in the second semester. At the same time I usually help at fairs or other organizations and actions. For this I also like to travel to all Germany, if I can project


Marie   (25 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Profound exhibition expertise and well-experienced in all standard hostess services - booth supervision, accreditation - promotion and sales - experience in CATERING/ basic barkeeping. Fluen


Alia   (28 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
International business student (major: marketing), sales experience (assistant store manager at Bijou Brigitte Accessoires, saleswoman at Rituals Cosmetics), CATERING experience (opening eve


Lucia   (22 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
- 3 years work experience in a fitness Center at Check-in including service & CATERING - 7 months work experience in a bar & Burger Restaurant including mostly service - from now until (?) i


Anna   (28 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I worked in a bakery for a bit more than a year and also as a waitress in a restaurant. I collected experiences through instaff working in CATERING and as a hostess, also I worked as a waitr


Tamara   (33 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
worked for several promotion agencies and brands like Ferrero, Microwavepopcorn, Licher, Müller,debitel and Vorwerk, handed out flyers for mobile companies, presented a new movie for childre


Mariana   (23 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
- worked for several hostess with the Agency W.I.S Event + Service GmbH & Co.KG at the Gamescom, Dmexco, Spoga Horse/Spoga Gafa, Kind+Jugend. - Promotion - Service/CATERING and Kitchenhelp (


Antje   (55 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Professional experience, 10 years independent hoteliers, management assistant in star gastronomy, two years maitre on cruise ships, two years sales manager in event CATERING, operation manag


Lucia   (25 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
- Many years of experience as a fair hostess in the field of stand support, promotion and also at the service. -Experience in CATERING, both at trade fairs, as well as at corporate events or


Umut   (26 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
3 months of experience in CATERING and Service; currently in 5th semester of my law studies; work and travel in Australia, also done farm and hard work there; sportingly and athletically; co


Sophia   (21 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
-liquor tasting (bottle post gin) - Champaign reception - CATERING Jobs - promotion Jobs - festival Jobs - some model jobs - dancer in many shows ( for example Film- und Fernsehpreis, Musica


Sarah   (23 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
several internships: 1. United Nations (Bonn), 2. Deutsche Welle radio and TV (Bonn), 3. Ruf Reisen (CATERING summerjob in France); 4. Shopgate (mobile commerce) in Human Ressources. - ENGLI


Lisa   (26 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
- worked at the AMB for a CATERING company (served food and drinks) - worked for the personal agency Yuman - did my internship at a event and incentice company - did some promotion jobs for


Selina   (25 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Completed education in the high class gastronomy (chef), experience in different service employments (e.g. breakfast service, dinner service, CATERING, buffet,...). I have knowledge in bar-k


Varco   (24 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
- Walhalla event and concert- Street Food Festival (checkout, set-up and dismantling, bar boss); - Africa Festival Würzburg (bar, checkout, set-up and dismantling)- Sonnepar Exposition Augsb


Karina   (20 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
-helped out in a buro (Henry Schein) - worked in a food store as a cashier -worked several times as a hostess in Wiesbaden (90°, Fresenius) -worked on severel events guiding directions and s


Philipp   (25 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Since 2012 I worked in several CATERING Jobs. I started working as a waiter in the Bar/Lounge "Living Room" in my home town Bad Kreuznach and later on I continued this job in the restaurant


Mhd   (24 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I worked for about 2 years in the CATERING sector, also for a long time as a cashier in restaurant. Since I am a computer science student, I have a lot of experience in IT, programming langu


Annika   (25 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Three years of service experience as a part-time job next to my bachelor's degree (bar, service, kitchen, etc.); several experiences as a service employee at exhibition stands and in caterin


Lara   (22 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
- Working as a hostess on trade fairs (Gamescom, Dmexco, Medica, Kind und Jugend, Möbelmesse) - Taking part at model contests - Spending one year in Australia / South-east Asia - Waitering i


Carolin   (22 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
During my school career I spent 8 months in England. After I finished school I gathered some experience in CATERING and service, worked at private events but also in restaurants. I am curren


Roshan   (21 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
-Experience in CATERING at Events/conferences for VIP Lounge - As Hostess for Krämer Maschinenbau Gmbh at Motek 2019 Stuttgart -cashier at Galeria Kaufhof in Stuttgart -worked for 6 months a


Janine   (20 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I'm experienced in service and CATERING since I worked at a well-known restaurant for more than one year and often worked at private occasions. As a result I'm familiar in customer service a


Jiaxing   (26 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
-2 weeks school internship as an assistant in the Pizzaria -two days minijob tapping beer and giving juice -One month minijob as a cashier in Mc Donalds -8 days of promotion at concerts of t


Michelle   (37 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
11/2010 to 10/2011 Vapiano as a service, cashier, at the bar. 01/2012 to 06/2013. Marche I was responsible for the following area of ​​responsibility. Advice to the guests Creation of recipe


Ahmet   (24 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Among other things promotion for Samsung and Telekom, stand care at fairs (IFFA and FIE). Furthermore experienced in CATERING, as Security and in retail. I'm currently in the 9. semester of


Inga   (21 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I worked in different departments of service. I did a training for CATERING service and hotel business. I worked in a Steak-House and in a pub garden at the bar and as a waiter. Also in an i


Anastasia   (25 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
// 4 years of professional experience in a full-service agency (annual internship in Eventmanagement + apprenticeship as a marketing communications specialist). Project management. Customer


Hannah   (25 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Dear customer, welcome to my profile. Please find my short CV below: 3 years apprenticeship as a bakery sales specialist with a focus on barista at Cafe Purer Genuss Ingelheim. 3 years appre


Alva   (24 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I am Chiara, a 23 year old Psychology Student from FRANKFURT am Main. Currently I am living in Vienna. When I was younger I used to work in gastronomy for several years and I started working


Imke   (24 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I have longstanding experience in the field of service and CATERING, like for the "Docklandfestival" and a restaurant named "America Latina". Besides that I haved worked as an Animateur/Prom


Lara   (25 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I worked five years as a hostess on the exhibition called Trendset in Munich and was able to gain a lot of trade fair experience. I also worked on international exhibitions like the Inhorgen


Juliana   (33 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
- Completed training as hotel manager - current studies: International Business Administration - 5 years work experience in the hotel industry - Work Experience / Service Cafe Hoppenworth &


Nick   (22 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
- Chemistry student - Advertising of sponsoring members for the BRK - Employed at the personal service provider "Die Gastgeber" - Responsible contact with customers after two years of work e


Deborah   (27 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
- currently I am studying human medicine in Gießen; before this I was studying biology in Bochum and finalized it with graduation (B. Sc.) - during my study I worked several years at the pro


Gulnigor   (26 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Couple of years of experience in hostess, modelling and customer service. 12 successfully completed jobs at Instaff in Berlin and FRANKFURT as a hostess, promoter and CATERING service staff.


Sharon   (25 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Many experiences as hostess- Studies: BA Dance - worked in a café, bar and restaurant - / as a fashion model - experienced working at big events like Berlinale 2017, "Designgipfel Essen", "D


Jennifer   (32 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I have 2 years of experience as a waitress. I worked in different hotels in FRANKFURT, FRANKFURT fair, stadium and in CATERINGs. I am studying MSc cell biology at Goethe University in Frankf


Céline   (21 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
- working as salesgirl at weekly market in FRANKFURT since about 7 years (since 7 years at waffle stall (including other products like coffee, cake, jam, noodles and sausage), since 3 years


Moritz   (28 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
-worked for several agencies like MKS or GVO on fairs and other venues (customer service, CATERING and service, cocktail mixing, tap beer) -a lot of service and building work experiences fro


Clara   (27 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Worked for A&B for one year, amongst others jobs at the Messe FRANKFURT in the field of CATERING & hostess, in the course of which I had received training in service and waiting; "Lebensmitt


George   (23 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
- After graduating from school, I decided to work at my local parcel centre for a couple of months before proceeding my educational career. My tasks consisted of arranging unsorted packets o


Audrey   (23 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Worked for several hostess agencies (Interpack Düsseldorf, SHK Essen, Light & Building FRANKFURT , Fensterbau Nürnberg , Wire & Tube Düsseldorf Achema FRANKFURT and AMB Stuttgart, GIFA Düsse


Celina   (25 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I did several hostess services for fair agencies in service and promotion since 2015 e.g. as a service hostess at SPS in Nuremberg for Siemens and at DKM in Dortmund for different companies


Sophia   (20 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
-several times working as a hostess for ECB (agency: GVO Personal GmbH) -currently working as a waitress in a bistro/café (Hotel Villa Grunewald, Bad Nauheim) -3 month experience in Service


Srebrina   (26 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
medical student in the 8th semester // creative, reliable, organized // fluent in English and German (spoken and written) // experience as a translator at the University Hospital Giessen - M


Nina   (33 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Experience as a model at commercials and photo shootings: Instyle, Papa Oscar Fashion Group FRANKFURT, VinoKilo, Stephisimo jewellery, B.Braun, DATEV commercial; catwalk model for Es Wang, T


Lukas   (22 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
My capacities within the in the food industry have been wide ranging, I have worked in guest service, CATERING, and gastronomy for over five years. I learned the insight of the rules of serv


Tamara   (28 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I worked at several fairs and events such as IAA FRANKFURT, Geneva Motorshow (Daimler), Congress centre Darmstadtium (wardrobe, admittance), Hessen Design e.V. (supervision, CATERING), Ambul


Sahsa   (22 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I have worked several times as a promoter with Instaff. I have distributed flyers and presented invitation letters and/or catalogues. also i have worked in service on a Streetfood Festival.


Marion   (21 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
- worked as hostesse and did promotion on several events (surveys, Fotobox)- barkeeper in the 4-Stars Victor’s Residence Hotel - Promotion for several companies on events and in malls (eg. M


Benita   (21 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I have worked als waitress in my home country(Rwanda) for two months and in Germany i have worked in a Restaurant als a Kitchen assistant . I like working in CATERING and am so hard-working


Reza   (29 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
- Worked for several hostess agency - worked by celebrate street food by CATERING and Events - part of KRINNER Co. in the solar exibitions in munich and Tehran,Iran - work by coffe Dallmayer


Sara   (23 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
My name is Sara, I study Biomedicine at Julius Maximilian University. I live in Germany since 4 years ago. My work experience was not only in Germany but also in Chile. These include: kitche


Stefan   (42 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I am a trained and proven chef and eventmanager and have well-founded experience in the kitchen and events. I have taken over the organization of new openings and have the know how how to qu


Vermont   (26 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
I am a Cameroonian and worked for almost two years in the CATERING service of hotels in my area before I arrived in Germany. The work consisted of table service, wine service and sale of pro


Patrick   (27 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
- I worked for the hostess agency Zächel AG ( promotion in soccer stadium, promotion for "Deutsche Bahn", promotion at universities) - I spent three weeks working in fundraising ( For the ag


Yumiko   (23 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
7 years of service experience in a sushi restaurant (KADO-YA Sushi GmbH); experience of CATERING service for mariages and other events; experience as a hostess; studying business administrat


Marie   (24 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
4 years experiences in service & CATERING through working in various Cafés, Hotels and Restaurants. Also by working at VIP and Private Events (Landrover VIP Lounge, Dräger Sommerfest 2015)


Maike   (27 years)

Available in: FRANKFURT
Industrial clerk, currently a student in the last semester of the degree program in International Business Administration. Experienced trade fair hostess, worked at shows like the "IFFA" Fra

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Christin Monski: Contact person for staff

Christin Monski
Contact person for staff

If you have any questions regarding your registration or the booking process, feel free to contact or call me.

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Businesses from all over the world can use InStaff to book temporary event staff in Germany for their exhibition, marketing promotion or other temporary staffing needs.

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