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Ajedran-1623570 160 +

Ajedran   (26 years)

Currently student of economics at the University of Giessen. - Successfully completed jobs with Instaff as inventory assistant, logistics assistant, event assistant, interviewer, salesman an

Johanna-1121012 100 +

Johanna   (26 years)

Several promotion and exhibition hostess jobs (for instance Kind und Jugend, Anuga FoodTec, EuroCIS, Dach + Holz, AAD KONGRESS, Gamescom) - 3 years service/catering experience - Full time sh

Nosayaba-322368 80 +

Nosayaba   (26 years)

Worked in a fastfoodrestaurant for 2 years - gave extra classes in English and German - worked for UNHCR in Frankfurt - worked as a promoter and also as a teamleader for - many pr

PhuongLinh-966102 70 +

Phuong   (26 years)

I am currently studying International Business Administration with a focus on Marketing and HR in the last semester. During my studies, I was able to gain a lot of experience at trade fairs

Heike-1489982 60 +

Heike   (30 years)

HOSTESS: Zeiss-Infotour, Zukunftstour, Siemens, Fielmann, 50hertz-Konferenz, Gut leben in Dtl., Elbschwimmstaffel, ÄrzteKONGRESSe, Rewe Messe, DAK, C&A, Aldi TASTING: Nestle, Langnese, Bruno

Swana-1163656 50 +

Swana   (27 years)

- 6 Semester in B.A. Program in HRM - years of experience as hostess at several trade fairs ( ITB, InnoTrans, IFA Gala, IFA, WPA, DGKN, Crypto Currency World Expo, ConhIT, EASD, Bus2Bus, Tau

Katharina-659488 40 +

Katharina   (26 years)

- above two years experience in Catering& Service about the agency Personality and a lot of Job about Instaff. - completed an internship for 2 weeks at the Maritim Airport Hotel Hannover - W

Charlotte-295600 40 +

Charlotte   (26 years)

In my six years of working in this field I have worked for many different customers as a Hostess, Supervisor and Promoter. Also I have worked as a Barkeeper, Saleswomen and in childcare duri

Valeriya-403638 40 +

Valeriya   (29 years)

A lot of experience as a hostess (e.g. at IFA, fruitLogistica MobileTechCon, InnoTrans, KulturInvest KONGRESS, Ethical Fashion Show Berlin, Ivy Sydney for Heineken, etc.) - 6 months of retai

Hanna-1169578 40 +

Hanna   (24 years)

- experiences as a hostess on fairs: MEDICA, COLERtechnika, DKM, PSI, RadiologieKONGRESS Ruhr; ViP-Hostess at Veltins-Arena & BayArena- experiences in promotion: shop openings (home24), comp

Pia-860248 30 +

Pia   (27 years)

experience as a waitress at LernBar (Klettwitz, Germany), 2013 and at SeeHotel Großräschen, 2017 - fair hostess at Fachdental Messe Leipzig, 2016, unique 4+1 2018, Chance 2019 - DGU congress

Julia-551380 30 +

Julia   (29 years)

Already gained promotionexperiences while working for a well known fashion brand. Teamleader for a flyer promotion for Hostess for an international client at the Euroshop 2017. J

Issam-2026350 30 +

Issam   (30 years)

i Worked in ReTail Stores like Tom Tailor, Guess and H&M. And worked as a Model for model scouting 24 -6 Month Work in Electronic Retail Store and Different Jobs like Data collection and as

Christina-739722 30 +

Christina   (28 years)

- apprenticeship as an event management assistant till january 2017 -> during that time i was in charge of the staff at shows & concerts and worked as a hostess also at business events (kong

Johanna-842496 20 +

Johanna   (27 years)

- Receptionist at Lego GmbH - waitress in the lounge area Lego GmbH - Promotor for a wine store - hostess at the "KONGRESS der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Chirurgie" at the International Cong

Anica-285114 20 +

Anica   (27 years)

Worked as a hostess at several award shows like the german award for the best upcoming games, if award.. i also worked for several BMW events i did a lot of promotion at the munich airport f

Alice-521896 20 +

Alice   (25 years)

Exhibitions and conventions: DOC KONGRESS, CoReach, DGMP, GaLaBau, FachPack, Chillventa, SPS Messe, worked in several VIP lounges: 1. FCN, SpVgg Greuther Fürth, Brose Baskets, HC Erlangen

Stefanie-864938 19

Stefanie   (31 years)

7 years work experience as Stewardess at Lufthansa german Airlines; very flexible, team- and open-minded; university degree in modern languages (spanish) and economics; worked a few summer s

Laura-1798808 16

Laura   (24 years)

Experienced in the promotion of products experience in working at fairs (Composites Europe, Intergeo Stuttgart, DGN KONGRESS) several years of experience in retail (Rewe, Maute Benger). I li

Vanessa-1936596 15

Vanessa   (25 years)

I worked at several congress like Breakbulk, Pflege- und WundKONGRESS and International Astronautical Congress (IAC) as an Hostess I also worked in a Paper Factory during my technical Diplom

Natalie-1136090 15

Natalie   (25 years)

I've already worked for several job a hostess or promotor (KONGRESS Pflege 2019 / PwC Weihnachtsfeier / Akkreditierung /Gedenkfeier - Reichspogromnacht/ Rosneft - Event/ iDay Bosch 2018/Doug

Nadia-1791864 14

Nadia   (25 years)

I am curently puirsuing my Bachelor studies in Buisness mathematics at the Technical University of Berlin. I worked as a hostess at several occasions : 2019 Berlin Fashion Week, DOG KONGRESS

Britta-2511058 13

Britta   (30 years)

Various jobs as a hostess at different exhibitions and congresses, for example CWIEME, DDG KONGRESS, K5 Congress: Promotion of products, service works, customer care - Several years of exper

Nicole-21648 13

Nicole   (37 years)

- worked part time at several exhibitions as sales hostess, product demo and customer service - exhibitions: Internationale Solarmesse Hamburg+Munich ,Baby+Kids Messe Dresden, DGN KONGRESS D

Jule-597566 12

Jule   (32 years)

previous assignments for Instaff: InnoTrans 2018 / IFA 2018 / DDG Diabetes KONGRESS 2018 / 25. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Neurorehabilitation 2017 / Google Playtime Berlin /

Joanna-434410 11

Joanna   (34 years)

*Hostess: STADA AG HV 2016, RHEUMAKONGRESS 2016 (hallcare and reception of guests), AUTOMECHANIKA 2016 (stand-support, promotion and translation), CHRISTMASWORLD 2017 (stand-support, promoti

Batuhan-3304522 9

Batuhan   (29 years)

10/11/2019 - 16/11/2019 - Agritechnica 2019 - Ticket Controller 20/09/2019 – 23/09/2019 Festzeltbetriebe Sony-Boy Papert - Waiter at Fränkisches Volksfest Crailsheim 13/09/2019 – 15/09/2019

Marina-769920 8

Marina   (32 years)

- many hostess and promotion jobs ( Fonds Professional KONGRESS Mannheim, restaurant opening in Stuttgart, promotion for TomTom) - 1 year part-time job in a bakery - 1 year part-time job as

Tim-1830350 5

Tim   (26 years)

- several host/promotion jobs on trade-fairs (2x CeBit, 2xHannover Messe, VW MarkenKONGRESS Berlin, 2x VW Aktionärs Hauptversammlung, IAA Frankfurt) - service job for VW, CINEMAXX - Flyer-Pr

Tamara-1082708 5

Tamara   (31 years)

Hostess at Retro Classics Bavaria in Nuremberg(08.12. -10.12.2017, Allianz), Waitress at SPS IPC DRIVES in Nuremberg(27.11. - 30.11.2017, Hansaton), Waitress at Hotel Erker Hof in cologne (0

René-509562 5

René   (27 years)

I have been living in Australia for 10 months where my english became fluent. German and Polish are my mother tongues. 1 Week of Promoting for "Deutsche Kinderhilfe" 1x Exhibition Host at Eu

Kira-308480 5

Kira   (27 years)

- worked for a catering and promotion agency (InMind GmbH) in several hotels, e.g. KONGRESShotel Potsdam - currently working at C&A Mode GmbH, Berlin - 1st semester of communication and poli

Sandra-110534 5

Sandra   (30 years)

VIP-hostess: Dortmund Signal Iduna stadium, Düsseldorf Esprit Arena and Leverkusen BayArena Fairs: Boot Düsseldorf, FIBO Köln, Digital2018 Köln, Medica Düsseldorf, SHK fair in Essen (WILO),

Monika-2195918 4

Monika   (30 years)

my main job is working as a dentist, during the studies I have been working on several fairs/ exhibitions. I have already been working for/ at IDS, IHK KONGRESS, Vitra Museum, Europa Park, C

Mohamed-1160114 4

Mohamed   (27 years)

In addition to my school, I have cashed on a ferry for 5 years, checked and canceled the customer tickets and also waited on tables at events on the ferry. Also I have been teaching kids aft

Miriam-25526 4

Miriam   (27 years)

- exhibition hostess at Innotrans Verkehrstechnik Berlin for Hyundai Rotem and DGU KONGRESS Düsseldorf for Amgen - promotion RAUCH Fruchtsäfte& Nestlé Jubiläum - Catering for Metro-Event Ber

Henri-2577264 3

Henri   (26 years)

mr and Mrs, With this career of experience, I would like to give her the opportunity to have a better idea of my personality. I am Donfack henri, 23 years old, student at the rüsselheim Univ

Elisabeth-1892384 3

Elisabeth   (30 years)

Cheerful and open-minded fair hostess/model - open for assignments all over Germany (very fond of travelling). Within the scope of my master's thesis, I will work as a hostess for the next 6

David-1025756 3

David   (27 years)

- several promotionjobs (Messe Frankfurt) - Hostessexperience (KONGRESS Mannheim) - multiannual experience in gastronomy - multiannual experience in logistics - multiannual experience in m

Robert-683092 3

Robert   (28 years)

For over three years I have worked in several jobs as Promoter, Host, Model, Hand and Service for several event agencies e.g. event it AG, Puls Models/ Puls Event, Bookingpaket GmbH, Veloko

Simone-339728 3

Simone   (29 years)

I have experience in working as a host on fairs and different events since about 2011 (p.e.: IFA, CEBIT, Hannover Messe, DreamHack, RöntgenKONGRESS, DIVI, Makula Update, etc.) Also I have wo

Kristin-330348 3

Kristin   (32 years)

I worked for different agencies at many exhibitions since 2014. 2014,2015,2016 (als Teamleitung) Buchmesse Leipzig, Avnet Messe 2014 in München Barabara Tag Ferrero 2014 in München Ärztekong

Mascha-194576 3

Mascha   (32 years)

December 2019: Cashier in Alnatura Supermarket Koblenz-Innenstadt / Alnatura Produktions- und Handels GmbH / InStaff ----- December 2019: Hostess for speaker services / microphone services a

Hai-3336148 2

Hai   (22 years)

- 3-week internship at inRostock GmbH Messen, KONGRESSe & Events 2016 - 2-week internship at Steigenberger Hotel Sonne, Rostock 2017 - seasonal worker at Hotel Warnow, Rostock in summer 2018

Tatjana-3292888 2

Tatjana   (29 years)

Hi, i‘m a Master Student studying Interior Design in Stuttgart . While school and study a worked in several areas: Breakfast service in a Hotel Dish washing & service in coffeehouses / Resta

Eva-2619320 2

Eva   (26 years)

I worked as a hostess for the DFB KONGRESS and at the Expolife in Kassel. Besides I did a lot of promotion jobs and have a lot of experience in this patch. For example I worked for Galeria K

Sena-2408774 2

Sena   (27 years)

- worked for several hostess agencies, e.g. TRUST Promotion, for BMW, Siemens, BayWa, Lufthansa, Convent KONGRESSe GmbH) - two years experience in the retail sector as a sales assistand and

Vanessa-1168906 2

Vanessa   (31 years)

Based on the following experiences: Communication Skills · Ability to communicate clearly and concisely with both external customers and coworkers · Ability to document customer account acti

Elisabeth-113796 2

Elisabeth   (31 years)

student of master programme communication management, hostess at the technical KONGRESS of the VDA in Filderstadt, customer consultancy at different fairs

Janna-73434 2

Janna   (30 years)

Hostess in the 20 up bar, Hotel Empire Riverside Hamburg (Agentur Bismarck), VIP - Hostess at Lufthansa (Instaff), VIP - Hostess at Movie Meets Media (Instaff), VIP - Hostess in the HSV VIP

Philippa-52924 2

Philippa   (33 years)

experience in service: -one year working in the catering of Hotel Louis C. Jacob, Hamburg (2008/2009) - hostess DGHO KONGRESS (Okt. 2014) - client suport Roche ÄrtzeKONGRESS (Nov. 2014) -

Marie-3765388 1

Marie   (23 years)

- project management of the "Deutschlands Online Personal KONGRESS 2019" by "tempus.GmbH" (4 month, implementation and conducting) - 6 month internship in two consulting companies: "tempus.G

AnnSophie-3477198 1

Ann   (22 years)

I have worked at a lot of exhibitions (e.g. Opti, ISPO, Heim und Handwerk, Outdoor) and at 2-3 day events (DAB-KONGRESS, HPE Discover More Event). Through that I have gained a lot of experie

Giselle-3341692 1

Giselle   (40 years)

My last working experience was as a hostess for the company ECM GmbH at the HärtereiKONGRESS in Cologne. For seven years, I worked as a civil engineer at Bank Caixa Econômica Federal (locate

Aydan-2388208 1

Aydan   (30 years)

- worked a couple hostess jobs in 2013 / 2014 for events of companies such as Google, Berliner Sparkasse and Axica KONGRESS- und Tagungszentrum. - I am currently studying via distance learni

Linda-1876116 1

Linda   (28 years)

- worked for several hostess agencies since 6 years at "Messe Hannover" and "Messe Berlin; also in foreign countries for VIP-Service ("Bahrain Air Show" and "Formel 1") e.g. Exhibition Hanno

Karin-1083688 1

Karin   (36 years)

Several jobs as hostess and in the service through the agencies: Event it, Herzgut, Promotionbasis. Use at the VW MarkenKONGRESS (Hostess), for Berlin Cuisine (Service), Berlin Fashion week

Stephanie-943338 1

Stephanie   (30 years)

- gathered experience as a hostess at various trade shows/conventions: e.g. drinktec Munich, EXPO REAL Munich, High End Munich, Deutscher KONGRESS für Psychosomatische Medizin und Psychother

Nelly-814790 1

Nelly   (26 years)

I worked 6 months at a Café and have 1 year experience in Catering & Service. Besides I worked 3 months at a theatre and 2 years as a shop assistant. My fair & promotion jobs I did so far: -

Amine-350732 1

Amine   (28 years)

I worked for several hostess agencies for example Lookat Agency. I worked as Hostess in Cologne and in Bonn by the Pharma KONGRESS.

Karina-223388 1

Karina   (32 years)

- promotion & tasting (foodretailer: Rewe Group, Edeka, Famila) - catering, flying buffet & service (Hamburg Port Anniversary, Jungheinrich, Audi) - hostess, hospitality desk & sampling (Col


Valentina   (22 years)

- Course of studies: International Business (4th Semester) - 2016-2019 tutoring for students till 9th grade - 1 year tennis assistant trainer - 1 year waitress - voluntary work: organisation


Ann   (30 years)

Degree in Business Administration and Engineering; training as wholesale and foreign trade merchant; trade fair experience at AbsolventenKONGRESS Cologne; experience in planning and organizi


Ariana   (28 years)

Hostess | Microsoft USA l Nuremberg | 2018 Hostess | Fair Campus meets Company (University of Passau) | 2018 Hostess | Siemens Event in Nuremberg | 2019 Hostess | ESMO KONGRESS Munich | 2018


Lisa   (25 years)

- worked for several hostess agencies as fair and languages hostess: Biofach 2019 Nürnberg, Bauma 2019 München, Fastener Fair 2019 Stuttgart, Intersolar 2019 München, DocKONGRESS Nürnberg 20


Finn   (23 years)

-I´ve worked for several companies on many occasions i´m sure I can also get this Job done to your full satisfaction -I can speak English fluently (since I went to an american High-School fo


Ellen   (26 years)

Work in a Service Agent , calls Gvo as a helper at Inventur in Zara and 1€ Shops, Service at the Hannover Stadion and also at the Hannover KONGRESS Zentrum Worked as a seller in c&a and give


Sarah   (37 years)

2019: Imm Cologne customer acquisition; customer care & information; 2019: Ism Cologne: service; 2018 HeatTreatmentCongress, product presentation of the HeatTreatment-App in English & German


Lena   (31 years)

longstanding experiences in the service industry (especially gastronomy), therefore distinct service orientation, great knowledge and skills in the art of service and stress resistant very r


Selin   (24 years)

I have several, different experiences as a hostess for example I worked at a medical KONGRESS or a wine tasting. I m very good at communicating and working with people. Currently I'm doing


Nicole   (27 years)

Worked as Hostess at several trade fairs over 2 years (BEAUTY FORUM Munich, TRENDSET Munich, EASD-KONGRESS Munich), worked as promoter at several events for different agencies over 2 years (


Julia   (28 years)

worked for several hostess agencies at Anuga Foodtec (Heinen freezing), GDS& Premium Berlin (Chihe Mihara) Glow Convention (Nivea), AbsolventenKONGRESS (Accenture), Demexco (Facebook), Eu ve


Akua   (33 years)

-worked for several Hostess agencies: Experience as a Hostess : Internorga 2013,2017, Euretina, Golden cut, Mojo Club ( cashier) Hanseboot, Planet Pauli (Barkeeper),Hamburg hbf, Filmpremie


Elena   (30 years)

I worked at several Conferences: Science Conference LANE ("9th Conference on Photonic Technologies") Seminar LEF (20. Seminar "Laser in Der Elektronikproduktion und Feinwerktechnik") Berufsb


Michell   (33 years)

worked for several fair agencies at Fish International-Gastro Ivent, BGW Forum, WundKONGRESS in Bremen and at WDC 2015 Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge Granada as host, model, pacecar driver and sup


Annika   (30 years)

Various promotion activities ('Obi-Markt', 'SHATLER's', 'Zalando'...), sales experience as advertising sales manager for the independent magazine 'The Heritage Post', experience as hostess


Robert   (30 years)

Berlinale and Grüne Woche as barista via coffee contact Promotion for Media Markt VR-glasses via advantage Marketingservice GmbH Host for the: -CCW and Vodafon anniversary for exposervicepoo


Martiel   (26 years)

-worked for a hostess agencies in Dresden (several fair: KarriereStart, SachsenKrad, Reisemesse and HAUS-Messe): Worked at the information point and cashpoint -worked for a hostess agency at


Carolin   (32 years)

several jobs as a hostess and promoter via One Contact GmbH, Baris Consulting, Profitess, Sinnreizer, T.I.E., New East Promotion, Goldlöwe, DialogFeld, Herzgut, TrustPromotion and other agen


Lydia   (31 years)

I have already gained work experience as a hostess at mks Messe- und KONGRESS-Service GmbH for a variety of service and trade fair applications. In addition, I am a self-employed hostess. I


Sabrina   (26 years)

- worked for hostess agency HProMo (Farbgefühle Festival, Munich Bike Night, Architect @ Work Munich, fairs in the Alte KONGRESShalle Munich) - in 2nd semester of my business and economics s


Brenda   (28 years)

I have worked for the hostess agency BBK Languages for an event in the KONGRESSzentrum in Karlsruhe While studying translation at the University of Mainz in Germersheim, I have been working


Marina   (33 years)

- 1 year experience as Hostess and promoter - worked for several agencies - 6 months experience in Catering and Service Events, KONGRESS, Fairs - 6 months experience in Customer Service at m


Nicola   (26 years)

Worked for several events, like weddings, birthday party's, the fitness fair “FIBO” and the “Gamescom Aftershowparty B2B” at the Tanbrunnen, Cologne; Internship in a hotel during School; Aft


Alexandra   (29 years)

Besides my studies (Rehabilitation Pedagogy) I am currently working as a hostess at various trade fairs (e.g. IFA, FESPA, InnoTrans, Fruit Logistica), congresses (e.g. Energie Tagung, Getrie


John   (32 years)

Over by now 8 years, I gathered a lot of experience on fairtrades and promotion jobs. Just to name a view: BMW PLT 2015, Rock im Park 2015, Circe KONGRESS Munic, ESC Congress Munic, Bauma Mu


Michelle   (28 years)

Food Catering-, fair- and advertising experience gained on the following fairs: - Fruit Logistica 2016 - ITB 2016 - Cisco Life! 2016 - conhIT 2016 - DGCH ChirurgenKONGRESS 2016


Palesa   (31 years)

I've worked for a handful of companies as a promoter, fair hostess as well as a model. I've worked for the following companies: KONGRESS- und Kulturmanagement GmbH, pwd Group GmbH, Agentu

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