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Stefanie-1514258 200 +

Stefanie   (46 years)

I have been with Instaff since May 2018 and have worked as a service force at events and events, private parties and fairs, for star and circle. Other activities as event helpers, inventory

Junior-3100402 160 +

Junior   (22 years)

In brief: Promotion | Customer surveys. // My qualities: Teamwork, communication skills, reliable, determined, stress-resistant and sociable. // I am a hardworking and motivated boy with mor

Samira-384514 160 +

Samira   (26 years)

With 16 YEARS , I already worked at trade fair Frankfurt for a catering service (preparing food, buffet, serving guests in the VIP area). I spent half a year in a small restaurant as a waitr

Rebecca-267152 150 +

Rebecca   (27 years)

Hello, my name is Rebecca, i am 25 YEARS old and i live in Munich. Currently I study technical editing and communications at Hochschule München. I have more than ten YEARS of workexpericence

Julika-1101650 150 +

Julika   (23 years)

I lived in the US (1year) and travelled a lot, I also worked as a hostess and promoter as example for Sony, Erdinger and the federal ministry of transport and digital infrastructure. Besides

Jacqueline-2856396 140 +

Jacqueline   (28 years)

- I have been working in my parents' restaurant, both in the kitchen and in service, since I was a small child; furthermore, I have been taking over a large organisational part for YEARS - y

Achile-1519550 140 +

Achile   (25 years)

Between the studies I work since 2 YEARS as a kitchen help (in the summer) at EUREST (Infineon Regensburg). In addition, I have already 6 times drinks and meals at several fair in Augsburg.

Christin-1153800 140 +

Christin   (27 years)

- studying history of arts & English and American studies - 3 YEARS of working experience as a promoter, hostess, waitress and eventhelper - worked 2 seasons in an ice cream palour - worked

Jennifer-2561584 140 +

Jennifer   (37 years)

In my 4 YEARS at the Ronnefeldt tea shop in Aachen, I worked in sales, where I had consultations with customers, placed and sorted goods and also worked at the cash register. I always enjoye

Ajedran-1623570 130 +

Ajedran   (26 years)

Currently student of economics at the University of Giessen. - Successfully completed jobs with Instaff as inventory assistant, logistics assistant, event assistant, interviewer, salesman an

Alina-625454 130 +

Alina   (29 years)

I worked as a promoter for different companies, e.g. Deutsche Bahn, Initialwerk GmbH and, where I was a group leader as well. I was part of the catering crew at the "schlossgraben

Jana-1202912 120 +

Jana   (41 years)

- since Okt 2017 with Instaff - 2015-2017 I worked part time for a catering company doing all kinds of service jobs, cloakroom - 2009-2014 I've worked fulltime for 2 service agency's PLUSS

Rebekka-936254 110 +

Rebekka   (30 years)

9 YEARS of wide experience in gastronomy as a waitress (restaurants, weddings, wine and folk festivals, catering, barista) // 1 year interviewer in public transport (Omnitrend GmbH, Leipzig)

Ngonwie-2546422 110 +

Ngonwie   (31 years)

-Worked in several hostess agencies(Events and tradefair) -worked as Model -Catering and Service experience ( 3YEARS) - Seller in the supermarket - Cleaning rooms in Hotels and Apartments -i

Felix-2427772 110 +

Felix   (28 years)

certified assistant for economics and business adminstration specialized in marketing and commercial correspondence - more than 5 YEARS of working experience in service for various restauran

Antonia-3197632 110 +

Antonia   (24 years)

I have been working for 2 YEARS as a barchef in the Olympic stadium / the Olympic hall in Munich. I used to work for 2 YEARS in a wine bar, the Sansibar in Rottach-Egern. After my Abitur I w

Emily-2636582 110 +

Emily   (24 years)

For many YEARS a volunteer in social service (distribution of food to the homeless, reforestation and care for dogs). Experience in ecological cultivation in the finance department and also

Katharina-2874764 100 +

Katharina   (28 years)

7 YEARS international experience in hospitality as a waitress, caterer, bartender, barista, cashier and in sales (at a bakery, coffee bar and for a travel company) and reception (most jobs d

Vitus-2679310 100 +

Vitus   (28 years)

I'm currently studying history of art at TU Berlin and working as a waiter, bartender, promoter and staff vor events on the side. I have even worked as a cashier in a hobby market already an

Viktor-675854 100 +

Viktor   (24 years)

● 3 YEARS experience as a waiter at events and in a restaurant ● skills as a bartender ● 6 month experience as a pizza baker for Dominos Pizza ● Commitment as a event supporter for events li

Salam-751692 100 +

Salam   (31 years)

I was the activities coordinator for the syrian society during my education in Cyprus. My master's degree in Germany is in English. I have been studying in English for the past 4 YEARS and w

Mohammed-2047840 100 +

Mohammed   (26 years)

I´ve studied in Syria Petroleum Engineering in Al-Furat university for 2 YEARS but I didn´t gradutate due to the civil conditions in the country. Then in Greece I got certifikat from in Athe

Luisa-2267304 100 +

Luisa   (23 years)

Since September 2020 I have been doing an apprenticeship as a clerk for office management at the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry. I have been working at Hertha BSC in Merch- and tick

Kristina-3177766 100 +

Kristina   (30 years)

More than 70 successfully completed jobs as a hostess at trade fairs, transfer hostess, interpreter, promoter, waitress, as well as in sales and consulting.At KaDeWe, I was responsible for t

Charline-2224198 100 +

Charline   (25 years)

since 2015 till 2018 receptionist at Mercedes-Benz - various interviews for shopping centers - flyers promotion - hosted some contests for christmas and easter promotions - promotion for fra

Theresse-2219550 100 +

Theresse   (23 years)

From June 2014 - November 2014 I worked as a temporary help in the restaurant Müllers as a waitress. In 2017 I acquired my college entrance qualification in the field of economics and admini

Leonie-1088630 100 +

Leonie   (27 years)

By now I successfully completed over 65 jobs as a hostess and as a promoter (e.g. KaDeWe, Ritz Carlton, Westin Grand, Borchardt, IFA, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week). I also worked a lot behind

Sarah-722572 100 +

Sarah   (34 years)

- 90 successfully performed jobs with Instaff. Also often performed as the Service- or Eventmanager (Coordination, planning, briefing, supervising the coworkers) - worked at several faires a

Caroline-1727576 90 +

Caroline   (27 years)

What do I do? I’m an experienced waitress, hostess, promoter and bartender at up to 70 events. Among those are corporate parties, hostess jobs at expos, private events (such as weddings/birt

Tekla-1028108 90 +

Tekla   (26 years)

who am I ? Waitress, hostess, promoter, logistics assistant for over 3 YEARS and student for architecture and urban development. Enthusiastic tackler with several experience in the service a

Jana-3620852 90 +

Jana   (31 years)

- Successful professional training as a bank specialist - Several YEARS of experience in the sale of financial products - Several YEARS of experience in the area of ​​hostess at the Bank - S

Stella-1005036 90 +

Stella   (39 years)

I have worked for several bars, restaurants, event locations (such as weddings), swimming pools and others as a barkeeper, kitchen help or as a waitress for YEARS, but also as a call center

Mark-2341126 90 +

Mark   (26 years)

diverse assignments in the catering trade; furthermore I have acting experience (theatre); for two YEARS I have been both baby-sitting and tutoring. I am currently studying political science

Karl-2753132 90 +

Karl   (26 years)

Intercultural experience and fluent in English, German and French - lived 10 YEARS in France and Switzerland - work experience in event management (Amazon series premieres), hosting (Berlina

Kelly-2134780 90 +

Kelly   (28 years)

I have got two YEARS of working experience in Themepark the Efteling. I also gained working experience at several events throughout Germany and the Netherlands. Here I have been working in t

Frank-1980962 90 +

Frank   (31 years)

-Multiple service and kitchen help jobs in Berlin -more than 6 months as a kitchen (cook) help at the Hannovermesse (part time). -as well 3 YEARS successively at the Oktoberfest (Käferzelt)

Anette-2765438 90 +

Anette   (30 years)

I completed my education as a dental assistant and work for five YEARS at a dental office - at the moment i am studying health managament -simultaneously i am working as a promoter and hoste

Chiara-282370 90 +

Chiara   (26 years)

My experiences are based on acting (since 2012 until today with Constantin Entertainment Film & Filmpool), modeling as well (EinzigBikes, Le Grand, Shushi etc.) and of course to work as a Ho

Veronika-1687298 90 +

Veronika   (28 years)

-more than 5 YEARS Experience with Martinis Catering - as a barkeeper as well as a Waitress I have also experience with several Trades where I have worked as waitress / barkeeper and also Ho

Ellyes-1988074 80 +

Ellyes   (26 years)

My name is Ellyes Bouhajeb, 24 YEARS old and I am currently in the last semester of my studies in mechanical engineering at the University of Applied Sciences. I have had several jobs in the

David-2037032 80 +

David   (24 years)

- 2 YEARS experience working at the cash register - 1 year experience in fast food restaurant, did many different jobs ( cash, kitchen, etc..) -supermarket experience

Victoria-1008494 80 +

Victoria   (26 years)

Studying in Munich to be a Russian, German as a foreign language and English teacher. Therefore a certain knowledge of all three languages. A 3-YEARS-long sale and service experience in a ba

Nosayaba-322368 80 +

Nosayaba   (25 years)

Worked in a fastfoodrestaurant for 2 YEARS - gave extra classes in English and German - worked for UNHCR in Frankfurt - worked as a promoter and also as a teamleader for - many pr

TillPhilippe-948154 80 +

Till   (34 years)

I worked: -2 YEARS for Rockabella-Events (Expositions&Events in Germany, Luxemburg and Switzerland) - 7 months for Grunder-Gourmet eventcatering (preparation and organisation) - as a waiter

Franca-828944 80 +

Franca   (25 years)

As a student assistant I am working at HHL Leipzig at the research institute CLIC and am giving a tutorial at University Leipzig. I was active at several trade fairs, in retail at the cash d

Mhd-2387774 80 +

Mhd   (26 years)

I worked for about 2 YEARS in the catering sector, also for a long time as a cashier in restaurant. Since I am a computer science student, I have a lot of experience in IT, programming langu

Mila-1708718 80 +

Mila   (27 years)

- worked for several hostess agencies: for example at Heimtextilmesse, Automechanika 2018 or IAA 2019 for Mercedes Benz - 1 year experience as speciality retailer for office furniture - 2 ye

Kaixin-1131582 80 +

Kaixin   (23 years)

During the more than 70 successful jobs I have had through Instaff, I was able to support companies as a hostess at several trade fairs, for example at BAUMA Munich, Interlift Augsburg, CphI

Svenja-508148 80 +

Svenja   (25 years)

My strengths are teamwork, organizational skills and communication skills. Besides job in the catering as a waitress. Experience in sales. Three YEARS customer service experience in the gym.

Michaela-476074 80 +

Michaela   (27 years)

Experience at fairs in sales, nine YEARS working in service, the kitchen and behind the bar ( at various big events, weddings, festivals and different locations such as restaurants, leisure

Michael-544940 80 +

Michael   (29 years)

another native language: Spanish - worked for several trade fairs: Bauma, Analytica, Ifat and 4xTrendset, OPTI, Transport in Munich; Nordstil in Hamburg in Catering & Service and retail - 1

Sarah-718260 70 +

Sarah   (26 years)

I could already gather some experiences as a seller for the bakery "Büsch GmbH" in 2014. I also worked as a working student for the law firm "Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek (also did some catering

Anna-1441976 70 +

Anna   (30 years)

Dear customer, welcome to my profile. I studied journalism and sometimes I work as a freelance editor. In addition, I am reliable, committed, communicative, work independently and I always h

André-2251064 70 +

André   (23 years)

Trainee at an online marketing agency - I have 2 YEARS experience in gastronomy - worked at the coffee bar at Karls Erlebnisdorf - all kinds of promotion jobs for different promotion agencys

Antje-1411708 70 +

Antje   (28 years)

Since 2016 I am working for several agencys as a hostess/model or do diffrent of promotions for several enterprises. Here is an overview about my jobs I absolved on exhibitions : 2016 Hannov

An-777480 70 +

An   (27 years)

I've worked for many YEARS in the gym and therefore gained experience in dealing with customers. This includes customer reception, support, advice and acquisition. Likewise, I have already h

Sandra-919496 70 +

Sandra   (25 years)

Worked more than 6 month at the Friedrichstadtpalast in Berlin - 4 YEARS experience in Catering and Service - 4 month internship at "The food professionals Köhnen" - in the first semester of

Simone-670926 70 +

Simone   (23 years)

Experience as Hostess at expositions like CMT, Automotive Testing Expo Europe, Uniti Expo Europe, Logimat, R+T, Invest, Akzente and much more in Stuttgart and Frankfurt. I worked also at dis

Juliane-399606 70 +

Juliane   (26 years)

*over 70 successful Jobs via InStaff* During school time I worked on a local farmers market every weekend for 3 YEARS, also I worked as a waitress in a bakery from time to time; started stud

Johanna-1121012 70 +

Johanna   (25 years)

Several promotion and exhibition hostess jobs (for instance Kind und Jugend, Anuga FoodTec, EuroCIS, Dach + Holz, AAD Kongress, Gamescom) - 3 YEARS service/catering experience - Full time sh

Isabelle-969546 70 +

Isabelle   (24 years)

Several promotion & event jobs through the event agency '24Agency' (e.g. promotion at: Basketball EUROCUP Audidome Munich, IMO-Car Wash promotion Munich, store promotion for Engelbert Straus

Alina-2063436 70 +

Alina   (26 years)

Fest Ladies an Gentlemens, hear you can find my progress report. I have a completed education in insurance and financial. At present I visite the university of applied sciences in Aachen. I'

Sandra-1034380 70 +

Sandra   (31 years)

- qualification as social insurance employee (AOK) - fair attendance with customer acquisition; support at business fairs; one year experience with field service (business customer care) - t

Veronika-403106 70 +

Veronika   (26 years)

2 YEARS experience working in a restaurant Law student worked for 2 weeks at the Kieler Woche in catering and event companies Many completed jobs on fairs as a Hostess in Berlin, Hamburg and

Felicia-360224 70 +

Felicia   (27 years)

I worked for several YEARS in the textile industry (Vero Moda and Benetton) as a sales and service force. Subsequently I worked for one year in the gastronomy.

Christin-2939374 70 +

Christin   (22 years)

Worked 3 YEARS as a bartender in a club and one year as a waitress in a cafe I have gained experience on festivals as a bartender. Worked two summers in a kiosk at the public pool. I have wo

Ludwig-1231150 70 +

Ludwig   (22 years)

I am currently an acting student and attend the International School for Drama and Acting (ISSA) in Munich. As a part-time job, I also work as a film and television actor, among other things

Jovanie-1023572 70 +

Jovanie   (26 years)

My Name is Jovanie. I am a 25 YEARS Old Student in Logistik and Management for Information at the Ostfalia university. My Experience are: - Call Agent at Avedo for Hotel Reservation Service

Ialda-704218 70 +

Ialda   (25 years)

- medical student -Since my parents have a catering service and a backery, i work there for 3 YEARS -worked almost 1 year as a waiter in a restaurant -

Bianca-527104 70 +

Bianca   (33 years)

I've worked as a hostess for All Stars Fitness Products GmbH at the FIBO in Cologne. I was responsible for the clothing stand at the fair for three YEARS in a row (from 2013 to 2015). My tas

Stella-2175240 70 +

Stella   (26 years)

trained barkeeper (international bar keeping school). overall 8 YEARS of work experience in gastronomy, as both waitress and barkeeper. 3 YEARS experience as event organizer and head barkeep

Lynn-1497416 70 +

Lynn   (27 years)

- Multiple experiences in fair jobs since a lot of YEARS for example for companies like Toyota at IAA in Frankfurt, ... - Lots of experience as a waitress (in restaurants, on fairs, hotelbar

PhuongLinh-966102 70 +

Phuong   (26 years)

I am currently studying International Business Administration with a focus on Marketing and HR in the last semester. During my studies, I was able to gain a lot of experience at trade fairs

Lotta-712170 70 +

Lotta   (23 years)

More than 55 jobs via InStaff! - waitress for various catering companies - promotionjobs - hostess at the Automatica, Electronica, Intersolar and transportlogistic fair and several bigger ev

Luna-2963440 70 +

Luna   (24 years)

One month as an advisor in a company of finances, over two YEARS serveral jobs as a waitress in banquet, one year in service at BurgerKing, 8 month in checkout at a Supermarket, Voluntary ye

Sophie-2193062 70 +

Sophie   (25 years)

- currently in fourth semester of my childhood pedagogy studies - worked 3 YEARS as waitress at 'Yachthafenresidenz Hohe Düne' - worked 1 year as barista in a coffee bar and catering for mee

Joy-2090190 70 +

Joy   (25 years)

I worked one season in the VIP Area as a service at the Volkspark Stadion Hamburg, additionally I am working as a barkeeper on big events and concerts in Hamburg, for example in Trabrennbahn

Julia-1721906 70 +

Julia   (26 years)

I worked multiple YEARS as an entertainer at different locations of the vacation Club Aldiana. This improved my communication skills and helped me become more open-minded, flexible, friendly

ValainSteve-1618782 70 +

Valain   (27 years)

Study Business Informatics. I have a great experience in gastronomy and service (2 YEARS as a helper) namely at: -Gasthaus Setelle (Augsburg) -August Restaurant (Augsburg) -Apostkeller Medie

MarieTheresa-1453778 70 +

Marie   (24 years)

Social Work (B.A.). I'm working for Kreisjugendring since four YEARS (children's face painting, creative activities). Had some Festivaljobs like Rock I'm Park. 3-month stay in Australia and

Julian-918698 70 +

Julian   (27 years)

Totally more than 2 YEARS experience in Costumer Service: - Dishwasher at Sammans in Fischerhude - Waiter at Haus am See in Otterstedt, with elements of the sophisticated Gastronomie - Main

Mohamad-3222958 60 +

Mohamad   (29 years)

A lot of experience and practical knowledge collected in the field of gastronomy and events. Worked for several times as a host at several companies (e.g., MKS, UCM, Studietemps) in many cit

Miroslav-3078240 60 +

Miroslav   (32 years)

- Fast, Fit and Organized - English level C1 (UniCert Certificate), bound for C2 - Over 10 YEARS of experience with several agencies - 2 YEARS experiences as CEO assistant of a major company

Felix-1809252 60 +

Felix   (24 years)

My work experience contains 4 YEARS of working in a restaurant. I learned a lot about working in a team and getting stress resistent. The Restaurant is located in a museum, so there were a l

Katharina-297798 60 +

Katharina   (28 years)

- worked as a waitress at catering Serve 7 GmbH & Co (1 Year)- year shop assistant at Abercrombie & Fitch Munich (1 year) - Experience Promotion-Jobs: worked as a Hostess at different exhibi

Marion-2649420 60 +

Marion   (25 years)

worked in hotel, café, bar, restaurants and divers events during the past 6 YEARS, experience at the bar and especilaly as a waitress, since 7 YEARS jobs in child care, completed contemporar

Giulia-1436110 60 +

Giulia   (24 years)

1. Worked as hostess a couple of times (at fair centers, doing promotions, working on events & on weddings) 2. Worked in a Restaurant called "Inselkammer" for over half a year behind the bar

Valentina-1047162 60 +

Valentina   (30 years)

Hi:) My name is Valentina, I am 27 YEARS old and I come from Ratingen, near to Düsseldorf. I could already collect some experience in sales, promotion, as a helper and as a hostess. Reliabil

Hatica-1578028 60 +

Hatica   (23 years)

Catering for Stiftl at the Deutsches Theater and at several events and expositions for 2 YEARS (wardrobe, bar and typical tasks of a waitress) // Worked as a waitress and barkeeper at the Bu

Robertina-1183116 60 +

Robertina   (27 years)

- worked a part-time job for one year as a cashier at a gas station Aral - 2 YEARS part-time job at Burger King as a cashier and a kitchen help - experience in Sales at Phase Eight - experie

Olga-2438076 60 +

Olga   (22 years)

- September 2017 to August 2019 employee in Breuninger Freiburg as sales assistant - now in the third semester, study French and history to become a teacher at the Albert-Ludwigs University

Anna-1491256 60 +

Anna   (32 years)

- barkeeper at the Cologne Carneval and the eve-of-wedding party - 3 YEARS of experience in the promotion field in Germany and Russia - a help in an Italien restaurant - Sales assistant in t

Emre-1153520 60 +

Emre   (27 years)

- promoted a club for one year - have been working as a tutor and helping students as a coach at primary school for 7 YEARS - collected signatures for a petition for one year - 2-year-experi

Stefanie-842706 60 +

Stefanie   (28 years)

During my traineeship as a hotel specialist in the Hilton Munich Park, which took 2,5 YEARS I earned a lot of experience in hospitality. I worked in the restaurant, banqueting department an

Elea-3347600 60 +

Elea   (36 years)

- 10 YEARS of work experience in service & hospitality (CinemaxX, Starbucks Coffee, Balzac Coffee, several festival jobs at Rock am Ring, Rock im Park, Hurricane & Waldbühne Berlin - experie

Regina-2601204 60 +

Regina   (29 years)

Since 2016 I have been studying architecture at FH Aachen. In addition to school education, I gained a lot of professional experience in retail, as well as gastro / waitress and promotion. -

Miriam-667650 60 +

Miriam   (27 years)

done 2months Promotion for Morgengold- 2 YEARS experience in working in admission control and wardrobe at the Messe Freiburg FWTM- and furthermore selling tickets and worked three months as

Nadine-1511920 60 +

Nadine   (26 years)

- 3 YEARS experience in Catering & Service in the event field (e.g. weddings, company events, graduations etc.) -currently in 8th semester of my law studies - 2 YEARS experience in sales (cu

Carl-1214448 60 +

Carl   (24 years)

Hello everyone, My Name is Carl and I am currently studying Business Administraion in the fifth semester. I am studying in english. I worked for nearly two and a half YEARS now as a bartende

Kristina-793160 60 +

Kristina   (31 years)

~50 sucessful Instaff jobs done! EXPERIENCES... ~as an exhibition hostess (IMM Cologne, Gamescom, IDS, ProSweets Cologne, Kind und Jugend, dmexco, MEDICA etc.), ~as a waitress (worked 3 year

Marlene-230668 60 +

Marlene   (27 years)

*over 50 successful instaff jobs* Two YEARS work experience in the gastronomy in full time; promotion experience in sales experience as a model - fotoshootings, catwalk experience, modelhost

Judith-949386 60 +

Judith   (24 years)

several YEARS of experience as a waitress in different restaurants and hotels (Westin Frankfurt, Flusshaus Mintarder Wasserbahnhof, Brückencafe Essen Kettwig), therefore I do have the knowle

Susanne-93762 60 +

Susanne   (32 years)

More than 50 successful completed jobs through InStaff! I've been working at trade fairs for almost 8 YEARS now. As a waitress, bartender, barista, translator, Chefhostess (Supervisor of mor

Tabesh-2017012 60 +

Tabesh   (26 years)

I worked as a telephonist and waiter for two YEARS (serving guests, serving food, taking orders by phone and online, sort them and prepare them for delivery, I was also responsible for cashi

Ismail-1733764 60 +

Ismail   (26 years)

I've been working in the gastronomy since 6 YEARS , so I could gain a lot of experience as a waiter at different events like weddings, political meetings or exhibitions. Furthermore, I've be

Louis-1122846 60 +

Louis   (26 years)

I have already gained practical experiences as a waiter and furthermore I took part in two training courses where I learned the social interaction and correct services in the gastronomy. In

Bao-2866714 60 +

Bao   (28 years)

I: - am in the 7th semester and studying Technical Business Administration/ Marketing at the HAW Hamburg. - am so far constantly employed by InStaff as a service staff for restaurants, parti

Jurgen-2036150 60 +

Jurgen   (28 years)

Experience as a model, photoshooting, commercial ads and videoclips for different albanian agencies. Worked as a waiter for 4 months on the weekend while in high school. Played soccer for 11

Jeannine-1774364 60 +

Jeannine   (26 years)

- education of Physiotherapy - work in Restaurants - bachelor of Arts "Health management" - working at Kieser Training for four YEARS - working in supermarket for one year - experiences in c

Roxana-1305826 60 +

Roxana   (34 years)

I worked 6 YEARS at the Cafe im Literaturhaus Wintergarten as a waitress, 1 year at the Cay teahouse as a waitress. I have experience in waitressing also by working at weddings, store or exh

Ruth-1240698 60 +

Ruth   (26 years)

I’ve been serving as an exhibition assistant and waitress at different trade faires (i. e. embedded world, Biofach Messe, CDU party conference, SPS IPC drives, woodcraft-fair and more). In a

Rose-857266 60 +

Rose   (24 years)

For the past year I've been working in two different restaurants as a waitress; I lived in England for 7 month, so my english is quite good; during my schoolYEARS I worked at several private

Maja-637172 60 +

Maja   (30 years)

- I have been working as a waitress for the past 8 YEARS - I spent one year in Australia doing work & travel - I worked as a promoter and a waitress in Australia - Hostess "WindEnergy" Ha

Constanza-483816 60 +

Constanza   (24 years)

I have fluent Spanish and English skills and exceptional experience with international clients/partners. Since October 2016, I work on trade fairs at Messe Düsseldorf GmbH. Experience in cus

Janne-422062 60 +

Janne   (27 years)

So far, I have been able to collect various experiences as hostess, e.g. at the book fair in Frankfurt am Main or the IFA in Berlin, for customers from Calzedonia to ThyssenKrupp. For severa

Maíra-388378 60 +

Maíra   (29 years)

3 YEARS experience as hostess, amongst others at fairs IGW 2017 in Berlin, bauma 2016 for JCB in Munich, Spiel Messe for Ulisses Spiele in Essen, Spielwarenmesse for Cvasso in Nuremberg, IAA

Lisa-239278 60 +

Lisa   (27 years)

Hello, my name is Lisa-Katharina and I have been working for Instaff for over 3 YEARS now. I was already able to successfully carry out About 60 jobs and received a 100% satisfaction rate fr

Carla-1861094 50 +

Carla   (24 years)

- worked 2 YEARS as a waitress for a german restaurant on weekends - worked 4 YEARS as a waitress at fairs in Munich, at Allianz Arena, company events and different hotels - mainly preparing

Eileen-1392444 50 +

Eileen   (23 years)

I worked a few months in a whole food shop where I worked at the cash register, cared for the customers and had the responsibility for the warehouse work. During my studies the following yea

Fabian-1273192 50 +

Fabian   (27 years)

- several host assignments with satisfied customers - freelance as a journalist for the WAZ Media Group for five YEARS, therefore absolutely no problem with approaching people - retail sales

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InStaff is legally licensed by the German Employment Agency to offer labour leasing in Germany:
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